Sunday, April 27, 2008

Inside the Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer Private Date in Miami

A Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer meeting in Miami has everyone buzzing and some are giving the credit to Jen's pal Sheryl Crow for the set up. Jennifer Aniston is fresh off another Smartwater Ad Campaign where she will again be featured in advertisements for Smartwater in magazines and on billboards around the country and nationwide.

She is featured in one black an white ad that was leaked online that shows the sexy actress laying on her stomach in a classic pose with the tagline "I love the reflection of water… But what I drink is a reflection of me." So - how does John Mayer and a new romance reflect on Jennifer?

The odd couple made waves in Miami when they hooked up on a private date in South Florida. Charles Bell, general manager of Michael's Genuine Food & Drink in the Miami Design District, spilled on the details of their private date to People magazine and other insiders spilled to the National Enquirer.

For the meal the two "looked very happy and comfortable" and "shared off each others plates" according to insiders that are cited in the online article. The Enquirer has made the leap to call it a "hot new romance" and they claim that they left "arm in arm' when they finally left the restaurant after a ninety minute date over a late lunch. The magazine also claims they were out again that night and were cozy then again. Are they really a couple?

Friday, April 25, 2008

Jodie Marsh’s Breasts Come Out To Party

 Jodie Marsh’s Breasts Come Out To Party

 Jodie Marsh’s Breasts Come Out To Party

Jodie Marsh’s Breasts Come Out To Party

 Jodie Marsh’s Breasts Come Out To Party

 Jodie Marsh’s Breasts Come Out To Party

You’ve got to love Jodie Marsh and her party slut ways. Here she is leaving a club in London with her big stupid tits popping out of her shirt while carrying a bottle of vodka. Shots anyone?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Amy Winehouse + booze = HEADBUTT RAMPAGE

Amy Winehouse + booze = HEADBUTT RAMPAGE

Saying that Amy Winehouse fell off the wagon would be a gross understatement. She basically turned into the Incredible Drinking Hulk, smashed the wagon to pieces then downed a water silo filled with Jack Daniels. And, judging by her activities last night, that's probably the most accurate metaphor to ever be written since the invention of words. The Sun reports:

Onlookers told how the married singer also SNOGGED a mystery fella at a nightspot and shocked punters by overturning tables and drinks.She was later seen smoking drugs in the street, walked into a lamppost, and riled a cabbie by paying only HALF her promised fare home.

She also headbutted a dude in the face for not letting her play pool before heading home. But once she got there, Amy realized, "Wait, this night needs more headbutting." So, she sauntered off to a nearby pub to make sure more faces got butted. She's a pro. Gotta give her that:

“She was off her face, throwing drinks around and turning over tables. Amy screamed, ‘I am a legend, get these people out. I want to take drugs’.”Another man tried to get her a cab, but she reportedly thought he was trying to molest her and allegedly butted him in the face.

Okay, somebody needs to fill Amy up with gin and dump her in Afghanistan. Bam! Terrorism solved by way of headbutting. I can hear their cries now: "Run! It is bride of Satan! Her breasts like that of dead camel. For real, my bro. Quickly, go find CIA. Electrocution to the testicles is walk in sand park compared to this. Oh, dear Allah, who would unleash such a beast?!" I really should work at the Pentagon. I'd get shit done.

Jamie Lynn Spears' birth fear

Jamie Lynn Spears is reportedly terrified about giving birth.

The 17-year-old actress - who is expecting her first child with fiance Casey Aldridge - is said to have vomited when mother Lynne showed her a video of a natural birth.

A source said: "Lynne was trying to be helpful. She wanted to show Jamie Lynn what a woman goes through giving birth, that it's a natural and beautiful thing, but all Jamie Lynn saw was the blood ? or 'goop' as she called it ? the screaming and the pain. It was too graphic for her. She flipped out and literally got sick."
Jamie Lynn is now keen to have a Caesarean section so she doesn't have to face the pain.

The source added to America's Star magazine: "She is wondering if a C-section is possible. She wants to be knocked out and then wake up when it's all over."

Jamie Lynn, who stars in hit US TV show 'Zoey 101', previously admitted discovering she was pregnant was the biggest shock of her life.

She said: "It was a shock for both me and Casey, because it was so unexpected.
"I took two weeks to myself where I didn't tell anybody. Only one of my friends knew because I needed to work out what I would do for myself before I let anyone's opinion affect my decision."

Brad Pitt tells Angelina Jolie: No more kids

Actor thinks their family will be complete after birth of twins

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are rumoured to be rowing over the size of their family.

The actress is pregnant for a second time and is thought to be expecting twins. The couple already have adopted children Maddox, 6, Pax Thien, 4, Zahara, 3, and biological daughter Shiloh, 23 months.

In a furious row two weeks ago, Brad, 44, is said to have issued her with an ultimatum: 'No more kids – our family's complete.'

Angelina, 32, has made it clear she would like a huge family, but Brad is said to find juggling career and childcare a strain.

'Brad loves being a dad and enjoys nothing more than spending time with the children,' says a source.

'But he's constantly tired from working so hard and then mucking in at home. All the sleepless nights are taking their toll.'

Snoop's British Ban Almost Lifted

Snoop Dogg is thisssss close to getting his UK ban lifted after a second senior immigration judge backed his visa battle with authorities.

Snoop D-O-G-G was banned from the UK because he was involved in a small brawl at Heathrow Airport back April 2006. Talk about holding a grudge!

Here's the lowdown: Back in January' 08, immigration judge Nehar Bird said he found no evidence that Snoop had been responsible for any public disorder. Britain's Border Agency challenged the decision but on Wednesday April 23rd, senior immigration judge George Warr agreed with Bird and said that he did not find that Judge Bird had overlooked evidence or "made a material error of law."

Snoops lawyer, Phillip Trott says he is pleased with the decision, but thinks this entire thing is a waste of time and money. He says, "It has been an appalling waste of public money to pursue this man. It is outrageous that the government is trying to exclude someone who is an innocent figure and has frequently spoken against gang culture and youths carrying guns."Seriously people it’s been two years! Let it go!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Britney Spears Family Friendly Party: Jamie Lynn Not Included

By all accounts, Britney Spears appears to have turned her life around and she has made quite the reversal from her hard partying wild nights she used to spend with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan and now the one time pop star is making moves to get her life back in order. She is still throwing parties, but they are family friendly, though in an odd twist, pregnant little sister Jamie Lynn spears is not included.

Us Weekly magazine has a report published in the magazine this week that notes that the Britney impressed her guests at a bash for her big brother. On the afternoon of April 19, the pop star, 26, attended a birthday celebration for her brother, Bryan, 31, hosted by their parents, Jamie and Lynne, at Britney's Malibu, California, home. The report notes that mixed in with Bryan's 40 friends were Britney's former manager Larry Rudolph and current agent Jason Trawick. And again, her pregnant little sister, Jamie Lynn, 17, was not there.

"The atmosphere was fantastic," a source says of the casual backyard bash. "It was a crayfish party. Jamie was barbecuing and music was playing." For her part, Britney spent much of the party relaxing on an upstairs balcony, but "was happy and sociable," says a second source.

Though another guest observed Britney seemed "out of it" (likely a side effect of adjusting to her bipolar disorder medication), the partygoer says she was "like the girl she used to be." As for reports she is reprising her role on the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, a close source says they are premature: "Nothing is signed yet.No script has been written, and until that is done, Britney will not be making a commitment."

Lynne Spears Disappointed In Jamie Lynn

The truth comes out! It's not all rosy in the Spears household like they want us to believe. Lynne Spears has turned to one of her best friends, Life and Style, to tell them how she really feels about her daughter being knocked up.

"I'm a bit disappointed that my youngest daughter got pregnant at such an early age. All I can do is turn to God for answers and just leave it in his hands."

"Jamie Lynn will be a wonderful mother. She really has a way with children— she's a natural nurturer. I just wish she had waited a bit."

"I think 2008 will be a better year for all of us."

We'll have to see if that's the case. The Spears family definitely wins the prize for most problems in the past couple years, so here's to a new baby mending all the cracks!

Heroine Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse has been voted the ultimate heroine in a new poll.

The troubled singer - who has battled with drug addictions and fluctuating weight - beat icons such as Diana, Princess of Wales, Mother Teresa and Florence Nightingale to be voted the greatest heroine among under British 25-year-olds.

In the male category of the poll, Pete Doherty - who is currently in jail for drug-related offences - finished second only to British soccer star Steven Gerrard.
Psychologist Donna Dawson said of the findings: "The majority of the top 10 women chosen, such as Diana, Princess of Wales and Amy Winehouse, seem to portray a certain sense of vulnerability or have had to fight against some adversity in their lives.

"By comparison, the male heroes are generally much stronger, dominant figures, and are known for their talent, rather than their personality or the impact they have had on the world. While we seem to admire male icons, we seem to need to identify with our female ones."

Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham and Kylie Minogue also featured in the heroines list.

Kanye West, Arctic Monkeys star Alex Turner and Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton appeared in the heroes category.

Heidi Klum's 'naughty' date

Heidi Klum has refused to talk about her "naughty" first date with husband Seal.

The former Victoria's Secret model - who has two children, two-year-old Henry and one-year-old Johan, with Seal, as well as a three-year-old daughter Leni from a relationship with Flavio Briatore - hinted the couple didn't wait until their second date before consummating their relationship.

She told "We went somewhere very nice for dinner - it was very good but I can't tell you exactly what we did. It would be too naughty and you can't run it anyway. It would just be bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep. But it was a very good first date!"

Last year, Heidi - who has been married to 'Kiss from a Rose' singer Seal for three years - spoke about what first attracted her to the musician when she met him in 2004.

She said: "I met him in a hotel lobby in New York City and he came in just from the gym and I was sitting there and I was, like, wow. He was wearing bicycle shorts, and I pretty much saw everything - the whole package!"

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jodie Marsh’s Breast Come Out!

 Jodie Marsh’s Breast Come Out!

 Jodie Marsh’s Breast Come Out!

 Jodie Marsh’s Breast Come Out!

 Jodie Marsh’s Breast Come Out!

 Jodie Marsh’s Breast Come Out!

Here’s Jodie Marsh at the premiere of Three & Out. As usual, Jodie brought out the heavy artillery. Now I know she looks like a complete disaster and her breasts are stupidly huge, but if you’re going to get fake tits, you might as well go big or go home.

Grieving Cameron Diaz comforted by Justin Timberlake at memorial service for her father

A grief-stricken Cameron Diaz has received some much-needed support from ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake at a memorial service for her father.

The actress is said to be devastated following the sudden death of Emilio, 58, from pneumonia last Tuesday. The oil company foreman had been diagnosed with flu several weeks earlier.
Grieving Cameron Diaz comforted by Justin Timberlake at memorial service for her father

Grieving Cameron Diaz comforted by Justin Timberlake at memorial service for her father

The informal
service, which was held in Seal Beach, California, on Sunday, saw the Hollywood star comforted by Timberlake and another former boyfriend, singer-songwriter John Mayer, who dated Diaz earlier this year.

The pair arrived at the memorial separately and stayed until around 4pm, by which time most of the other guests had departed.

Diaz - keen to ensure the service would be a celebration of her father's life - asked friends and family to wear colourful clothing and to not bring flowers.

Instead, she asked guests to make donations to two ocean protection charities.

One guest said: 'Most people started arriving at 1.30 and hardly anyone wore black.

'Lots of people were wearing Hawaiian shirts. It looked more like a party.'

In a statement released last week, Diaz, who was very close to her father, said: 'My dad was loved by so many people. His humour and spirit will always live on in our hearts.'

He is survived by his wife Billie and Diaz's older sister Chimene.

Diaz and Timberlake split last January. The actress has since been single. Timberlake has been working with Madonna on her new album.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bored Jennifer Aniston soaks up the Miami sun alone in her white bikini

Basking on a king-sized sun lounger, Jennifer Aniston chills out by the pool in her white bikini as she takes a break from filming her latest flick, Marley And Me.

The 39-year-old was alone and looking rather bored, as she smothered herself with sun cream, read a newspaper and listened to her iPod.
Bored Jennifer Aniston soaks up the Miami sun alone in her white bikini

Bored Jennifer Aniston soaks up the Miami sun alone in her white bikini

When the rays
got too much for the former Friends star she popped on a snazzy straw hat and seemed content to lounge around.

Her few snatched hours of laziness come the day after Aniston appeared on Oprah Winfrey's US reality show The Big Give.
Bored Jennifer Aniston soaks up the Miami sun alone in her white bikini

She appeared as a surprise guest and gave away $10,000 to contestants - before re-thinking her gift and tripling it.

Jennifer is currently working on Marley and Me alongside Owen Wilson - the pair star as married couple Josh and Jennifer Grogan, who adopt a Labrador retriever, with the hope that it will give them a taste of parenthood.

But the dog turns out to be neurotic and wreaks havoc in their lives.
Bored Jennifer Aniston soaks up the Miami sun alone in her white bikini

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Emma Watson: 'Radcliffe And I Will Never Be A Couple'.

Harry Potter star Emma Watson is so sick of the media speculation surrounding her friendship with co-star Daniel Radcliffe, she has vowed never to start a romance with the actor.

Watson, who plays Potter's sidekick Hermione Granger in the hit film franchise, is convinced fans of the boy wizard series desperately want her and Radcliffe to become a couple in real life - because their characters fail to unite in author J.K. Rowling's books.

And the 18-year-old blames the public's desire for the union for the constant press speculation about their relationship.
She says, "Dan Radcliffe is very charming, and very, very sweet and knows how to handle it (the rumours about their relationship). We've been handling this situation for six years now.

"Everyone has been going, 'Are you and Dan together?' Because it doesn't happen in the books, everyone is so desperate for it to happen in real life that any opportunity to come up with a story about it is taken".

50 Cent Blasts Young Buck's Royalty Allegations.

Latest: 50 Cent has hit out at former G-Unit rapper Young Buck's allegations that he has "never seen a royalty check" from his time with the star's record label - insisting he was generously "overpaid" throughout his time with the hip hop group.

The In Da Club hitmaker axed the rapper - real name David Darnell Brown - after he spoke out about dissent in the G-Unit camp, telling America's Yo! Raps Magazine he has failed to receive any royalties owed to him since signing with 50's G-Unit Records.

The claims were initially blasted by the star's manager Sha Money XL, who states the quotes were false, insisting G-Unit has paid Young Buck $10 million (£5 million) to date.
And 50 - real name Curtis Jackson Iii - also refutes the allegations, stating it was Brown's "drug dealer" lifestyle which left him broke - claiming he had to bail the star out of "tax trouble" on numerous occasions.

He says, "That (the allegations) was a shocker from Young Buck. The last thing that I felt would ever be even said would be that (the members of G-Unit) weren't paid because they actually were overpaid.

"He lives like a drug dealer. When the artist spends excessively to the point where he doesn't actually have that money anymore, out of desperation he says whatever he can say to try and fix situations.

"No, I never took a royalty check to recoup for anything. Yeah, he had tax trouble. I helped him like I helped everybody else.
"With Buck there was points where it was up to $330,000 that I had loaned out to him (and) he continued to spend the way that he would regularly spend".

Jessica Alba Pregnancy Is No Fun For Tired.

Pregnancy is zapping actress JESSICA ALBA of her famous energy.

The Fantastic Four star admits she used to be just like "the energizer bunny" but now she has to take care to eat regularly or risk becoming a tired monster.
She says, "I have to make sure that I'm eating more of the right nutrients and vitamins, but I'm not used to eating this much.

"I've had to take time out of the day to eat before I get cranky and rundown and tired. Before I was just like the energizer bunny".

Alba and her fiance Cash Warren are expecting their first child together this summer (08).

Friday, April 18, 2008

Jennifer Aniston's maturing beauty

Jennifer Aniston "gets better looking as she gets older", says New York Mets pitcher John Maine.

The former 'Friends' actress - who was recently romantically linked to her 'Marley and Me' co-star Owen Wilson - has proved to be a big hit with the 26-year-old sportsman.

He told In Touch Weekly magazine: "I just love her soft and natural, girl-next-door looks and the way she carries herself, her whole demeanour. And the hair. The hair is unbelievable!
"I think she just gets better looking as she gets older. But if I ever met her I'd probably be so nervous, I would trip over my feet. I guess I would take some pictures with her and give her a hug! Maybe she'll contact me somehow and it will actually happen. Wow, how cool would that be?"

Jennifer - who is divorced from actor Brad Pitt - recently revealed she doesn't go for a specific kind of man, and is open to all offers.

She said: "I don't really have a type. Men, in general, are a good thing."

The 39-year-old actress has also dated Vince Vaughn and been romantically linked to Jason Lewis and Aaron Eckhart since splitting from Brad in 2005.

Lauren Conrad & Friends: Hot in Hollywood

Lauren Conrad & Friends: Hot in Hollywood

Fashion designer
and star of The Hills Lauren Conrad arrives at the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Hottest Style Makers Party in Hollywood on Thursday night.

LC spent a good deal of her time hanging out and having a good time talking with the press on the red carpet outside, but we realize you don’t care. Like all of us, you just want to see beautiful Lauren Conrad photos. So here you go!
The Hills’ Lauren Conrad dazzles in a sparkling emerald dress.

The lovely Lauren Conrad (who arrived with pal Lauren “Lo” Bosworth) said she opted not to wear a piece from her new clothing collection.

“I’ve been wearing it every single night so I was changing it up tonight,” she said.

LC stayed close to Lauren Bosworth at the bash — at point she told her, “Don’t lose me!” — but she also had some face time with another pal, Stephanie Pratt.

Where were Heidi Montag and Stephanie’s brother, Spencer Pratt?

“I think they missed their flight,” Steph said. “I was going to come with them!”

Here’s LC, Lo and Stephanie Pratt at the event …

Spears' Romance With Ghalib Is Still On?.

Britney Spears' romance with photographer Adnan Ghalib is still on.

Contrary to reports the pop star and Brit Ghalib split in March (08), Spears is still attracted to the snapper - and keeps in touch with him.

Comedienne Kathy Griffin recently filmed a segment with Ghalib for her show My Life on the D-List, and she insists the 'former' couple is still a hot item.
Speaking to In Touch magazine, Griffin says, "As far as I know, Britney is still attracted to him".

And the funnywoman reveals she knows the pair is still close by "the astonishing number of calls Adnan took from a 'private caller' whose name rhymes with Prlitney Splears," during the afternoon she spent with Ghalib last week (ends11Apr08).

Since the reported split, Ghalib has appeared on TV talking fondly about Spears and a Los Angeles model has exposed him as a love cheat for dating her at the same time as Spears.

The couple has not been spotted publicly together since Spears' father, Jamie, took control of her personal affairs at the beginning of February (08).

Britney Spears picks up mystery guy at petrol station

Singer snapped with shirtless K-Fed lookalike

Britney Spears met up with a mystery man yesterday – stopping to pick him up in her car.

The singer was on her way to a Beverly Hills beauty salon when she pulled over for petrol and the shirtless K-Fed lookalike jumped in, reports the Daily Mail.

Her bodyguard drove him for a couple of blocks as Brit, 26, sat in the front laughing a joking.

Roll-up, roll-up: Pamela Anderson send her fans into a spin with a sexy ride on a fairground carousel

Pamela Anderson showed she was back to her raunchy best during a photo-shoot for E! cable TV channel.

The blonde bombshell straddles a unicorn on a kiddies' carousel and swigs sexily from a bottle of Crystal champagne.
Roll-up, roll-up: Pamela Anderson send her fans into a spin with a sexy ride on a fairground carousel

Wearing sky-scraper heels and with her hair touseled sexily, Pamela was certainly the star attraction at the fairground close to her home in Malibu, California.

Wearing a flowing white dress and oversized sunglasses, it was difficult to believe the former Baywatch star is 40 years of age.
Roll-up, roll-up: Pamela Anderson send her fans into a spin with a sexy ride on a fairground carousel
Anderson is reportedly filming an eight-part fly on the wall documentary of her life for the channel.

Allowing fans to have a peek into her working world and personal life, the show which is imaginatively entitled "Pamela" and is set to air in the U.S. this summer.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oops! The moment Sienna Miller's bikini malfunction left her showing a bit TOO much

The surf was up in California yesterday, but unfortunately for Sienna Miller, she was caught with her skimpy bikini top down.

The actress revealed more than expected as she eagerly raced into the waves to cool off after lounging in the sun, with her tiny strapless number slipping down around her waist.
Oops! The moment Sienna Miller's bikini malfunction left her showing a bit TOO much

Realising her moment of over-exposure, she quickly pulled her top up and returned to the sand with a female companion.

Sienna is, of course, no stranger to baring flesh, and last year filmed nude scenes for her upcoming Hippie Hippie Shake set in the Swinging Sixties.

Later she met up with her boyfriend Rhys Ifans for a sushi feast at Nobu in Malibu, where, thankfully, they were both fully clothed.
Oops! The moment Sienna Miller's bikini malfunction left her showing a bit TOO much

The pair
, who have enjoyed a string of luxury holidays since they began dating last year including a trip to Mexico, recently reunited in LA.

She was previously filming the action movie GI Joe in Prague while Rhys, 39, was working on Richard Curtis's new movie The Boat That Rocked in Southampton.
But the couple, who are rumoured to be planning a wedding, kept in touch with long-distance calls – albeit in Welsh.

"Sienna is always on the phone to Rhys and sometimes she misses him so much she just gets on a plane back to Britain to see him," an on-set source said.

"It's very sweet – whenever she says, 'Darling I love you,' she says it in Welsh – 'Fy anwylyd, rwy'n dy garu di'."

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pop wreck Britney Spears crashes AGAIN, causing a THREE car pile-up

Just as things began to look better for Britney, the pop wreck crashes.

Newly-blonde Britney Spears
last night rammed her Mercedes into a vehicle in front of her, which then hit another car.

The 26-year-old Toxic singer was changing motorways in Los Angeles when she caused the pile-up.
Pop wreck Britney Spears crashes AGAIN, causing a THREE car pile-up

were called after the incident at about 8.20pm on Saturday evening, but no one was charged.

The crash follows reports that the star and ex-husband Kevin Federline are giving their relationship another go.

The pair apparently took a recent, romantic mini-break together to the Hawaiian getaway of Maui.

California Highway Patrol Officer Patrick Kimball told US magazine: "Spears was driving a white Mercedes on the 101 Freeway when she struck the rear of a Nissan that was in front of her.

"Britney's car collided into the rear of the Nissan, which in turn hit another car."

Britney was taken for alcohol testing and then released. No injuries were reported, just damage to the cars.
Spears is believed to have spent most of the day at her home in the San Fernando Valley community of Studio City, but was driving in that direction when the accident happened.

Spears has a chequered driving career.

In 2006 she was photographed with her then-infant son, Sean Preston, on her lap instead of in a baby seat, prompting a visit from child protection officers.

Last year hit-and-run charges made against her after she hit a car in a car park were dropped when she agreed to pay the vehicle's owner an undisclosed amount, but she was charged with driving without a license.

In November last year, she was banned from driving with Sean Preston, now two, and 18-month-old Jayden James in the car, after she was pictured jumping a red light with the boys in the car.
Pop wreck Britney Spears crashes AGAIN, causing a THREE car pile-up

She lost custody
to the boys to he ex-husband, Kevin Federline, and in January her limited visitation rights were withdrawn when she refused to hand the boys back to their father after a regular visit and was taken to hospital after a stand-off with police.

After a second stay in a psychiatric ward in January her father, Jamie Spears, was appointed her co-conservator.

Since then she appears to have been behaving better and has regained the right to see her sons.

And it appears she is being further rewarded for her efforts as she rekindles her marriage as well.

According to the Metro, Kevin treated his former wife with a £70,000 diamond encrusted Jacob and Co Royal watch as a belated birthday gift, shortly after their Hawaian escape.

A close source to Jamie Spears said he approved of the mini-vacation and gifts.

"Kevin's whole attitude to his ex-wife has changed. He can see she is staying sober and trying to rebuild her life and career."

Friday, April 11, 2008

Jessica Simpson: I'm thrilled about Ashlee's engagement

Singer congratulates younger sister and Fall Out Boy fiancé Pete Wentz

Jessica Simpson says she's delighted that younger sister Ashlee is getting married.

Ashlee, 23, announced yesterday that she's engaged to Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, 28.

'My sister is overflowing with joy,' says Jessica, 27. 'Pete is an incredible soul. They naturally bring out the best in each other. I couldn't be happier.'

The girls' father Joe Simpson, 50, has also given the couple his blessing.

'I told [Pete] that I would be honoured to have him as part of my family,' he says.

Snoop Dogg Settles With Priority Records.

Rapper Snoop Dogg has finally reached a settlement with his former record label bosses.

The Signs hitmaker - real name Calvin Broadus - filed suit against the label in 2006, accusing Priority Records of failing to pay up $2 million (£1 million) in outstanding royalties.

He also claimed he had yet to receive a $950,000 (£475,000) advance for his 2000 album Tha Last Meal, while Priority failed to consult him over the greatest hits Lp The Best of Snoop Dogg, which they released without his consent in October 2005.
On Wednesday (09Apr08), both parties resolved the dispute.

David Steinberg, a lawyer acting on behalf of Priority Records, would not release details of the settlement, but confirmed both parties were satisfied.

He says, "I don't believe a settlement would have been reached unless both sides were happy".

Snoop Dogg is now signed to Geffen/Interscope Records.

Eminem to come out of retirement for Nelson Mandela gig

Rapper will play at 90th birthday bash this summer
Eminem is to make a long-awaited comeback for Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday gig – despite announcing his retirement in 2005.The rapper, 35, has been confirmed to play at the 27 June event in London's Hyde Park.
'We're amazed to have Eminem on board,' an insider tells The Sun. 'We wanted some of the greatest artists from recent times and Eminem was on the list.'It's going to be explosive stuff and it's certainly a big stage to make his comeback.'And he's not the only celeb hoping to help Nelson celebrate turning 90.Geri Halliwell, 35, wants to give him a personal gift.'I'll have to get in touch with him,' she tells the Daily Express. 'Perhaps I'll send him a special video message.'

SHOCK! 50 Cent evicts his 10-year-old son

Rapper wins battle to throw ex and son out of his New York mansion

50 Cent has won a court case to evict his ex Shaniqua Tompkins and their 10-year-old son Marquise, his Manhattan attorney Brett Kimmel has confirmed.

A New York judge ruled that the pair must leave his £750k Long Island home by 30 April.

'I haven't [had anything to do] with her since 2003,' the rapper told a US radio station. 'She hasn't had a job. I was giving her $500,000 a year.'

But Shaniqua has filed a suit to appeal the move, citing 'breach of contract'.

She claims 50 Cent went back on his promise to put the 6-bedroom house in her name and instead used his real name — Curtis Jackson – on papers.

'I think it's preposterous to view your son as a trespasser,' Shaniqua's lawyer Paul Catsandonis tells Newsday.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mum-to-be Jessica Alba dresses 'Britney style' for doctor's visit

With her oversized sunglasses, scrapped back hair and thrown together outfit, Jessica Alba could easily be mistaken for Britney Spears.

The pregnant actress, 26, ditched her usual designer wardrobe for a low-key combination of jeans, sundress and flip-flops - a familiar staple of Spears' wardrobe - for a busy day in Los Angeles.

Alba, who is expecting her first child in June, opted for laid-back comfort as she shopped in West Hollywood, before visiting her doctor.
Mum-to-be Jessica Alba dresses 'Britney style' for doctor's visit
The Sin City star and interior designer Kari Whitman visited several furniture shops together in preparation for decorating her baby's nursery.

After looking for inspiration for her home, Alba visited a medical centre for a pre-natal check-up.

On Sunday, Alba invited celebrity friends Jaime King, Rashida Jones and Kim Kardashian to her baby shower party at the Ever After Teahouse in LA.

During the lunchtime party, a blooming Alba told friends she is expecting a baby girl, People magazine reported.

Alba's fiancé Cash Warren, arrived late at the party to help the actress carry her many gifts to the car.

Among the presents Alba received were prams, cradles and a giant white toy rabbit.

Alba and Warren started dating in autumn 2004 after meeting on the set of the Fantastic Four, where Warren was working as a director's assistant.

The couple were reported to have briefly split last July, but reunited the following month.

They announced Alba's pregnancy and their engagement in December.
Mum-to-be Jessica Alba dresses 'Britney style' for doctor's visit

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Naomi Campbell banned from British Airways after 'police assault'

Naomi Campbell banned from British Airways after 'police assault'

Naomi Campbell has been banned
from flying with British Airways following her violent outburst on a plane last week.

The troubled supermodel, 37, was arrested at Heathrow's Terminal 5 last Thursday after clashing with BA staff over a missing bag.

After rowing with cabin staff on the London-Los Angeles flight, she allegedly assaulted a police officer who came on board in an attempt to defuse the argument.
Following her bad behaviour, BA decided to ban the London-born model from all future flights.

Her spokeswoman said: "Naomi has been flying with BA for nearly 30 years and has been a good customer. She hopes this can be resolved amicably."

Upon realising one of her bags were missing, Campbell demanded the flight was delayed.
Naomi Campbell community service

Crime and punishment: Naomi Campbell serving her community service for 'reckless assault' in New York last year

The flight eventually took off two hours late after Campbell was forcibly removed from the plane in handcuffs.

After being questioned by police, Campbell was released on bail on Friday. She is yet to be formally charged for any offence.

The supermodel was pictured smiling as she left Heathrow police station and ironically wore a baseball cap bearing Nelson Mandela's prison number from his time in Robben Island - 46664.

Despite the BA ban, rival transatlantic airline Virgin said Campbell is welcome to fly with them - if she escapes charges over Thursday's incident.

A Virgin statement said: "Any decision regarding her future travel with us would depend on the outcome of any court proceedings."

Despite allegations Campbell was "abusive" to BA staff and spat at a police officer, the model maintains BA asked her to leave the plane after she realised her bags were missing.

Her spokesperson said: "Once on the plane, she was told one bag was missing.

"British Airways decided to resolve this by insisting she leave the flight and called the police, and forcibly ejected her.

"So far as we are aware BA have still failed to offer any explanation as why her bag went missing."

However, fellow first-class passenger John Miller, 42, said: "She was moaning but we were all in the same boat.

"Just because she's a celebrity, it doesn't mean her bags can't get lost too. She just made it worse for everyone else. As well as lost luggage, we had to endure almost a two-hour delay."

Campbell's fiery temper is well-documented - eight years ago she pleaded guilty to assaulting her former assistant Georgina Galanis with a telephone in Canada in 1998.

Last year, Campbell was ordered to perform five days community service and attend anger management classes after she was found guilty of reckless assault against her maid Ana Scolavino.

Pamela Anderson's Hugh strip

Pamela Anderson performed a naked birthday dance for Hugh Hefner at the weekend.

The former 'Baywatch' actress surprised the Playboy magazine mogul by walking into his luxury suite at Las Vegas' Palms Fantasy Towers hotel in just a pair of high heels.

Pamela - who has graced the cover of Playboy 12 times - then performed a steamy lapdance in honour of Hefner's 82nd birthday on Saturday (05.04.08).
Palms owner George Maloof revealed: "He was stunned. He had the biggest smile I have ever seen."

Meanwhile, the 40-year-old blonde beauty has signed up to star in a new reality show.

Pamela - who has two sons, 11-year-old Brandon and nine-year-old Dylan from her marriage to Tommy Lee - will be followed by cameras for the "observational documentary series", provisionally titled 'Pamela', for US TV network E!.

Lisa Berger, E!'s executive vice president, said: "E!'s cameras capture Pam's fabulous adventures, emotional journey and all the surprises that come along the way. It's going to be a wild ride!"
This will be Pamela's first return to TV since starring as a busty dumb blonde in bookstore set comedy 'Stacked' from 2005 to 2006.

Paris Hilton's McQueen snub

Paris Hilton has been told to keep away from the opening of a new fashion store.

British designer Alexander McQueen doesn't want 'The Simple Life' star as a customer when he opens his stylish Los Angeles boutique next month.

McQueen said: "If she comes past the shop, hopefully she will just keep walking. I don't really covet that sort of thing. I'm not too fond of these openings, I find them quite superficial.
"The people who wear McQueen wear it because they want to wear it, not because it's the new thing in town."

The designer - whose red carpet creations are favoured by Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller, Katie Holmes and Lucy Liu - also says he wanted his close friend Amy Winehouse to perform at the star-studded opening, but fears she will unable to travel to America.

McQueen is quoted by Los Angeles Times newspaper as saying: "I wanted Amy to come over and perform but she is having visa problems. I have asked another huge star to sing, but I can't say who!"

Earlier this year, Amy was unable to attend the Grammys because of visa problems. Instead the singer - who scooped five awards at the prestigious ceremony - performed in London via a live satellite link.

Kylie Minogue: Doctors initially failed to spot my breast cancer

Singer says she was given clean bill of health before embarking on tour

Kylie Minogue has revealed that doctors initially failed to spot that she had breast cancer.

The singer says she was given a clean bill of health when she went for a check-up before embarking on her Showgirl tour, which had to be cut short when a second opinion revealed she was suffering from the disease.

Kylie, 39, says she wouldn't have known she was misdiagnosed had she not gone back.

'Because someone is in a white coat and using big medical instruments, [it] doesn't necessarily mean they're right,' she tells US chatshow host Ellen DeGeneres.

'I don't want to say that to frighten people, but that's just a fact. You must follow your intuition and, if you have any doubt, go back again.'

Kylie was diagnosed with the disease in 2005. She has now made a full recovery.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Discount Offer Rejected

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are often given big time accolades for their philanthropy but apparently they don't like paying the going rate to American businesses when they are seeking a room to rent during their many travels. According to a report from MSNBC's "The Scoop" when the Jolie-Pitt brood hit Texas they needed a place to stay and they wanted a little luxury and pampering.

According to the report the brood wanted a 2,600 square foot luxury rental at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort and Spa, near Austin, Texas that goes for about two grand a night. But as Pitt and company didn't want to fork over that kind of coin for privacy and luxury they made a counter offer. $3,000 for the month or a paltry $100 per night.

Michael K does the math and figures out that that is about a 95% discount. The offer was rejected and the brood finally wound up renting a private home. It was reported earlier that the couple rented a home from the WWE wrestler "the Undertaker". Apparently he could slip the Pitt-Jolie discount into his budget.

Plus it has to be better than that stuffy old hotel. It even has a wrestling ring in it for the family squabbles. This report has all of the details. "The best part of the house is a separate gym area with a real [World Wrestling Entertainment] ring in it,” contractor Ron Charles, who worked on the home’s construction, tells Life & Style. “I’m sure Brad and the kids horse around in it.”

Doherty sent to jail for 14 weeks

Doherty sent to jail for 14 weeks
Troubled Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty was finally sent to jail today for breaking his probation order.

He was taken from West London Magistrates'
Court and locked up for 14 weeks following a 30 minute hearing this afternoon.
Doherty was jailed for 'his breach of time keeping, non compliance of his order and using different drugs', a spokesperson from the court confirmed.

Back in October, Judge Davinder Lachar cleared Doherty from the remainder of a drug control order but handed him his suspended jail sentence for drug and motoring offences.

The 29-year-old was given a four-month custodial sentence, suspended for two years.

On that occasion he handed an 18-month supervision order and a 12-month drug rehabilitation order.

Lachar ordered he pay a £400 fine for an driving without insurance and a £75 fine for having no MOT certificate.

Commenting on his sentence, an EMI spokesman said: 'Unfortunately Peter has had to postpone his show at the Royal Albert Hall on April 26th.

'The show is due to be rescheduled and all tickets will be valid for the new date once it has been announced.

'Peter was very much looking forward to the show and would like to offer his sincerest apologies to all his fans and to all those concerned.'