Sunday, September 26, 2010

X Factor escort Chloe Mafia 'caught on camera snorting cocaine'

X Factor call girl Chloe Mafia has apparently been caught on camera snorting cocaine, which is said to have been filmed just three days before last night’s show.

The footage obtained by a Sunday tabloid allegedly shows the 19-year-old single mother taking the Class A substance before meeting a client for sex, it is claimed.

Her drug fuelled night is said to have taken place in a hotel suite, while her two-year-old daughter Destiny was being looked after by a friend, the Sunday Mirror reported.

The tabloid claims that Chloe snorted four lines of cocaine, and it is claimed she admitted to friends that she is often under the influence of the drug in front of her child.

She then revealed: ‘This job, you know, it gets you bad with the coke. I hadn’t had it for two years and I started doing this work and now I do it every night.

‘If I carry on like this I’ll be a coke-head as well as a hooker’, she is alleged to have said on tape.

The West Yorkshire-born teenager, real name Chloe Heald, is also said to regularly leave her little girl with a minder in a hotel lobby, while seeing clients upstairs for sex.

Meanwhile, Chloe’s ex boyfriend and father of her daughter told the News of the World that the former couple named themselves the ‘Bonnie and Clyde of Wakefield’ due to their crime benders.

Ian Hough, 21, who split with Chloe in June, also made a plea to his former love via the tabloid, saying: ‘Give up this horrible life of vice straight away or I’m going through the courts to get sole custody of my child.

‘I can’t have Destiny exposed to this world. A mum on the game isn’t acceptable.’

The X Factor hopeful, who has been arrested 140 times for a variety of crimes, was also shown turning up late for boot camp looking worse for wear on last night’s show.

She admitted to having stayed out all night drinking in this weekend’s double bill, in which Simon Cowell looked disappointed with her average performance.

The wannabe star - who was exposed as an escort and allegedly upped her rates after appearing on the show for the first time last weekend – turned up smelling of vodka and in the same clothes as the day before as she sang again for the judges.

Despite advertising herself as an escort on website and charging £1,000 a night for sex whilst auditioning for the show, Chloe last week denied being a prostitute.

After insisting that she doesn’t have ‘full sex’ for money, the teenager said that being ‘ousted’ as an escort has ‘ruined her life’.

But on last night’s X Factor she spoke of her all night partying, saying: ‘Like a stupid idiot I went out last night when I got here and I haven’t been to sleep yet.

'I just feel sick and can taste vodka in my mouth…I’ve got same make up on that I’ve had on since yesterday morning. I just look disgusting.'

It's reported that the hotel where she was staying also got wrecked in a disturbance the night she stayed there, though the fame-hungry wannabe denied any involvement.

Mafia was one of just 200 hopefuls to be chosen to go through to the next stage of the X Factor, held at Wembley Arena, after auditions in Birmingham, Cardiff, Dublin, Glasgow, London and Manchester.

On Saturday night's show, she said ahead of performance of Wishing On A Star: 'I’m not happy being no-one, I want to be someone.

'I’m just praying that when I get on stage I can get through the first part of the song and then it’ll go alright. I just don’t feel ready to go into the biggest audition of my life.'

However, it's believed that Mafia is sent home from the show after failing to impress judges Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and guest judge Nicole Scherzinger with her voice rather than because of any controversy.

But Mafia remains unrepentant and told a newspaper earlier this week: 'I might even go back and audition for X Factor next year.'

Cowell meanwhile is claiming that the remaining contestants will be a tougher time than any who've qualified previously over the years.

Commenting on those through to boot camp ahead of the weekend shows, Simon says: 'I’m going to push them so much harder this year, I mean seriously.'

Louis adds: 'They’ve got nowhere to hide, the real competition starts now.'

Boot camp sees the remaining contestants given rigorous vocal training and choreography coaching and many are left totally daunted by the prospect.

Cher, who impressed the judges at her audition, exclaims: 'I didn’t know I wanted it this bad.'

Gamu chips in: 'I’ve been practising so, so, so hard, but I’m really excited.'

Meanwhile Mary meanwhile can’t quite believe she’s made it there, marvelling: 'A 50-year-old woman on her way to boot camp; that’s fantastic.'

Before half of them are culled, first, first of all the contestants were split into their categories: Boys, Girls, Overs and Groups.

The Girls had to perform Beyonce’s If I Was A Boy, the Boys Michael Jackson’s Man In The Mirror, Groups sang Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship, and the Overs sang Poker Face by Lady Gaga.

Simon commented that the challenge was relatively simple: 'If you’ve got a lot of people and you’ve got limited time, this is the most brutal and effective way of just seeing who the deadwood is and who has got a bit of something different.'

But only half will make it through to Day Two...