Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Paris Sues Over Sex Stuff, Medical Records

Filed under: Gossip/Rumors, Celebrity Justice, Paris HiltonParis Hilton and Nicole RichieParis Hilton has filed a Federal lawsuit, claiming the website Parisexposed.com is "the single most egregious and reprehensible invasions of privacy ever committed against an individual."

ParisExposed.com includes sex photos and videos, highly-sensitive medical records, diary entries and audiotapes of her conversations. The cache was stored at a warehouse and was purchased for $2,775 at a foreclosure auction after the storage bill went unpaid. The contents were then re-sold to Bardia Persa for a cool $10 mil. Persa then allegedly created Parisexposed.com., a subscription site which is burning up the Internet.

Just hours after filing the lawsuit yesterday, Paris and Nicole Richie were spotted at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills. While Paris may have looked relatively unfazed for the cameras, her rep tells TMZ that she's "deeply hurt" by having her private escapades laid bare once again.

The suit, which asks for compensatory and punitive damages, claims the use of Paris' most personal belongings for commercial purposes is a violation of Federal Copyright laws as well as a violation of Paris' right to privacy. The suit also seeks a restraining order and an injunction against the website.
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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Naomi visits witch doctor

The supermodel is reportedly consulting candomble spirits to control her fiery temper

Naomi Campbell is seeing a witch doctor in a bid to curb her fiery temper.

The supermodel flew to Rio de Janeiro last week to meet with Tuca Franchini, a Father Saint of the Candomble sect, which worships African gods, after she was sentenced in New York to five days community service for assaulting her maid.

Franchini who has been described as Naomi's 'spiritual guide' revealed the catwalk queen has a "Passionate" belief in the mystical faith.

He told Britain's Mail on Sunday newspaper, "She's got very interested in it. She does not practice it as a faith, But she listens when I tell her the history because she is passionately involved in the roots of our African culture."

Franchini also defended the 36 year old beauty, insisting he had "never seen her lose her temper, become irritated or angry". He insisted the main purpose of Naomi's visit to the city was to meet with the mayor to discuss becoming a goodwill ambassador.

The model's spokeswoman has dismissed claims that she is seeking the help of Candomble spirits for anger management.

She said, "Naomi has many friends from various religions. She was not consulting Mr Franchini because of what happened in New York.

She flew to Rio to talk to the mayor about becoming a goodwill ambassador."

Saturday, January 20, 2007


It was her 33rd Birthday bash and the supermodel embarked on a 24-hour drinking and dancing session costing £5,000

It was her 33rd birthday bash and Kate Moss made it a night - and a day - to remember. The supermodel embarked on a riotous 24 Hour drinking and dancing session costing £5,000 which was still going on till Wednesday afternoon.

With her rock star fiance Pete Doherty, she also revealed the matching moonstone commitment rings they exchanged in Thailand durings a Buddhist-style blessing on New Year's Day.

Celebrations started at 4 PM on Tuesday when Miss Moss, actress Davinia Taylor, and another female friend went to Scott's restaurant in Mayfair.

The model dined on seafood and drank champagne before being joined by 27 year old Doherty.

After changing at Miss Moss's north London home, the revelers went to the Donmar Warehouse to see Don Juan of Soho. Her dose of culture over, the Model-in a cream dress and white fur coat was soon installed in the Dorchester Hotel's China Tang bar, Where she was joined by billionaire Topshop boss Sir Philip Green and his wife Tina, restaurant owner David Tang and former Clash bassist Paul Siminon.

Doherty, who had a date in court next morning, left at 9:30 PM. Fuelled by two bottles of £450 Cristal champagne-courtesy of Sir Philip - his fiance stayed put.

At 11 PM, her friends sang Happy Birthday. Laughing, Miss Moss stood and hitched up her dress, giving what appeared to be a flash of suspender belt.

At 1:15 am, her best friend Sadie Frost arrived. The group exited shortly before 3 AM, leaving Tang to foot the £2,400 drinks bill. Then it was all back to Kate's house.

Here, She partied on - dancing to the Rolling Stones and drinking Tequila Slammers - until around 10 AM.

Then later on Wednesday, after a shopping session, the model was continuing the celebrations at a North London Pub.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Angie's prickly Golden Globe Performance

The Good Shepherd star clams up when scribes ask her about her plans to expand her family at the awards ceremony

Angelina Jolie has been pretty open about the fact that she wants a large family with beau Brad Pitt.

However, when she faced a few more questions about the topic on the red carpet at the Golden Globes recently.

The actress got quite a bee in her bonnet. The good Shepherd star was being interviewed by American Idol host Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet, but refused to answer any of the question that were being directed towards her.

And when the topic turned to her three kids, and the couple's plans to expand their family, Well that's when things got a bit sticky for Seacrest before Pitt came to his rescue and said, "the answer is 'no comment'", reports the New York daily News.

Then it was Brad's turn to be stared down by Jolie when he answered Seacrest's queries about their children, telling the host that they wanted a whole soccer team of kids, and his nominated film, Babel.

However, Jolie's frowns did turn to smiles later on the night when Babel won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture - Drama.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Curvy Catherine

Has the Chicago actress got her assets enchanced ?

Spotted on a Caribbean island Jones seemed to sport a rather fuller figure. Plastic surgeons insist she's gone under the Knife

She has always had an eye catching figure. But strolling along the beach in a bright yellow bikini there seemed more of Catherine Zeta Jones to enjoy than usual.

The actress's breasts seemed to have grown several sizes, leading to speculation she had undergone enhancement surgery.

Experts said her expanding chest showed signs of cosmetic work, especially as she has two children.

Harley street plastic surgeon Apostolos Gaitanis said: "There is a considerable difference in the volume of the breasts. she has put weight on over the years but it looks suspiciously like she has had breast augmentation because the breasts are full and have more volume.

"They look firmer and project to the front. They are very full, which is a sign of a boob job".

Miss Zeta Jones and her husband Michael Douglas are holidaying on a yacht on the Caribbean island of St Barts along with family.

The 37 year old actress was spotted strolling through the streets wearing a black top, white skirt and white cow boy hat, accompanied by her mother pat.

They later returned loaded down with shopping bags. Miss Zeta Jones and her husband also spent some time on the beach together.

The star looked stunning as she walked by the shore in her yellow bikini. Mr Douglas, 62, also plumped for some bright coloured swimwear but did not cut quite a svelte figure as his wife.

Over the years Miss Zeta Jones has fought a constant battle with her fluctuating weight. She previously told how she 'ate for Wales' while pregnant with her first son Dylan, now six, putting on 50 lbs to tip the scales at 13 stone. However while pregnant with her daughter Carys, now three, she cut a slimmer figure because of the rigorous exercise regime she followed to get in shape for the part of murderess Velma Kelly in the movie version of the musical Chicago.

last month she looked to have dropped a couple of dress sizes when she attended an awards ceremony in New York.

In 2001 it was reported that the actress had undergone surgery to her eyelids. The National Enquirer said she had a three hour operation to have them "lifted".

At the time her publicist denied she had had anything done.

Back in 1990, the year before she shot to fame in The Darling Buds of May, Miss Zeta Jones was pictured in publicity shots in a red bikini looking slightly less voluptuous

Monday, January 15, 2007

J-LO'S Partying Days Are Gone

The glamorous actress and singer, who married Marc Anthony in 2004, admits the pair have become more homeward since then.

Jennifer Lopez has admitted that her wild days of partying and clubbing are long gone.

The glamorous actress and singer married Marc Anthony in 2004 and since then the pair have become more homeward than Hollywood bound.

Speaking at the annual TV critics conference in Pasadena, JLo said that it was "a choice" she had made.

"My life for me had become uncomfortable in the way that it was affecting my personal life and the people in it.

So I decided I needed to take a look at that," she said in comments reported by people magazine.

"I realised there was a way to pull back from that. You don't go out as much. you choose different places to go."

JLo gearing up for her new show, the MTV series Dancelife, for which she was an executive producer.

But although she may have been encouraging other people to dance, it seems that her dancing shoes have been hung up.

When asked if she and Marc enjoyed dancing, she replied: "No we don't. We're home-bodies. We love music-obviously it's a big part of our lives-but we're not big club people. Not any more. I've already had my days."

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Single Again, Jen gets a little extra lift

Friends star's fuller figure at awards ceremony sets tongues wagging

Newly single, it is no surprise that Jennifer Aniston felt she needed a boost.

But while many heartbroken woman call on the support of friends to bolster their shattered morale, it seems the 37 year old has taken things rather move literally.

Weeks after splitting up with Vince Vaughn, Miss Aniston showed off a figure as she accepted an award for being the favourite movie star at a ceremony on Tuesday evening.

Her astonishingly buxom appearance sparked a rumour at the People's Choice Awards that she had paid a visit to a plastic surgeon for her impressively curvaceous figure.

But others suggested Miss Aniston has managed to achieve her busty look with clever padding and a shrewd use of adhesive tape.

The former Friends actress has had a tumultuous love life of late. When she endured a split with ex-husband Brad Pitt after she had found a partner in Vaughn, who she met while filming The Break Up in 2005.

But the couple parted company just weeks before Christmas after shocking revelations that the 36 year old actor has spent the night with a 20 year old student during a trip to Budapest in November last year.

And picking up the best actress award at the ceremony, she wittily added, "Thank you for loving the Break-up -- I did," suggesting she is not as heartbroken as one would imagine.

Friends of the troubled actress have told how she is now planning to remain

Saturday, January 13, 2007

There's lot less of keira

Latest pictures of the star restart rumours about anorexia

She wasn't exactly curvy to start with, but Keira Knightley seems to be shrinking daily.

On a pacific island holiday with lover Rupert friend, the 21 year old actress cut a waif-like figure on the beach.

Only last summer, the Pirates of the Caribbean star empthatically denied that she suffered from Anorexia.

The latest pictures will, however, do little to ease fears that she is eating nowhere near enough. Miss Knightley was accused of being in denial about her condition by the mother of 19 year old Sophie Mazurek, who died from anorexia last month weighing four stone.

"The people around Keira need to be telling her to keep a check on it and go and get help," said Rosalind Pono-Marenko-Jones, from Snead, Powys.

"If you can see someone's ribs then they have a problem. "When they are in the public eye it is not just unhealthy for them, it is an extraordinarily bad message to give out to youngsters who want to be glamorous too and follow their example."

Miss Knightley had revealed that anorexia ran in her family, but is surprised when journalists ask her about her eating habits.

"They said to me, 'How does it feel to be called anorexic?' and I had no idea that I was - I can safely say that I'm not," She told a press conference.

"I've got a lot of experience with anorexia - my grandmother and great grandmother suffered from it... So I know it's not something to be taken lightly and I don't. But I don't have it."

However, she said she welcomed debate about the condition.

"It's good that people are talking about it."

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Upset, Beyonce ?

The singer hasn't got an Oscar nomination for Dreamgirls song.

Beyonce knowles' publicists are playing down reports the singer/actress is distraught after discovering she has been disqualified from the Oscars' best song category, insisting the star always knew she's miss out on a nod.

Academy Awards rules stipulate only three people can be officially nominated for each Best song and judges are forced to pick the trio who contributed most to the tune. that means Beyonce misses out because she merely added a few finishing touches to the hit song Listen from the Dreamgirls soundtrack.

According to the Academy, henry Krieger, Anne Preven and Scott Cutler will be recognized as the songwriters.

But Beyonce's publicist Alan Nierob insists his client always knew she'd miss out on a best song Oscar nod. He says, "Beyonce is aware of the Oscar rule that says only three songwriters can be nominated.

It's all about percentages how much each person contributed to the song.

"Beyonce contributed greatly to Listen, But her percentage is lower, so she didn't expect to be eligible for nomination. She's very happy that her co-writers may be recognized."

The singer has said that she enjoys her fame and would not change her superstar status despite all the pressure it entails.

According to Beyonce, the biggest disadvantage of fame is not finding friends she can trust. She told contactmusic.com: "Work is my drug.

I'm not worried about having a breakdown. There are negative sides to fame, sure. It's hard to find yourself when everyone tells you everything you do is excellent.

She added: "It's hard to stay humble, hard to make friends. It's hard to know who is real. It's also hard if you don't have people you trust before you become famous."

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Houston's Clothes for Sale

The singer hasn't paid bills dating to 2005. The storage company decides to auction off her clothes.

There is nothing like a clutter clear out to start the New Year. Whitney Houston, whose life has been in chaos the past few years, probably hasn't got the time or energy.So someone else has cleaned out her wardrobe for her. But it wasn't a personal assistant or stylist.Countless racks of clothes and stage costumers are being auctioned off to pay a 76,000 storage bill.The 43 year old singer is said to have failed to pay fees dating back to 2005.

So the storage company is selling off a range of items, including designer outfits presented to Miss Houston from Dolce, Gabbana and Giorgio Armani.Even a selection of her underwear is said to be up for sale at next week's auction in the US."There's some pretty personal stuff in there," said auctioneer Steve Newmark."Her underwear is in there. I was marvelling at the waist of some of these (Clothes). They were pretty small," Other items include a Versace silk screen print dress, 29 bustiers, 13 sequinned wristbands and dozens of rhinestone belts.

A Schimmel grand piano will also be auctioned along with a multi-tier concert stage set, drum kits and keyboards.Also among the haul is a Boston Music Award for outstanding male vocalist. That belonged to Miss Houston's former husband, Bobby Brown. The lawyer representing the storage company said Miss Houston's legal adviser had been "very co-operative, but he doesn't have a cheque to write us".Fans and professional impersonators will be among those keen to pick through the remnants of Miss Houston's once glittering career. The singer has a well-documented drug problem. Last year photographs taken by her sister-in-law Tina Brown showed Miss Houston's 3million suburban home littered with drug paraphernalia.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Jessica and John's "Public Affair"

Filed under: Hook-Ups, Paparazzi Photo, Jessica SimpsonAfter ringing in the new year together at Christina Aguilera's party at the Hudson in NYC on Sunday, Jessica Simpson and John Mayer continued partying at hot New York club Stereo.

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer
With reports of the duo "making out" on New Year's Eve, a disheveled Simpson can be seen exiting the club with Mayer by her side.

While famous for micromanaging his daughter's career into the ground, where was Papa Joe (or Ken Paves!) with a hairbrush when she needed one?!

Oprah's 'O'cademy

Filed under: OprahOprah Winfrey: Click to watchJust call it the Oprah Winfrey School for Girls.

The billionaire talk show diva opened a school in a small town south of Johannesburg, South Africa today. The school for underprivileged girls boasts computer and science laboratories, a library and theater, and was built as a result of a meeting between Winfrey and the country's former President, Nelson Mandela.

The event was attended in South Africa by celebs Mariah Carey, Tina Turner, Chris Tucker, Mary J. Blige and Spike Lee.

Of her decision to open a school in South Africa instead of the U.S., Winfrey dissed American kids by telling Newsweek, "If you ask the kids what they want or need, they will say an iPod or some sneakers. In South Africa, they don't ask for money or toys. They ask for uniforms so they can go to school."

Monday, January 01, 2007

Lets Get This Party Started

Filed under: Paris Hilton, Let's Get This Party StartedParis HiltonParis Hilton partied on Australia's dime this week.

The hotel heiress pulled a brazen move, according to Page 6, and stiffed a restaurant after scarfing down a hamburger, frappe and mineral water. Apparently, Paris needed to apply the $8 burger bill toward her $2,200 shopping spree for jewelry and lingerie. And where, prey tell, would she get the money to pay for the shopping spree? Not to worry...Paris was paid $5 million to crown the Bondi Blonde beer girl from a sea of scantily-clad beauties.

But her visit wasn't all fun and games. Paris visited the children's ward of Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital, signing autographs and posing with sick kids. "I have a lot of New Year's resolutions," she says. "One is definitely giving back. I'm really fortunate and that's why everywhere I go I'm going to visit a children's hospital." Now if she could just show a little more love at hamburger joints.....

Daddy Pimps Out Jessica Simpson, Again

Joe Simpson started the rumor that his daughter was dating Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo, according to Page 6. Dear ol' dad reportedly let Romo name-drop Jessica in exchange for game tickets, and the two have never even met! In reality, Romo is dating A.I. finalist Carrie Underwood, and Jess was just spotted again with John Mayer. This time around the two "buddies" were shopping for jewelry at Barney's on Madison Ave.

Justin Timberlake: Screw Acting Lessons

Singer-turned-actor Justin Timberlake refused to take acting lessons before taking on a leading role in the upcoming movie "Alpha Dogs." IMDB News reports that the pop star feels he had enough acting experience during his "Mickey Mouse Club" days to play an accused teen killer in the gritty flick. "I thought it was a dark script, but I also thought it was a great statement, and I like to make statements," JT says.

Party Favors: K-Fed Gets in the Ring ... Busta Rhymes Might Get Busted ... Brad and Angelina Make a Surprise Visit to Panama City

Looks like Kevin Federline might have a new career after all. He'll hit the wrestling mat again today, facing off with World Wrestling Federation champ John Cena live on "Monday Night Raw." Cena body slammed K-Fed back in October ... Looks like Busta Rhymes is in trouble with the law again. Rhyme's driver filed a complaint with the police alleging the rapper beat him up ... Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt went to Panama City, visited a souvenir shop, a colonial village and the Panama Canal. The couple is considering investing in the new Biodiversity Museum, which is being designed by Frank Gehry.