Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dreaded dimples: Nadine Coyle's tiny shorts reveal orange peel thighs

Nadine Coyle is the envy of women the world over.But it seems even the Girls Aloud singer is fighting a losing battle with the dreaded dimple thighs.The 23-year-old star showed off her impressive shape in a pair of figure-hugging shorts - and revealed the curse of the orange peel legs. Taking time out from her hectic schedule, Nadine spent some time with friends in north London yesterday soaking up the rays.Last week, the Irish star cut a toned appearance in a revealing stage outfit while performing at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jordan's worth ?50m and has even had her boobs reduced... but she's still too CHAV for polo

She may be working hard to shed her tacky glamour-model image and gain respectability. But Jordan, it seems, is still not good enough for the exclusive world of polo.

The reality TV star has been banned from the most prestigious event in the polo calendar because, insiders say, she is simply ‘too chavvy’.

Jordan – now a bestselling author, albeit one who doesn’t actually write her own books – is said to be ‘incredibly upset’ after she was told she would not be welcome at today’s exclusive Cartier International Polo contest in Windsor.

The snub comes despite her self-made wealth and her ardent love of horses. She has always been a keen rider and learned to play polo earlier this year.

Katie Price, as she now prefers to be known, believes she is the victim of a personal vendetta after being denied access to the event at the Guards Polo Club, where The Prince of Wales Team will play Hurlingham for The Golden Jubilee Trophy and England will take on Australia for the Coronation Cup, presented by Prince Charles.

Ms Price originally asked to join the 600 VIP guests in the Cartier marquee, where chef Anton Mossimann will prepare a three-course lunch and high tea after a champagne reception.

Previous guests there have included Sienna Miller, Pierce Brosnan and Prince Harry and his girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

But after making some enquiries, Ms Price’s office was told that the event was by invitation only and there were no available places.

The 30-year-old then instructed an agent to buy a ?6,000 table for ten at the China White marquee, another hospitality tent in Windsor Great Park. The West End nightclub hosts a lunch and tea for 1,700, this year including actresses Kelly Brook and Jaime Winstone and racing driver Jenson Button.

However, Ms Price was last week told that she was not welcome at the China White tent either – even though it has previously played host to less prestigious celebrities, such as former EastEnders actor Dean Gaffney.

Last night the model’s agent Claire Powell said: ‘It’s true, Cartier didn’t want Katie there. We cannot understand it because Katie has worked with Cartier before. She’s been in the presence of Royalty before; she’s met the Queen and appeared at the Royal Variety Performance. It’s a big shock and Katie is incredibly upset.

‘It wasn’t about her wanting to mingle with the rich and famous, it’s because she’s a fan of the sport.

‘We can only assume that someone has got it in for Katie. She thinks it’s really sad. She’s worked hard to transform her image.’
Although China White was once a regular haunt for footballers and reality TV stars, it is now trying to attract a more exclusive clientele.

Chavtastic: Jordan on her ITV2 show with husband Peter Andre

A source said: ‘Jordan has been told she is not welcome. The polo is very prestigious and there are certain names they want there and others they definitely don’t.

'She might have reinvented herself but Jordan is still too chavvy as far as Cartier is concerned.’

A second source said: ‘It’s the most prestigious sporting event in the British calendar and it attracts the biggest names in town.

'Having Jordan there just wouldn’t be in keeping with Cartier’s image.

‘If she turns up she will not be allowed access to the tent. Tickets can’t be bought. You have to be an invited friend of Cartier.’

In a bid to shed her tacky image, Jordan, who is worth an estimated ?50million, reduced her famous bust from a 32FF to a 32D, dyed her hair dark and has shunned the party circuit in favour of nights at home with her three children.

She is now one of the country’s leading novelists but last week admitted what most people long suspected – that she doesn’t write the books herself but merely comes up with the plots.

Both Cartier and China White declined to comment last night.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Britney Spears' mother 'haunted by death of 12-year-old boy she killed in car accident'

Britney Spears' mother Lynne has been tormented by a tragic car accident she had during her youth, which left a 12-year-old boy dead.

Lynne knocked down Anthony Winters as she turned a corner on a road in Kentwood, Louisiana in 1975.

Britney's mother was 20 years old when the accident happened and is still haunted by the tragedy to this day.

Lynne was driving her brother to the hospital after he sustained an injury when the accident occurred.

Anthony Winters was playing on his bicycle outside his family home, where he lived with his parents Joe and Yvonne Winters.

Lynne's spokesperson Louise Taylor confirmed the tragedy to American magazine National Enquirer: 'Anthony Winters and his friend were in the road on a curve on a bicycle.

'As Lynne rounded the curve, she could not avoid the boy in the street, as there was oncoming traffic in the opposite lane.

'The boy died at the hopsital as a result of his injuries, Lynne realised the boy was struck immediately, and to this day is grieved by the Winters' loss of their son.'

Anthony's younger brother Chris, who is now 36, tells the Enquirer: 'I was none but three or four, but I remember Anthony as my big brother.

'I was in the house. He was outside on his bike, a two-wheeler. He went into the street and the car went over him. I know my mother ran outside and was screaming.

'My folks told me years later, Anthony died instantly. It affected my family pretty bad.'

Lynne was never charged over the death of Anthony, because it was clearly an accident.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Amy Winehouse fails to show up as husband Blake is sentenced.... but his blonde 'friend' is in floods of tears at court

Amy Winehouse didn't turn up to see husband Blake sentenced today but his reported girlfriend was in floods of tears outside the court.

Blonde German model Sophie Schandorff, 21, was obviously distraught after the hearing, which saw Fielder-Civil sentenced to 27 months in prison today for grievous bodily harm and perverting the course of justice.

Schandorff caused a stir at court in April when she was in Winehouse's usual place to support Fielder-Civil and the couple were seen to mouth 'I love you' to each other.

He had admitted beating up pub manager James King in a barroom fight in 2006 and then offering him ??200,000 to keep quiet about it.

Judge David Radford told Fielder-Civil he had behaved in a 'gratuitous, cowardly and disgraceful' way.

Fielder-Civil has already served around nine months on remand and he could be free in four-and-a-half months if he behaves himself in prison.

Miss Winehouse was not in court today to support her husband.
Earlier, Fielder-Civil appealed to a judge to let him walk free so he could become a role model for the troubled singer.

Through his barrister, Fielder-Civil told of his love for his wife and determination that both will devote themselves to becoming clean.

Jeremy Dein QC, told Snaresbrook crown court: 'They are very much committed to each other and their ambition is to divorce themselves from hard drugs and not separate themselves from each other.

'Knowing the nation's glare is upon him, Mr Fielder-Civil has every possible motive to rehabilitate himself in the way he has already shown he is fully committed to doing.

'He knows if he fails, an appointment with calamity awaits, not just for himself but for his wife.

'He can now see that hard drugs are to be regarded as nothing other than a smiling assassin.

'He wishes now to become a role model for Miss Winehouse but he knows it would be impossible for her to alienate herself from drugs if he continues to befriend them.'

Mr Dein urged the judge to either impose a community order, a suspended sentence or a prison term of no more than 18 months, the equivalent time Fielder-Civil has served awaiting his sentence.

The court heard Fielder-Civil kicked James King on the ground as the victim was being beaten up by Michael Brown in a row over a girlfriend in June 2006.

After he was arrested and released on bail, he became involved in a plan to pay off Mr King with ??200,000 and a holiday in Spain to ensure the trial would collapse।

Co-defendant Anthony Kelly approached reporters from a tabloid newspaper who recorded attempts to bribe Mr King.

Brown, 40, has admitted the same offences and also to failing to surrender to bail. Kelly, 26, and James Kennedy, 20, have both pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Devastated Britney gives up custody of her children to ex-husband Kevin Federline

Troubled pop star Britney Spears surrendered custody of her two sons yesterday after a year and half long legal battle. Her ex-husband Kevin Federline will have sole legal and physical custody of Sean Preston, two, and Jayden James, 18 months. The divorced couple have agreed to that Miss Spears, 26, will have visitation rights to see the toddlers. Federline's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan announced the decision to a US news channel after the agreement was signed by both parties. The resolution will prevent the case from going to trial next month as previously planned. Kaplan said: 'The case has been settled. The court still has to approve it. 'All the issues that would have been addressed at trial have been settled. 'I can't speak to the exact terms of the deal. Orders now in place will stay in place.' Federline, 30, currently has full custody of the children although the lawyer said he had not intended to fight for sole custody. 'Kevin was not [out] to get custody," said Kaplan. 'Kevin's goal was to set up some kind of template so the mother of his children can co-parent. 'He said 'I need to have Britney to be involved in the co-parenting of the kids but I need there to be a structure'.' But the lawyer admitted his client was 'absolutely delighted' with the result. He said: 'Nobody could have anticipated the terms of events that have occurred....This was a two-year journey that will be halted at a point that is good for these children. Miss Spears initially had joint custody of her sons in July 2007 but her increasingly eccentric behaviour and sustained drug abuse saw Federline being awarded full temporary custody and their mother relegated to court-monitored visits. Happier times: Kevin Federline and Britney in 2006 during their two year marriage, the couple had two children Sean, 2, and Jayden, 1 In January this year she was forcibly hospitalised after police were called she refused to hand over the children after an organised visit. She was stretchered into an ambulance in full view of the press looking disorientated. She was sectioned again less than a month later after her mother arranged for a 'smash and grab' raid on their home by police after fears that her daughter was suicidal. Her father Jamie Spears has taken control of her legal affairs and banned manager Sam Lufti from approaching his daughter. The former pop princess - who is understood to be battling bipolar disorder - has made efforts of late to regain control of her personal life and is recording a new album. Last month she was granted overnight visitation rights. Until the children turn 18 custody arrangements are subject to change through the courts. Los Angeles family lawyer Lynn Soodnik said: 'Britney will have a better chance of winning more custody once she regains her health. This is just the end of Round One.'

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Ronaldo snubs Paris Hilton during late night frolics at Hollywood club

Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo turned down Paris Hilton after she made a play for him at a Hollywood nightclub, MailOnline has learned.

The Manchester United striker - currently in LA on an undisclosed business trip - arrived at trendy hotspot Villa in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

A source said: 'Paris was all over him. The moment he arrived, she went over to his private table.

'At one point, she pushed her chest together and made a point of trying to snuggle up against him.

'But Ronaldo clearly wasn't interested in Paris. He turned his back on her.'

According to reports, the 23-year-old Portugese star is a single man after splitting from model Nereida Gallardo, 25.

And heiress Paris, clad in a peach-coloured dress, was clearly impressed by his charms.

The onlooker added: 'Every girl in the club was checking him out but Paris couldn't take her eyes off him.

'You could tell he enjoyed the attention but he didn't really want anything to do with any of the girls.

'He just sipped vodka soda in the corner of the club with his friends.'

Flanked by four or five male friends, Ronaldo arrived hobbled in on crutches just after 11.30pm.

Earlier, he had enjoyed a business dinner with around nine associates at Hollywood steak restaurant STK.

A fellow diner said: 'He is obviously in LA on business.

'He looked very serious over dinner and spent the entire time talking to the men in suits.'

The onlooker added that Ronaldo is being accompanied by a glamorous female assistant, who is apparently helping him recuperate from injury.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Brooke Hogan knows how to promote a show (Read: This post has boobies.)

Brooke Hogan's new reality show Brooke Knows Best debuts on Sunday, and she's busting her Adam's apple promoting the pilot. She did the always stalwart bikini posing in Miami except the photographer got a little too close to her bad side (i.e. the face.) Then Brooke jetted off to New York City to work the talk show circuit where she felt stripper heels were appropriate attire. If you're wondering how I know those are stripper heels, it's all about research. Lots and lots of research. So much research that maybe I can't afford rent and have been living on ketchup packets. I'm a dedicated journalist.

'I won't be stripping off,' vows Pamela Anderson as she enters Australia's Big Brother house

She's used to all the glitz, glamour and celebrity of Los Angeles but Pamela Anderson is now socialising with fans in a cramped space as of tomorrow.

Entering Australia's Big Brother house as producers' 'uber special VIP guest' the Baywatch star will make a two-hour visit for a special episode of the show.

Entitled 'Pamela Anderson's Tricks of the Trade', the 41-year-old is set to teach the housemates a thing or two.
And producers are hoping the racy star will heat up the house and hike up the ratings.

Rory Callaghan, managing director of Endemol Southern Star, said to the Melbourne Herald Sun: 'I'll be honest, even as a producer there is a real perve value where you have a big celebrity and you want to see how she deals with the house.

'In the normal world when you're in touch with celebrities, everything is so scripted.'

However, it seems Mr Callaghan may not get the 'perve value' he's hoping for - as Anderson has vowed not to take off her clothes.

In an interview with The Australian she said: 'There is no mystery here.'

After a six-month campaign spent persuading Anderson to guest star, producers are now desperately hoping her appearance will boost the show's appeal.

And apparently they're putting a lot of money into her cameo.

When the mum-of-two was questioned about how much she was expecting to be paid she said: "Much more than I am worth. I don't want to say how much but it is a lot.''

Whatever the sum is Callaghan certainly believes it is the right amount for the star: 'I've seen Pam do TV (appearances) and what struck me is her ability to laugh at herself. She understands the game.'

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Britney takes back ex-boyfriend Adnan amid fears of sex tape being released

Britney Spears is said to have reconciled with ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib because she fears him releasing a secret sex tape, MailOnline has been told.

Britney, 26, and the Birmingham-raised paparazzo, 36, have barely been seen together since the troubled singer was hospitalised for psychiatric treatment on January 31.

Despite Britney's father Jamie's staunch disapproval of Adnan, the pop star is understood to have started seeing Adnan again in recent weeks, TMZ.com reported.

Britney takes back ex-boyfriend Adnan amid fears of sex tape  being released

Adnan is said to have been recently spotted driving into the gated community in the Hollywood Hills where the singer is living with her father.

But sources claim the two haven't got back together for purely romantic reasons - Britney is apparently terrified Adnan has an explicit video of her during the couple's brief trip to Mexico in January.

'Britney's really scared that Adnan has a sex tape,' an insider tells MailOnline.

'She wants to get it out of his hands.'

The love match will be met with strong disapproval by Spears' father, who is still her legal custodian following a legal order earlier this year.

'Britney's father can't stand Adnan,' added the source.

'He thinks he's seedy, with ulterior motives.'

Indeed, MailOnline understands that Ghalib offered to sell a kiss-and-tell style interview about life with Spears a British Sunday tabloid after the pair initially split.

But the tabloid thought there were discrepancies in his interview.

Britney takes back ex-boyfriend Adnan amid fears of sex tape  being released
Still, Ghalib does have one advocate in Spears' camp - her mother Lynne.

'She always thought his intentions were semi-honourable,' said the source.

'She knows that even if she disapproved, it's useless trying to dissuade Britney from making her own choices when it comes to men.

The photographer admitted last month he went into hiding after receiving death threats from angry Britney fans.

He told Heat magazine: 'I have had many calls about it (the sex tape) from all over the world. In light of the constant calls about the sex tape and threats, I'm taking a break from the industry and keeping a low profile.'

In April, Adnan was reportedly stabbed in the arm during an attack in Los Angeles.

He said: 'Yes I was injured by an attacker. This is still being investigated.

'I can't say much about the cowardly attack other than: a) you better come a lot stronger than that if you want to make a point and b) most will be surprised by those behind it.

The pair started dating around Christmas after Ghalib spent months photographing the star.

Britney stunned fans when she started dating Adnan last Christmas after years of complaining about paparazzi attention.

Earlier this year, actress Gwyneth Paltrow commented: 'Look at what they've done to Britney. The paparazzi and magazines have blood on their hands. They literally made her go insane.

'She's got classic Stockholm Syndrome she fell in love with a paparazzo and went insane. The photographers and the editors of these magazines have such bad karma. It's pretty dark.'

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Enough to make Posh go 'P-U!': Becks 'is struck down by outbreak of fish breath'

He may be one of the most attractive men on the planet but it appears being married to David Beckham may have a downside.

The 33-year-old footballer is reportedly suffering from an outbreak of bad breath that smells of fish.

If true, it's enough to make Victoria's pout more pronounced than ever.

Enough to make Posh go 'P-U!': Becks 'is struck down by outbreak of fish breath'

She is apparently so disgusted with the stink that she now says 'P-U!' every time he goes to kiss her.

The cause of the complaint is said to be two Go3 fish oil pills which Becks takes every morning to boost his energy.

But as he is the spokesman for the product, it seems long-suffering Victoria, 34, can do little about it.

'Becks is the spokesperson for Go3 - he even appears on the box - so he has to take it despite the consequences,' a source told US magazine Star.

'And he really believes in the product. He says it gives him more energy.'

Enough to make Posh go 'P-U!': Becks 'is struck down by outbreak of fish breath'