Wednesday, July 09, 2008

'I won't be stripping off,' vows Pamela Anderson as she enters Australia's Big Brother house

She's used to all the glitz, glamour and celebrity of Los Angeles but Pamela Anderson is now socialising with fans in a cramped space as of tomorrow.

Entering Australia's Big Brother house as producers' 'uber special VIP guest' the Baywatch star will make a two-hour visit for a special episode of the show.

Entitled 'Pamela Anderson's Tricks of the Trade', the 41-year-old is set to teach the housemates a thing or two.
And producers are hoping the racy star will heat up the house and hike up the ratings.

Rory Callaghan, managing director of Endemol Southern Star, said to the Melbourne Herald Sun: 'I'll be honest, even as a producer there is a real perve value where you have a big celebrity and you want to see how she deals with the house.

'In the normal world when you're in touch with celebrities, everything is so scripted.'

However, it seems Mr Callaghan may not get the 'perve value' he's hoping for - as Anderson has vowed not to take off her clothes.

In an interview with The Australian she said: 'There is no mystery here.'

After a six-month campaign spent persuading Anderson to guest star, producers are now desperately hoping her appearance will boost the show's appeal.

And apparently they're putting a lot of money into her cameo.

When the mum-of-two was questioned about how much she was expecting to be paid she said: "Much more than I am worth. I don't want to say how much but it is a lot.''

Whatever the sum is Callaghan certainly believes it is the right amount for the star: 'I've seen Pam do TV (appearances) and what struck me is her ability to laugh at herself. She understands the game.'