Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Josh wants to start family with Fergie

Josh Duhamel wants to settle down with lover Fergie and have kids. The Las Vegas actor, who has been dating Fergie since 2004, revealed he is “jealous” of his friends who have children and hopes they can find time to start a family soon. Josh said, “I’ve got a lot of friends with kids. Two of my friends have three kids. They all have children except for me —so I’ve got to get on the horse! “I don’t know when we will start. I feel a little bit jealous of my friends. But I’m taking my time. We’ll do it when it’s right. It’s busy right now for me and my girl. It will happen.”
Josh, who plays an expectant father in Las Vegas, joked, “Playing a dad-to-be has been fun for me because you get a chance to learn what any sort of guy goes through when he’s waiting to become a father. “I’ve never been through that and it's sort of dawned on me what sort of things would probably happen. Maybe your lady would think you had stopped finding her sexually attractive when in fact, maybe you’re just worried that you’re going to hurt the baby. And then you realise you can’t hurt the baby, you’ve just got to do it doggie style. No!”Josh has denied rumours he has proposed to Fergie.

David Beckham is safe from Vinnie Jones

Stars will not face each other in charity match If David Beckham was worried about tackling Vinnie Jones on the soccer pitch, he can sleep easy tonight. LA Galaxy are due to play Hollywood United in a charty match to raise money for victims of the California fires, but Vinnie, 42, has quit the club. The pair reportedly fell out when he slagged off 32-year-old Becks' move to LA, saying, 'He's only coming to look after Posh's handbag, isn't he?' Guess there won't be any foul play this time..

Pregnant Nicole Richie snapped with ciggie in hand

Is the Simple Life star smoking despite being 7 months gone? Nicole Richie has been photographed with a cigarette in her hand - despite being 7 months pregnant. The Simple Life star, 26, is expecting her first child with Good Charlotte rocker fiancé Joel Madden, 28. 'I saw Nicole come out of DaSilvano [restaurant] with a girlfriend,' a source in Beverly Hills tells the New York Post. 'She looked around at the outdoor tables, like she was checking to see who was there, and then lit up.' Nicole Richie's rep denies that she has been smoking during her pregnancy and says accounts are 'irresponsible and untrue'. This photograph is a library shot of Nicole with a false baby bump.

Gemma Atkinson lands film role

Ex-Hollyoaks actress to hit the big screen Gemma Atkinson has landed her first ever film role. The 22-year-old, who played Lisa Hunter in C4 soap Hollyoaks, will be starring alongside Austin Powers actress Heather Graham and shooting will take place in the UK. Gemma is hoping that the opportunity will help her career to skyrocket. 'I realised that I wanted to get back into acting,' she tells the Daily Star. 'I am filming my first feature film in London, which is absolutely great.' Since finishing at Hollyoaks in 2005, Gemma has appeared in spin-offs Hollyoaks: Let Loose and Hollyoaks In The City with co-star Marcus Patric. She also reached the final stage of ITV's Soapstar Superstar and, in 2006, boosted her boobs to a 34D, which paved the way for a career as a glamour model.

Angelina Jolie Pregnancy Rumours Gather Pace.

Actress Angelina Jolie has cancelled plans to give a lecture in Italy this week (begs29Oct07), amid reports she is pregnant with her and Brad Pitt's second biological child.The Tomb Raider beauty was due to give a talk at the Pio Manzu Centre near Rimini as part of a conference entitled, The Flight Of The Hummingbird - The Future of Children In The Mind And Society Of The World - but pulled out at the last minute.Local newspaper reports claim Jolie cancelled the appearance after discovering she was expecting - and a spokeswoman for the Pio Manzu Centre appeared to 'confirm' the media speculation.Letizia Manjani says, "Angelina cancelled last week. Due to her privacy I can't confirm her pregnancy, but I can say that the Italian newspapers are correct in their reports".Jolie and her boyfriend Pitt have their own biological daughter, 16-month-old Shiloh, as well as their adopted children Maddox, six, Pax, three and Zahara, two.Pitt recently (Oct07) expressed his desire to expand their family once again by saying, "We're ready for another one".

Britney Spears Interview On Ryan Seacrest Morning Show

Alli Sims managed do something amazing today. She actuall got Britney Spears out of bed this morning in time for her interview with Ryan Seacrest. Although it was not enlightening by any means, and barely even interesting, it’s fun to hear Britney’s morning smoker voice talk about how she’s doing the best she can with her kids and how cruel the world can be. The best part is when Britney abrubtly ends the interview to take a shower.

Britney Spears’ label can’t trust her to promote new album

Jive Records is officially giving up on trying to get Britney Spears to promote her new album. They’re not even planning a tour despite her single “Gimme More” topping the charts. The label realizes that Britney doesn’t care and is apparently becoming fed up with her antics. NY Daily News reports:"They can't get Britney to do anything!" said a source close to the label and Spears. "They did get her to do one photo-shoot for some promotional materials, but beyond that, they can't trust her to even show up. This album could've been so much bigger with Britney involved. This is the one opportunity they have to try and sell a million records. They were forced to [go on with] their marketing plan.” Britney may not even care about the money as her estimated worth this year is near $100 million. Her activities in the press seem to emphasize a detachment with reality:But her bizarre behavior was evident as recently as Sunday, when our spy found her looking confused as she wandered around the locker room of the Four Seasons Hotel in L.A. — wearing just a bikini bottom. When another woman asked her where the hotel pool was, Brit replied, "Oh, is there a pool here?" You see what I did there? I started the day off with a scary story because it’s Halloween. I mean, c’mon, how frightening is that? You could be walking around, minding your own business and then “Bam!” topless Britney Spears! Eeeek! But don’t worry. Just tell her you work for Jive and want to take some promotional photos. She’ll shriek and vanish into the night. Presumably to Taco Bell. It’s where the Britney feeds waiting for her next vict – Hey, did you just see that? Was that a nipple? *sniffs* Hot sauce? I didn't have Mexican... Look! Behind the couch. A stretch mark! AHHH!!

Roberto Cavalli: How I designed for Jennifer Lopez's pregnancy

Next Top designer lets slip that singer is expecting a baby Designer Roberto Cavalli has officially confirmed what has been rumoured for months: Yes, Jennifer Lopez is pregnant. (And as the man charged with designing outfits for her changing body, he should know.) Asked what types of clothing he designs for his celebrity clients, he told PEOPLE exclusively on Tuesday, "Well Jennifer Lopez, at this moment, she requests something very special because she is waiting for the baby. "It is so complicated because every week she is getting bigger," added the designer, speaking from his celebration promoting Roberto Cavalli Vodka at his New York showroom. Cavalli designed multiple loose-fitting and flowing outfits for the 38-year-old singer, who is on tour with husband Marc Anthony. "The thing about Jennifer Lopez, she is a singer, she is a dancer," said Cavalli. "Most of the time when I prepare something for the tour, the performer, they want something very soft so they can dance and so they can move free." Earlier this month, Anthony raised eyebrows during the couple's show in Los Angeles when he sang a special dedication to his wife. "It's a real personal song," Anthony said before belting out Journey's "Faithfully," which includes the lyrics, "They say that the road ain't no place to start a family

Josh Wants Babies With Fergie

'Las Vegas' hottie Josh Duhamel is ready to jump on the baby bandwagon. Duhamel, who plays a dad-to-be on his hit TV show says he can't wait to get his longtime girlfriend Fergie pregnant. Duhamel tells OK! magazine, “I’ve got a lot of friends with kids. Two of my friends have three kids. They all have kids except for me—so I got to get on the horse!” He continued, “I’ve never been through that and it’s sort of dawned on me as I go — wait, that probably would happen. Maybe she would take it as you not being sexually attracted to her when in fact, maybe you’re just worried that you’re going to hurt the baby.” Then he joked, “And you realize you can’t hurt the baby. You’ve just got to do it doggie style. NO!” I say do it! It seems like every other leading lady in Hollywood is already pregnant, you guys can make the paparazzi's life easier and enroll in Lamaze classes together.

Fright Night: Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston Gang up on Angelina Jolie?

It's fright night. As the Hollywood crazies dress up to celebrate a scary combination may have emerged. Brad Pitt, the man that claims he is still close with his ex wife Jennifer Aniston may swerved into joining forces against the woman he is currently sleeping with Angelina Jolie. It's entering that time for the wannabe intellectuals of Hollywood. It is the time of year where they dress up as people that believe someone cares what they think in the political realm. Fright Night: Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston Gang up on Angelina Jolie? That's right - it is time for Hollywood to give money and begin to stake out their claim to a particular candidate that is running for president. For the never ending threesome of Jen, Brad and Angelina that means who do you choose? Jennifer and Brad are on Team Obama. Aniston has tossed some cash at the presidential candidate and Brad has vowed his support as well. So where is the better half of Brangelina and where does she stand? Angelina Jolie has said she is undecided on which liberal candidate she will back, but it certainly doesn't appear to be Barack. So it is Jen + Brad versus Angelina unless she joins the team. can't we all just get along? Also ready to rally for Obama are Oscar winners George Clooney, Halle Berry (plus one) and Jamie Foxx. It appears that politics does make for strange bedfellows, even in the land of on set romances.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Anupam's connection with Angelina Jolie

One little known fact behind the extraordinary film A Mighty Heart starring Angelina Jolie is the role played by Anupam Kher's Talent Company. The talent agency, which is currently very active in the international market, actually got its first major Hollywood assignment with this docudrama. The credit for awarding the casting contract to Anupam Kher's Talent Company that bagged the contract for A Mighty Heart goes to the leading casting director of UK, Wendy Brazington, who was also the casting head for the film. In fact, so impressed was she with the nascent company's contacts in the talent – spotting business, that she also agreed to formally launch it in May last year. Since then, Anupam Kher's Talent Company has had several prestigious assignments coming its way. Among them were BBC radio's production of The Adventures of Feluda based on Satyajit Ray's stories on the fictional detective and The Darjeeling Ltd . starring Owen Wilson, plus a host of Bollywood films and commercials.

Hayden Panettiere Flashes Her Bikini Top

Oooo, isn’t it scandalous? Hayden Panettiere flashing her bikini top! OK, not really, but I’m sure if I was a virgin I’d be going crazy for this cute little midget, hoping she becomes the next Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears. So for all you sexless chaps, enjoy.

Britney Spears Switched Halloween Costume With Bartender

Britney Spears album Blackout dropped last night at midnight and to celebrate, OK! reports that Britney and her BFF/cousin Alli Sims hit hotspot Winston’s. Other club-goers report Britney spent the entire evening either in the bathroom or dancing on her table. She did however, take a minute to tell the bartender that she admired her physique.You have nice t*ts! Mine are all saggy’!,” an eyewitness tells OK! Magazine. The bartender, somewhat dumbstruck by the comment, replied, ‘Thank you?!!’ Brit then asked the girl, “Do you wanna change? I wanna switch outfits!! Let’s switch!!’ “At this point, the bartender felt that she had no choice but to comply,” the eyewitness says. “The ladies proceeded to switch outfits and Britney happily walked back to her booth in the bartender’s duds. The bartender, clearly taken aback, but with a great attitude, went back behind the bar and continued serving drinks in Spear’s French maid outfit, telling patrons, ‘I’m wearing Britney’s costume, including her bra! She made me take her bra’!”If you ask us, the bartender got the short end of the stick. The outfit Brit left in is much cuter than the trashy pirate wench/waitress one she went in with.

Jordan: Victoria Beckham looks down on me

Glamour model blames Spice Girl for feud Jordan thinks that Victoria Beckham has a snobby attitude towards her and husband Peter Andre. 'I feel like she might think we're not good enough for her because she's over in America now and has all these A-list friends,' says the glamour model. She insists that Victoria is to blame for their falling out, despite slagging off the Spice Girl on TV recently. 'People forget that in her programme she called me vile,' says Jordan. 'That's part of what started it all off.' But the I'm A Celebrity star claims she doesn't loathe Posh - and even hopes they'll be friends again. 'I honest to God don't hate her!' she insists. 'I would actually invite her, David and the kids around to the house for dinner because I think we would actually get along.' Are you listening, Victoria?

Kym Ryder admits hubby Jack has 'no firm offers'

Coronation street star says ex-EastEnder hasn't found his niche Kym Ryder admits that husband Jack is still looking to kickstart his post-EastEnders career - five years after he left the soap. The former Hear'Say singer, who's up for a gong at this year's TV Awards, says that Jack, 26, has no firm offers at the moment. 'He's doing lots of auditions and having lots of meetings,' she says. Corrie favourite Kym, 31, insists she's optimistic about her spouse's future opportunities. 'There are lots of things coming up next year that he's in the running for, so we'll see,' she tells Hello! Jack, who played Jamie Mitchell on the BBC1 soap, was last seen in low-budget film Popcorn - which tanked at the box office.

Paris on the porn warpath

Paris Hilton is believed to have taken umbrage at an adult video store that had posters showing the star ‘promoting’ her infamous sex tape.The heiress, wearing a skeleton costume and mask for a party, reportedly ordered staff at the store in Toronto to remove their One Night in Paris displays from the front window.CCTV footage allegedly shows a woman shouting: “You guys can’t use my image in a porn store. ‘I’m going to call my lawyer and sue the s*** out of this place.”Hilton, who was in Toronto last week filming a movie, is seen ripping apart several posters. She says: “I really want them down because they’re mean and this is not right. I’m really serious, this is sickening.”Shocked store owners said that, about 30 minutes after she left, a man identifying himself as Hilton’s manager told them to keep the incident quiet.They said the man claimed that, if any security video of the incident was leaked, the store owners could be sued.The sex video featuring Hilton, 26, and former boyfriend Rick Salomon is one of the biggest selling adult videos of all time.And now the shop owners are looking to sell the exclusive rights to their own CCTV footage.Paparazzi van hits Paris Hilton’s car Paris Hilton avoided injury after a car accident in Beverly Hills over the weekend. The Simple Life star was involved in a collision with a photographer’s Cadillac Escalade on Saturday. The photographer’s car was accidentally left in reverse and it hit Hilton’s car which was parked behind it.Nobody was hurt in the incident, but Hilton’s driver described the accident on “The car is backing up into me, in reverse, as my client is getting out of the car. Basically it was either me risking hurting my client (by moving the vehicle), which I wasn’t willing to do, of course, or taking the hit. So we took the hit.”

Britney Spears Seducing Catholic Priest Pictures

Britney Spears continues on in her quest to piss off the entire world by publishing sexy new promotional shots for her new album Blackout that depict her seducing a good looking Catholic priest.Granted, it doesn’t really take much to upset the Catholic Church these days, but these pictures of Brit and the faux-priest in very suggestive poses gaurantees a religous outrage. We don’t really see what the problem is. It’s about time she confessed her sins to someone, and it’s not much of a stretch of the imagination to believe this is exactly what Britney’s confession would look like.

Amy Winehouse Vows To Fight U.S. Ban.

British singer Amy Winehouse has vowed to fight a ban preventing her from travelling to the United States - after she was "tricked" into confessing to possessing illegal drugs. The Rehab star was arrested in Norway earlier this month (Oct07) along with husband Blake Fielder-Civil on suspicion of possessing marijuana. The 24-year-old was issued with a fine, but the incident may have thrown a possible American tour into doubt.Now Winehouse has fallen foul of strict U.S. regulations which prevent anyone who has faced legal charges or been questioned by police from entering the country.But her father Mitch Winehouse insists they will fight to get his daughter into the States - as she was hoodwinked by Norwegian authorities.He says, "She and Blake were arrested. They were told to sign a form that they were told was a release form. But it was in Norwegian and it was actually a confession."The ramifications of that are that she can't get into the States, and she was meant to be going next week. But we are looking into that".If U.S. officials decide to enforce the ban, Winehouse could be forbidden from performing in the country. Earlier this year (07) British singer Lily Allen was forced to scrap dates in America after her work visa was confiscated following an attack on a paparazzi photographer in London.Meanwhile Winehouse's father says he fears for his daughter's health now more than ever, following the troubled star's marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil.Mitch Winehouse believes the Rehab hitmaker's troubles really started following her shock wedding to Fielder-Civil last May (07).He tells British chat show This Morning, "It's apparent in her music that she's smoked dope for quite a while, probably from the age of 16 or 17, perhaps even earlier."She was a complete opponent of hard drugs - in fact, she got up and said she couldn't understand why people in the music industry took hard drugs and that changed about six months ago when she got married to Blake."And I'm not saying it's Blake's fault, what I'm saying is Amy's responsible for her own actions. However, it's a fact that the hard drugs coincided with their marriage".Mitch Winehouse said his daughter has cut down on her drinking in the past year but is still battling bulimia and drug addiction.

Nicole Richie smoking claims

Nicole Richie is still smoking, despite being seven months pregnant, it has been claimed. 'The Simple Life' star is expecting her first child but has apparently been unable to give up cigarettes. She has allegedly been seen lighting up several times outside various Beverly Hills restaurants over the past few weeks.A source, who claims to have spotted the star having a sly puff earlier this month (October 07), told the New York Post newspaper: "I saw Nicole come out of DaSilvano with a girlfriend and a middle aged lady. She looked around at the outdoor tables, like she was checking to see who was there, and then lit up."They drove off in a black Cadillac Escalade and Nicole was still smoking."A few days later, Nicole, 26, was dining with fiancé Joel Madden - the father of her unborn child - at Nobu and as soon as they left she is said to have lit up a cigarette.Pregnant mothers are advised not to smoke as it can harm the unborn baby.Nicole, the adopted daughter of singer Lionel Richie, and the Good Charlotte frontman are rumoured to be expecting a boy.When she was five months pregnant Nicole served 82 minutes of a 24-hour jail sentence after pleading guilty to DUI (driving under the influence).

Britney Spears' comeback success

Britney Spears' new album is set to be a huge success, despite the controversy surrounding her personal life.The singer's LP, 'Blackout', goes on sale worldwide tomorrow (30.10.07) and although Britney's public image has taken a battering with accusations of drug use, bad parenting and excessive drinking, the album is being predicted to match the success of her past multi-million-selling records.Geoff Mayfield, Billboard's director of charts, said: "You almost have to throw out the rule book when you evaluate her. You might think the attention she has got does not bode well, but the first single has been very well received."Britney's comeback single 'Gimme More' is currently riding high at number six in the UK singles chart, and peaked at number 17 in the US Billboard chart.'Blackout' is the singer's first studio album since 2003. Her previous four releases have all been number one hits and have sold more than 75 million copies worldwide.The 12-track LP is predominantly produced by Timbaland protégé Nate "Danja" Hills and the Swedish duo Bloodshy and Avant, who also produced her Grammy-winning hit single 'Toxic'.Barry Weiss, the President of Jive Records' parent company Zomba Label Group, emphasised the label is doing its best to keep the focus on Britney's music, not her turbulent personal life.He said: "The sound is a maturation from her prior albums. "With so much noise out there about her, we are trying to keep the focus on the music as much as possible."Britney - who recently lost custody of her two sons, Sean Preston, two, and 13-month old Jayden James to ex-husband Kevin Federline - will promote the album, but bosses are wary about how many live appearances she will be able to do.Weiss said: "She will do her part to promote the record but we will be very selective about what she's asked to do."

Monday, October 29, 2007

Nicole Kidman wears see-through clothes

Nicole Kidman walked down the red carpet yesterday at the 2007 ARIA Awards in Sydney Australia. Turns out her clothes may have been a bit transparent. I wonder if Tom Cruise saw these pictures and thought about what he’s missing. You know, if he was into chicks. Impossible. I know. But sometimes I like to challenge my readers. Make them use their imagination to visualize scenarios that defy all logic and reason. Perhaps some dude out there in a lab is reading this and imagining Tom Cruise liking women. Then, POW, he invents the flying car. Or he gets fired for looking at some old Aussie ass. Either way, I like to think I’ve made a difference.

Kelly Brook's heated sex life

Kelly Brook says fighting with fiancé Billy Zane boosts their sex life.The sexy star keeps the passion alive with the 'Titanic' actor by arguing with him as much as possible and keeping the lights dimmed in their bedroom.Kelly said: "Couples should fight a lot. Even if you do agree, pretend you don't."I'm a brat for the sake of causing trouble- but tongue-in-cheek and with a twinkle in my eye."It's about mentally stimulating each other as much as it is about the physical and emotional side."The key to a good sex life is fantastic lighting! When you redecorate make sure everything's on dimmers. Either that or candlelight."The star of British TV dance show 'Strictly Come Dancing' also revealed that her stunning curvy figure is all down to "having tons of sex".She said: "My body is down to having tons of sex so I look fit and healthy- it's the best thing in the world."The former 'Smallville' actress insists she has to fight off lots of competition from "hotter girls" when she goes for acting roles.She said: "I have to audition for things. They don't just hand it to me because I look hot."I'm 27 and there are tons of hotter girls out there who are ten years younger than me."

Kim Kardashian Playboy Photos: Pictures Leaked, Reveal All of Kim

The Kim Kardashian Playboy photos have been leaked and have made their way onto the World Wide Web. Earlier there were previews of the star of the new reality TV show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" but now Kim is out and the photos reveal all of Kim. She had earlier claimed that she would only show a smidge of skin but that appears to be wrong.While it is no home video with Ray J, if the photos that have been leaked to the web are any indication it certainly isn't just a side shot as she had alluded to earlier in an interview with Us Weekly magazine. The baby got back brunette has seven different poses and two include crotch shots.Not that I blame her. If you are going to bare it Playboy is the place to do it. She has basically taken her former BFF Paris Hilton's business model and worked it to perfection. Both are attractive with marginal talent. Both were filmed on tape going at it and now both made it into the reality television show realm.Kim just took it a little farther with her Playboy spread. And why not, what else is she going to do?

Britney Spears Parties With Tony Romo

Britney Spears didn’t let her courtroom drama on Friday ruin her weekend. People magazine reports that she was spotted at the trendy L.A. restaurant Ketchup dressed in a masquerade ball mask with her on again/off again BFF Alli Sims trying to coerse Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo into slumming with thm for the night."[Spears] walked around the restaurant into the lounge where she met up with some people. She didn’t eat or drink …[It] seemed like she was rounding up people to go to [out]. She was very friendly and smiley, in and out. Alli was meeting up with Tony and his friends at Ketchup and Britney wanted to come along. Tony and Alli have been good friends. They’ve known each other for a little over a year. "Apparently Tony couldn’t resist seeing the freakshow first hand because he did meet up with Britney and Alli later at Les Deux where they partied together the rest of the evening.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Victoria Beckham turns down Tom Cruise

It was Mission Impossible when Tom Cruise tried to get hold of tickets for the Spice Girls sold-out reunion shows. Victoria Beckham reportedly turned down her Hollywood buddy when he called her to squeeze a few tickets for their December world tour. He says, “You know what, I phoned Victoria but she said, ‘I’m sorry we’re sold out’.”David sends Posh a yellow rose everyday David Beckham has sent wife Victoria a single yellow rose every day for the past eight years.The Spice Girl revealed the soccer star has kept the romantic tradition going since before they married in 1999.Victoria made the revelation while appearing on wacky Japanese TV show, Smap Smap, to promote the upcoming Spice Girls comeback tour.The 33-year-old singer looked bemused as the hosts of the bizarre variety programme - Takuya Kimura and Goro Inagaki, of the music group Smap - treated her to a unique rendition of the Spice Girls’ hit song Wannabe.Posh may need to undergo foot surgery Victoria Beckham’s good fashion sense has finally ruined her feet. Victoria’s high-heel fetish has reportedly led to the formation of a bunion that may need surgery.“Victoria is hoping to avoid surgery and so far it’s not that urgent. But you’ll never see her in sensible shoes,” a source close to the singer revealed.

Carey on, but from a distance

Mariah Carey banned fans from hugging her at the New York launch of her new perfume M. The pop diva’s most devoted supporters paid $300 for “VIP access” which allowed them to pose for a personal photograph with Mariah - as long as they didn’t get too close to the singer, at the fragrance launch at Macy’s department store in New York on Tuesday afternoon. One source said: “Mimi wouldn’t let her male admirers put their arms around her waist during picture time and absolutely no hugs.“One young guy tried to get too close and was quickly shown the exit.”The crowds gathered outside the store to catch a glimpse of Mariah, who arrived in a Rolls Royce, were so huge that a heavy police presence was drafted in to hold them back.Around 200 fans were allowed into the store to pay $130 for a bottle of marshmallow scented M in the ‘Hero’ singer’s presence, while 75 forked out the extra money for VIP access.The Grammy Award-winning singer was seen politely speaking to two female fans who were proudly showing off elaborate M tattoos on their wrists, which they had gotdone in tribute to Mariah.Carey was approached by Elizabeth Arden about a fragrance. ‘M’, which is sold in a purple bottle with Carey’s signature butterfly icon on top, is described by the singer as “light, sensual and memorable”.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Klum’s plum ‘package’ deal

Heidi Klum fell for husband Seal after seeing his impressive “package”. The supermodel, who married the British singer in May 2005, was instantly attracted to Seal because he was wearing a pair of tight-fitting shorts when they first met in 2004. Heidi told US TV chat show host Oprah Winfrey: “I met him in a hotel lobby in New York City and he came in just from the gym and I was sitting there and I was, like, ‘wow!’ “He was wearing bicycle shorts and I pretty much saw everything. The whole package.”
The couple - who have two sons, two-year-old Henry and 11-month-old Johan (Heidi also has a three-year-old daughter, Leni, from a previous relationship with Formula One racing team boss Flavio Briatore) - also admitted it is difficult to keep the passion alive in their marriage because they rarely get time alone together.Seal said: “The most common hiccup is when the first child comes along. And it turns into all about the kids, which is understandable because they’re miraculous.“But then you’ve got to put each other first. You know, she will always be number one for me.”Heidi gushed: “I have the most romantic husband. I really do.”

Britney Spears Foul Mouthed At Custody Hearing

Not only did Britney Spears go to court with chipped red fingernails, she went to the bathroom a total of three times during her hearing changing her hair and sunglasses each time. Britney was reportedly very distraught over the parenting coach’s negative report about Brit’s mommy skills.EXTRA is reporting that when their reporter asked her how she was doing, Britney shouted,“Eat it, lick it, snort it, f*%k it!” and walked back into the courtroom crying. And she wonders why the court system doubts her.

Naomi Campbell's airport fury

Naomi Campbell threw a huge tantrum at an airport yesterday (25.10.07) after she wasn't allowed to board her flight.The supermodel - who recently had to attend anger-management classes - turned up 11 minutes before her flight was due to take-off from London's Heathrow and demanded to be let on.Onlookers claim the 37-year-old star stamped her feet and whined: "You have to let me on. Come on."British Airways staff said she was too late but did offer to let her travel without her luggage and send her bags on a later flight.But Naomi yelled: "You are joking. You are always losing bags and I don't trust you with mine in a million years."I can't believe you won't allow ME on your flight. What is this? Who must I speak to?"A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "When BA staff explained she was too late, she exploded and stamped her foot. There was a tirade of abuse."Naomi - who arrived in chauffeur driven car at 13.29 even though her flight to New York was due to take off at 13.40 - was offered a seat on a later BA flight, but she reportedly stormed off.Last night, a spokesman for Naomi insisted there was no problem with her getting a flight, saying: "She is in the air at the moment, travelling to New York on business. We are not aware of any incident."

SEE VIDEO Sex And The City's Mr Big: Media have got movie all wrong

rActor Chris Noth tries not to give away the plot Chris Noth, aka Sex And The City's Mr Big, says leaked footage of him rowing with bride Carrie Bradshaw in the new movie have been misinterpreted in the press. The New York columnist is seen beating her groom-to-be over the head with her wedding bouquet, suggesting he's been up to his old tricks again - or has decided to jilt her at the altar. But it could all be fantasy... 'All I can say is don't believe anything the media has said about it,' Chris tells US OK! 'They've got it all wrong. Who knows? Maybe it's all a dream..' Several different endings to the film are said to have been prepared and one on-set insider reveals scenes completed at St Patrick's cathedral may have to be dumped. 'They rushed through the shoot, and now it looks like most of it will have to be re-shot at the New York Public Library in Bryant Park,' the source tells the New York Daily News. 'It's a difficult scene to shoot, and the team isn't thrilled with the material they have.'

LAX Choses Paris Hilton Over Lindsay Lohan For New Year’s Eve

Lindsay Lohan gets a kick in a gut this week as we find out that Las Vegas hot spot LAX has hired Paris Hilton and her sister Nicky Hilton to host the New Years Eve party, not Lindsay as has been reported the past few days. A rep for the club confirmed this info with OK Magazine on Thursday.“We only know that Paris and Nicky Hilton are hosting the NYE party at LAX, and as far as I know they’re the only hosts.” How the mighty have fallen. Second fiddle to the Hilton sisters, ouch.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline to meet in court

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline will meet with a judge today to give a progress report on their custody battle. L.A. Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon will receive testimony from several custody experts. The outlook doesn’t look good for Britney, but she may make some ground on her visitation rights. People reports:The judge is not expected to reinstate the 50-50 custody arrangement that was in place before the judge stripped Spears of custody and allowed only visitation. "At best, she may get unmonitored visits and more overnight privileges," says family law attorney Scott Weston, who's not involved with either party. "This case is still in the early stages and could go on for months." Knowing she has to be on her best behavior, a monitored Britney spent most of yesterday afternoon with her children. She took them to a pumpkin patch then to Swings N’Things, according to Us Magazine:“She wanted a swing set for her boys for her house in Malibu,” an employee told "She was nice to me. There was just so much commotion.” Britney Spears and Kevin Federline will reconcile and get back together. That’s my prediction. Somebody carve that into a mountain for me. It will be the ultimate publicity move for Britney’s new album. She’ll pull her shit together and decide to tour. K-Fed will move back in and the kids will go back to being cared for by a nanny while Mommy and Daddy make Cheetos-fueled amateur porn. And all will be right with the world. You know, until Lindsay Lohan squeezes out a kid. Then it’s Armageddon, baby.

Paris Hilton’s trip to Rwanda postponed

Paris Hilton’s humanitarian trip to Rwanda has been postponed. The charity group Playing for Good had been organizing the trip for Paris but, due to a restructuring, the trip was pushed back. Reuters reports:Paris has been a loyal and gracious supporter of Playing for Good, but the foundation has to regrettably reschedule this trip," the group said in a statement.The group said it hoped to reschedule "at a later date."Now what is Paris Hilton going to do? It’s not like she can use her vast wealth to fly over to Rwanda herself with some volunteers. That’s just crazy talk. When you do charity work, it’s pretty much a given that you have to make it a reality show so everyone knows how awesome you are. Otherwise you’re just helping people out for free. And that’s just ridiculous. Who does that?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Britney Spears Leopard Print Bikini Dancing Pictures

Say what you will about the fallen star Britney Spears, but she is a little trooper. Most of us couldn’t cope with half of the problems and issues that she deals with daily, and we certainly wouldn’t be dancing around in the sunshine wearing a leopard print bikini having a good old time in the middle of it all. We just wanna know what magic happy pills she gets from her doctor that keep her from blowing her own ratty head off.And take special notice that she has somehow found time in her day between shopping and getting coffee to Windex her patio tables herself.

New Couple Alert: Vanessa Williams and Vince Vaughn

Word on the net is that Ugly Betty star Vanessa Williams may be hooking up on the quiet with Wedding Crashers star Vince Vaughn. They’ve been spotted sneaking around Los Angeles together, trying to keep their romance a secret.“Vanessa’s really trying to keep this a secret. She feels that the press helped ruin her relationship with Rick Fox, so she’s trying to keep what she has with Vince private.”Good luck sneaking around with that seven foot tall drink of water.

Britney Spears Parenting Coach Turns In A Damaging Report

Britney Spears’ court appointed parenting coach has confirmed what we’ve known all along. Britney’s parenting skills are non-existent and she refuses to listen and learn anything from her court appointed monitor. In a damaging report turned in on Oct 22, the coach claims that Britney “paid her monitor no attention or respect at all, as if she were some employee whom she could blow off.” The report also states that Britney often ignores her kids and lives her in own little world and that the pop star often disappeared and wasn’t anywhere near the kids of the coach during their visits. TMZ reports that the coach has said Brit spends a lot of time on the phone and changing clothes. “Britney’s often distracted and in her own world when she has the kids [Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1] and has a hard time focusing. She is adamant that she doesn’t have to listen to anybody — that it’s her way or the highway.”Although the parenting sessions had previously been conducted at Britney’s house, the coach now wants meetings to take place at her office where there won’t be all the daily distractions of paparazzi. The coach says its imperative that she improve her parenting skills as the judge will not be looking favorably on her now.

Kate Moss puts love nest on sale

Supermodel Kate Moss is selling the Victorian mansion where she spent most of her time with ex-lover Pete Doherty. Her three-storey home is on the market for £3.25million (Rs 26.30 crore).Estate agent Knight Frank describes the three-bed house as a “charming, picturesque hideaway”.Kate’s bedroom is pastel pink with polished wooden floorboards and a kingsize mahogany bed. There’s a vast walk-in wardrobe while downstairs is a huge open-plan kitchen diner. The 33-year-old model has been staying with pals, including Davinia Taylor and Rhys Ifans, while the sale goes through.It is thought contracts have now been exchanged. Kate is said to have bought a new house, also in St John’s Wood, North London, for £7million (Rs 56.65 crore).

I understand why I was branded a lesbian: Keys

Singer Alicia Keys can understand why she was labelled a lesbian at the beginning of her career — because she was “rough around the edges”. The singer’s sexuality has been the subject of much speculation ever since the release of her 2001 debut album Songs In A Minor.Although the singer has been adamant she isn’t a lesbian, she has admitted that her appearance and attitude may have led people to draw their own conclusions.She says, “I was definitely rough around the edges. I look back at certain interviews and I’m like, ‘Damn! Did I have to look that hard? Did I have to do my hair that way?’ “I could see why people couldn't see the diamond in the rough. I didn’t take it to heart. I know what I am. I know it’s not true.”

Monday, October 22, 2007

Jessica Simpson Profile Shot Of The Day

I guess it’s true what they say about wearing horizontal-striped shirts: they do make your bust look bigger. It’s not like Jessica Simpson needs any help in that department, but hey, I’m all for a bigger-breasted Jessica Simpson. I mean, who isn’t? Even if it is just an illusion, it’s one of the greatest magic tricks of all time.

Gisele Bundchen’s Bikini Pictures Part II, Now With Ass

Here’s another post for all you Gisele Bundchen lovers. Now, you know I hate writing about Gisele, but anytime a girl has bikini up her ass and it’s not a thong, it deserves a little attention. Preferably a little personal attention from me, of course, but Gisele’s fingers will do just fine for now. Enjoy.

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady Poolside Bikini Candids

Finally some eye candy for both our male and female readers. Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady enjoy a day off from their glamorous careers, international supermodel and superstar NFL quarterback, respectively. We’d like to apologize to our female readers for the unfair balance of pictures. It seems the camera man was only interested in Gisele’s hot bikini body and totally ignored hunky Tom. It looks like to us that the photographer may not have even realized the mystery man that Gisele is gazing upon was the New England Patriots quarterback.

Britney Spears Dancing In A Bikini Pictures

While Malibu was burning to the ground over the weekend and all day Monday, Britney Spears was dancing around in a bikini celebrating her new lips and restored visitation with her kids.

Odourless Eva mendes

Actress Eva Mendes made sure she was scrubbed free of perfume during scenes with Joaquin Phoenix in new their film We Own The Night because the actor hates flowery scents.The pair play lovers in the new film and Mendes paid attention when her co-star announced he hated fragrance on a woman.She tells WENN, “Joaquin doesn’t like perfume that much. He told me that in a conversation just hanging out one day. So I said, ‘Note to self, don’t wear perfume.’ Some people’s noses are so sensitive.”The Cuban beauty also revealed she was desperate to star opposite Brad Pitt in Mr and Mrs Smith and was furious when she lost out to Angelina Jolie.The Hitch star told Us Weekly magazine: “I really wanted Mr and Mrs Smith. I was 10 minutes away from auditioning when my agent left me a message telling me the part had been offered to Angelina Jolie.“I got really crazy, ignored it and auditioned anyway. I really thought I had a chance!”Eva’s ‘uncomfortable’ scene Eva was reportedly so petrified at the idea of watching herself moan on the big screen that she tried to talk her way out of a masturbation scene that opens We Own The Night. Mendes revealed that she did everything she could to make director James Gray change his mind about the “uncomfortable scene”, but he was adamant that’s how his movie should start.“I remember being so scared that morning and really trying to stall, but I just had to do it. Usually you feel that ticking time bomb but that morning it was a couple of hours of me and Joaquin and James just talking,” she said.Mendes added that she talked herself into an oblivion and did the scene at last.“I just talked myself into an oblivion and did it. That was the last scene we shot and we had three months of history together, which really helped. The scene is erotic but it comes from a place of love,” she added.Eva plays the character of Amada, Joaquin Phoenix’s loyal girlfriend in We Own the Night. Phoenix plays Bobby Green, a suspect Brighton Beach club owner. Amanda is unprepared for the deep sacrifices she will have to make in order to maintain their relationship.

Catherine Zeta Jones shows off her fantastic new shape

Mrs Michael Douglas looks supertrim Catherine Zeta Jones has wowed crowds at a movie charity do in LA with her new slender figure.The Welsh actress, 38, famously hates dieting but, as a trained dancer, knows how to use exercise to get rid of any wobbly bits.She was escorted by husband Michael Douglas, 63, at the A Fine Romance gala benefit and looked sensational in a green strapless dress.The couple have two children together, Dylan, 7, and Carys, 4.