Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Britney Spears Obsessed With Princess Diana

Sources close to Britney Spears say her crazy is just not limited to what we see in public. She has a whole other set of crazy going on at home where she lets her freak flag fly. Britney is so obsessed with Princess Diana that she has a creepy shrine in her home and is desperately trying to buy her puffy wedding dress.“She’s utterly obsessed with Princess Diana. We’re worried about it. She’s turned one of the rooms in her house into a shrine to Di — there’s photos, books and cheap souvenirs everywhere. People close to Britney think it’s weird but no one dares tell her as she is so vulnerable right now. Anything could tip her over the edge. We’re all very worried as her behaviour is getting weirder by the day.”And just one more bonus tidbit about Britney (totally unrelated to her Diana obsession) her paranoia has driven her to giving herself a gate permit for entrance to her home. I know right? But the funny part is the name on the pass is Diana Prince. As anyone who is anyone knows that was Wonder Woman’s street name. So Brit equates herself her cracky self to WW? Puh-leeze. Wonder Woman would beat her ratty extensioned head with her silver bracelets then tie her up and fly her to a deserted island in her invisible plane leaving her there never to bother us again. Or something like that.