Friday, October 26, 2007

SEE VIDEO Sex And The City's Mr Big: Media have got movie all wrong

rActor Chris Noth tries not to give away the plot Chris Noth, aka Sex And The City's Mr Big, says leaked footage of him rowing with bride Carrie Bradshaw in the new movie have been misinterpreted in the press. The New York columnist is seen beating her groom-to-be over the head with her wedding bouquet, suggesting he's been up to his old tricks again - or has decided to jilt her at the altar. But it could all be fantasy... 'All I can say is don't believe anything the media has said about it,' Chris tells US OK! 'They've got it all wrong. Who knows? Maybe it's all a dream..' Several different endings to the film are said to have been prepared and one on-set insider reveals scenes completed at St Patrick's cathedral may have to be dumped. 'They rushed through the shoot, and now it looks like most of it will have to be re-shot at the New York Public Library in Bryant Park,' the source tells the New York Daily News. 'It's a difficult scene to shoot, and the team isn't thrilled with the material they have.'