Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Josh Wants Babies With Fergie

'Las Vegas' hottie Josh Duhamel is ready to jump on the baby bandwagon. Duhamel, who plays a dad-to-be on his hit TV show says he can't wait to get his longtime girlfriend Fergie pregnant. Duhamel tells OK! magazine, “I’ve got a lot of friends with kids. Two of my friends have three kids. They all have kids except for me—so I got to get on the horse!” He continued, “I’ve never been through that and it’s sort of dawned on me as I go — wait, that probably would happen. Maybe she would take it as you not being sexually attracted to her when in fact, maybe you’re just worried that you’re going to hurt the baby.” Then he joked, “And you realize you can’t hurt the baby. You’ve just got to do it doggie style. NO!” I say do it! It seems like every other leading lady in Hollywood is already pregnant, you guys can make the paparazzi's life easier and enroll in Lamaze classes together.