Sunday, October 21, 2007

Michelle Pfeiffer: I feel pressured to look good

Actress says she's a sucker for face creams Michelle Pfeiffer has admitted that she'll try every face cream under the sun in a bid to look younger.The actress, 49 – who plays a hideous old hag in new film Stardust – admits she's an easy target for skincare advertisers.'I see commercials and they're very convincing,' she says.'I certainly feel the pressure to look good that other women feel and at times, it's a struggle.'I think, “Oh, I'd better get that cream, I'm going to really regret it if I don't."'But Michelle says that growing older is helping her overcome her obsession with looking youthful and she's started to loosen up about her beauty regimes.'The older I get, the less of an issue it becomes,' she tells the Guardian.'The people you love get seriously ill, the people you love die. You see people struggling with real issues and that put things into perspective.'