Saturday, March 31, 2007

Jennifer Lopez's public love

Jennifer Lopez left fans cringing after she fawned over her husband during a concert on Tuesday night (27.03.07). The 'Jenny from the Block' singer performed to a crowd of just 500 at New York's Spotlight Live venue to promote her first Spanish-language album 'Como Ama Una Mujer (How a Woman Loves)' and was joined on stage by her husband Marc Anthony. Jennifer thanked the crowd, which included her mother and sister, for coming and was interrupted by a call of "I think you're so cute" from the audience. Jennifer replied: "And my husband is here." After her first song the 37-year-old said: "The next song is a little treat. In a second you'll see why." Click here to find out more! She was joined on stage by Marc, 38, and they performed a romantic duet during which he pulled her into an embrace and they gazed into each other's eyes. When the song ended Jennifer said: "How you like them apples? That's my baby, for better or for worse!" After the concert the couple partied in the VIP area, drinking champagne and feasting on giant puffs of pink cotton candy, marbled "monkey bar" brownies, chocolate-dipped donuts and milkshakes in shot glasses. A source told People magazine: "They stayed close and whispered to each other. "When Justin Timberlake's 'SexyBack' came on, Jennifer threw her glass up and shook her famous booty with her hand on Marc's shoulder." The couple - who married in 2004 and filmed a movie together last year - left at midnight, hand in hand.

Beyonce Knowles' court victory

Beyoncé Knowles has been saved from a $1.5 million lawsuit. The 'Crazy in Love' singer and her mother Tina were being sued by the Icon Entertainment CEO, Greg Walker, who claimed they did not give him his fair share of the commission for brokering a $15 million deal for their House of Dereon clothing line. Although Walker was only paid $110,000 for his part in securing the deal, New York judge Justice Herman Cahn threw his case out of court after finding there was no evidence of a written contract. Meanwhile, Beyoncé was involved in a Hepatitis A scare. The 'Bootylicious' singer, who attended a Sports Illustrated party in Hollywood, could have been exposed to the infection after it was revealed a cook had the infection. Click here to find out more! Her spokesperson Alan Nierob said: "Thank goodness neither one of us ate. According to the health department, she wasn't at risk."

Lawsuit Against Beyonce Knowles Thrown Out Of Court.

Lawsuit Against Beyonce Knowles Thrown Out Of Court. BEYONCE KNOWLES has won a legal battle against a former business associate, after his $1.5 million (£769,230) lawsuit accusing the singer of shortchanging him was thrown out of court. GREG WALKER of Icon Entertainment was suing the IRREPLACEABLE star for reportedly cutting him out of a $15 million (£7.69 million) fashion deal he had arranged with Knowles and her mother, TINA in 2003. Walker claimed Knowles failed to pay him the $25,000 (£12,820) for his services, which led to the creation of the singer's clothing line, House of Dereon, in 2004, reports the New York Daily News. But Manhattan Supreme Court Justice HERMAN KAHN ruled that Walker never had a signed contract with Knowles, and therefore lacked a valid argument.

Britney Spears settles with Kevin

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have reached a divorce settlement. The couple, who married in September 2004 before Britney filed for divorce last November, agreed the deal during a five-hour meeting in Los Angeles yesterday (29.03.07). Kevin is rumoured to be receiving a $1 million payment, with the couple sharing custody of their two sons, 18-month-old Sean Preston and Jayden James, six months. A spokesman for Kevin's attorney said: "The parties signed a global agreement on all issues of their marriage and custody of their children." He refused to elaborate on the terms of the settlement, but revealed they had reached an agreement on financial matters. The meeting took place in Britney's attorney Laura Wasser's office in California's Century City. The estranged couple agreed to temporarily share custody of their sons in January, but Kevin took over custody when Britney checked into Malibu's Promises rehab centre in February. Earlier this month, it was reported Britney had decided to give Kevin $19 million.

Paris Hilton's jail threat

Paris Hilton could go to jail after violating her probation. The hotel heiress faces a maximum sentence of 90 days in prison if she is found guilty of driving while her license was suspended. Paris pleaded no contest to alcohol-related reckless driving and was placed on 36 months probation in January. Paris was then stopped by police on February 27 for driving without her headlights on - and discovered by officers to be driving with a suspended license. The 26-year-old star insisted she was unaware her license was suspended and she was in violation of her probation. Click here to find out more! Her spokesman Elliot Mintz said: "When Paris called me after she was pulled over, she asked if her license was suspended. If that's the case, she and I are unaware of it." However, Los Angeles' City Attorney's Office says it has evidence proving Paris was aware of her suspension. Spokesman Nick Velasquez said yesterday (29.03.07): "We have sufficient evidence to prove that Hilton had knowledge of the suspension, and yet continued to drive." A hearing has been set for April 17, but Paris is not required to attend.

Michael Jackson not ill

Michael Jackson's representative has denied the star was hospitalised with pneumonia yesterday (29.03.07). The 'Thriller' singer was rumoured to have been admitted to a Las Vegas hospital suffering from pneumonia but his spokeswoman insists he is at home and simply "under the weather". Raymone Bain told 'Access Hollywood': "Michael Jackson is not currently in the hospital nor has he been hospitalised with pneumonia. "MJ is not hospitalised. I spoke to him a couple of hours ago and he was at home conducting meetings. "I told one reporter that I did not know if the doctor had diagnosed him with pneumonia or a bad case of the flu. Click here to find out more! "Everyone was a bit under the weather due to changing climates and the travelling, but he's OK." Michael is reportedly looking at plans for a possible long running Las Vegas show.

Sean Diddy Promises Free Gig To Apologise To UK Fans.

Sean Diddy Promises Free Gig To Apologise To UK Fans. SEAN 'DIDDY' COMBS has pledged to return to the UK to perform a free concert to apologise to fans after being forced to cancel his concerts with SNOOP DOGG earlier this week (begs26MAR07). Snoop Dogg - real name CALVIN BROADUS - was refused a visa to enter the UK by the country's Foreign And Commonwealth Office and attempts to reverse the decision proved unsuccessful. Touring partner Combs has now announced he plans to stage a free gig in association with London radio station Choice FM to make up for fans' disappointment. Authorities have not given a reason as to why Snoop's visa was declined, but last year (06), the rapper received a police caution for affray following a fight in a lounge at London's Heathrow Airport. Click here to find out more! Days after his caution in May 2006, the UK Home Office said Snoop would be banned from the country for the "foreseeable future" due to his caution and his previous convictions for firearms and drugs offences in the US. Despite the ban, Snoop and Combs scheduled five dates in the UK in March and April (07) as part of their European tour, all of which are now cancelled.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Courtney Love's crash diet

Courtney Love has lost an incredible 45 pounds in just four months. The former Hole singer showed off her new svelte figure in a tiny string bikini when she took a dip in the pool at Hawaiian holiday resort Kea Lani this week. A source told Us Weekly magazine: "She starting losing weight in December when she began drinking diet shakes and sticking to a strict healthy eating regime. "She is cut out carbs and is eating fish, steamed vegetables and doing lots of yoga. "She's feeling like a different person. Her goal is to lose 55 pounds altogether." Click here to find out more! Last week, the 42-year-old rocker was seen passionately kissing Bruce Willis while he celebrated his 52nd birthday at Sunset Boulevard's Roxy nightclub, in Los Angeles. A source said: "They were full-on making out!" However, Courtney's representative insists the kiss was nothing more than a friendly embrace. He said: "Courtney was just giving Bruce a quick hello and then they went their separate ways."

P Diddy's Paper party

P Diddy threw an extravagant £80,000 party in London. The rap mogul took over the exclusive Paper nightclub on Tuesday (27.03.07), spending a staggering £35,000 on alcohol alone. P Diddy's bar tab included 17 magnums of Moet Rose and Dom Perignon champagne and two six-litre bottles of Sputnik Vodka. Guests were also handed special 'Diddy Dollars' - fake $100 bills bearing the rapper's face. A host of celebrities attended the bash, including Sienna Miller, Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie - who was celebrating her 32nd birthday - and Girls Aloud stars Cheryl Cole and Kimberley Walsh. Click here to find out more! Speaking from the stage, Diddy said: "There is no VIP area tonight. Tonight you're all VIPs. "It's a celebration b****es. We'd better get enough champagne to get these motherf***ers drunk. "Everybody drinks tonight. If you haven't come to party, get the f**k out!" Diddy thrilled revellers with an impromptu performance of his hits, and was the life and soul of the party before ending his night at 2.30am. Diddy flew into London this week to perform a show with fellow rapper Snoop Dogg, but was forced to cancel their concert after Snoop was barred from entering the UK following a brawl at London's Heathrow airport last year.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lindsay Lohan & Robbie Williams Team Up After Rehab.

Lindsay Lohan & Robbie Williams Team Up After Rehab.... Lindsay Lohan and Robbie Williams have formed a new friendship after recently completing separate rehab stints. Lohan was spotted out in Hollywood on Monday night (26Mar07) with the former Take That singer - but the pair's representatives are keen to point out they're not a couple. Mean Girls star Lohan recently underwent rehab in California, while Williams battled his demons in Arizona, and now the new friends are leaning on each other for support. Meanwhile, Lohan has told America's People magazine that she is in love, but refuses to confirm reports she's dating British actor Jude Law. She says, "I'm dating and I'm really happy and I'm having fun." Click here to find out more! She also tells the magazine that life is good after her recent stint at rehab facility the Wonderland Center in Los Angeles. Lohan adds, "There's no way you can't learn a lot in a programme like that, and it's good. I recommend it for anyone who needs it."

Anna Nicole Smith's accidental death

Anna Nicole Smith died of an accidental drugs overdose. Broward County, Florida, medical examiner Joshua Perper and Charlie Tiger, the Seminole Police Chief, delivered the verdict of the Playboy model's autopsy at a press conference in Florida on Monday (26.03.07). Perper concluded that Anna Nicole died of "combined drug intoxication" after taking a concoction of the sleeping medication chloral hydrate and at least eight other prescription drugs, including methadone and Valium, used to treat depression, pain and anxiety. Tiger said: "We are convinced that this case is the result of an accidental overdose, with no other criminal elements present." Anna Nicole died aged just 39 after being found unconscious in a Florida hotel room on February 8. Her death came just five months after her 20-year-old son Daniel suddenly died under suspicious circumstances in the Bahamas. Perper's initial autopsy ruled out "any kind of physical injuries, such as blunt-forced trauma, gunshot wound, stab wounds or asphyxia" as a cause of death, but added he "saw something that looked a little bit unusual" in Anna Nicole's heart. He also revealed that prescription drugs, but no illegal drugs were found in her hotel room. Last month, he was forced to postpone his verdict after police provided him with additional evidence, which has now been revealed to be two computers belonging to Anna Nicole and her lover and lawyer Howard K. Stern. An inquest into Daniel's death is scheduled to start on Tuesday (27.03.07) in the Bahamas.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Kate Beckinsale's sex secret

Kate Beckinsale believes the secret to a happy marriage is lots of sex. The Hollywood actress - who is married to Len Wiseman, the director of her hit film 'Underworld' - has revealed she and her husband enjoy a very passionate relationship. Kate confessed to She magazine: "I'm very blessed to have a husband who appreciates me. "Women feel sexy from feeling attractive and desired. Men feel sexy from having sex. "If you can strike a balance where the man is having sex a lot and the woman is feeling desired enough to have sex, then you've figured out the secret to a marriage that's alive." The 'Pearl Harbour' star has a seven-year-old daughter, Lily, with ex-boyfriend, British actor Michael Sheen, and she makes sure she balances all her relationships. She said: "Just because you're a mother doesn't mean you can't feel sexy! We've worked extremely hard to make it comfortable for Lily and I'm quite proud of that. "When we're in town the three of us, and Lily, often all go out together. Or Michael will babysit so Len and I can go out."

Scarlett Johansson's surgery vow

Scarlett Johansson has vowed to have plastic surgery because she doesn't want to become an "old hag". 'The Prestige' star, widely regarded as one of Hollywood's most beautiful women, insists she will go under knife if her looks deteriorate when she gets older. Scarlett, 22, said: "I will definitely have plastic surgery - I don't want to become an old hag! I think if you're comfortable with yourself that's sexy, but if you're not then go for it." The blonde actress also admits she has a massive make-up collection, because she loves experimenting with different looks. Scarlett explained: "I have a ridiculously large make-up collection. It's out of control! In my home in New York, I have a huge table covered with cigar boxes full of beauty products. "I like to look different all the time and make-up is a great way to do that."

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Heather Mills blasted by fans

Heather Mills has been attacked by US TV viewers after just one appearance on 'Dancing With The Stars'. Heather had agreed to go on the TV show in a bid to win over the American public following her bitter split from Sir Paul McCartney. But her efforts have already backfired as the show's website message-boards have been bombarded with scathing comments and insults. One viewer, using the screen name Mytgr8, said: "She made a fool of herself in almost every shot on the show - immature and asinine. She obviously is going all out to get people to like her and it is backfiring big time." Another, BR666, wrote: "If she was any type of class act, she wouldn't have tried to malign the name of a beloved cultural icon. She's scum and no amount of dancing will ever change that." Viewers have not had the chance to vote off their least favourite contestant yet - the first eliminations are next week. However, a campaign is underway to make Heather the first to be kicked off. Heather tried to impress the judges by ending her dance routine with a high kick using her artificial leg. Her efforts won mixed praise from the judges, though one watcher commented, "she looked as wooden as her leg". Since splitting from Beatles legend Paul, the former model - who lost her leg in a motorbike accident - has received death threats.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lindsay Lohan's party week

Lindsay Lohan has been out partying every night this week. The 20-year-old actress hit a host of New York's top hotspots, just weeks after leaving Los Angeles' Wonderland rehab centre. Over the weekend, Lindsay partied with Jude Law at The Box, where onlookers claim she was "drinking champagne and dancing with four Lindsay look-alikes". On Monday (12.03.07), she danced the night away at Butter and Bungalow 8, while last night (15.03.07) she planned to visit Plumm with her fashion designer friend Charlotte Ronson. The star - who left Wonderland on February 16 - was also recently seen partying at exclusive nightclub Teddy's in the plush Hollywood Roosevelt hotel. Click here to find out more! Lindsay's representative, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, says the actress is "doing fine" and just "taking her life day by day". Lindsay recently admitted she was "really sick" before checking into rehab to be treated for alcoholism. She said: "I was really sick. I went to the hospital and had people sit me down who said, 'You are going to die if you don't take care of yourself.' "I heeded what they were telling me."

Boss Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell is bigger than Bruce Springsteen. The 'American Idol' judge and music producer believes he is worth five times more to record label Sony BMG than the legendary rocker because he sells more albums. Simon told US TV show '60 Minutes': "I sell more records than Bruce Springsteen, sure. I mean, in the last five years, I've probably sold over 100 million records. "I sell all those records the biggest artist on the planet - 'American Idol'. Every single Idol winner is now signed through Sony BMG. And this applies to all the countries we sell Idol to, which is over 30 countries." Springsteen has reportedly signed a new contract with the record label worth $100 million. Click here to find out more! Simon, 47, said: "If Springsteen got one hundred million dollars, I should have got five hundred million dollars." When asked if his own deal is in the same league as Springsteen's, Simon would only say "A hundred million - that's a great deal. For him it's a good deal."

Birkhead And Attorney Part Company.

Photographer Larry Birkhead and his attorney have parted company as the latest battle in the snapper's paternity battle over ANNA NICOLE SMITH' child gets underway in the Bahamas. Lawyer DEBRA OPRI has issued a statement yesterday morning (16MAR07), confirming the split, saying, "Larry Birkhead and I have terminated our attorney-client relationship effective immediately." She reveals she felt she had to part company with her former client because she didn't agree with Birkhead's apparent friendship with his paternity battle rival HOWARD K. STERN. Opri tells US news show EXTRA, "I just had enough. I can't represent a client who has a middle man by the name of Howard K. Stern. I feel very comfortable in my decision, and I wish Larry the best. But I am worried about him... I couldn't continue with the way things were going." Click here to find out more! Reports have suggested Birkhead and Stern are close to coming to a financial settlement about the future of the baby both claim is theirs. As WENN went to press Birkhead had not retained new counsel in America. The photographer has been demanding a DNA test on the baby since late last year (06) after insisting he's the Dannielynn's biological father. Stern, Anna Nicole's longtime companion and lawyer, maintains he's the father, as stated on the baby's birth certificate.

Oprah Opens Second School In South Africa.

US media mogul OPRAH WINFREY has opened a second school for poor South Africans. The TV presenter and magazine boss' Angel Network charity funded the Seven Fountains Primary School in the remote KwaZuluNatal province and Winfrey jetted to South Africa to attend the opening ceremony yesterday morning (16MAR07). The new school is an environmentally friendly institution Winfrey hopes will become a model for public education in South Africa. The school's water supply will come from recycled rainwater and the institute's energy will be provided by solar power. Farmland surrounding the school will also be used to grow vegetables, which will be harvested to feed the children. Click here to find out more! During a dedication speech, Oprah said, "The Seven Fountains School is an example of what schools in South Africa can become." Winfrey first visited the site of the new school when it was little more than a farm. She handed out clothing, books and teacher-training materials for the new institute's 1,000 students and staff. The $1.6 million (£820,000) features 25 classrooms, a library and a landscaped playground. Oprah launched her first South African school, the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy, in Henley-on-Klip in January (07)with a star-studded party.

Schwarzenegger Stalker Put On Probation.

Two bodyguards minding LEONARDO DiCAPRIO are facing assault charges after being arrested following a fight with photographers in Jerusalem on Monday (12MAR07), Israeli police have confirmed. The scuffle with paparazzi occurred while the DEPARTED actor and his model girlfriend BAR RAFAELI took a private tour of the tunnels next to the Western Wall. Israeli authorities are considering whether to bring charges against the two minders for the "unnecessary" assault. Police spokesman MICKY ROSENFELD says, "We understand it was the photographers who were attacked. The photographers didn't attack the security guards. It's very clear it was an unnecessary incident." Click here to find out more! Both minders were released without charge, but on Wednesday (14MAR07) local officials issued a restraining order against several of the paparazzi involved, according to DiCaprio's spokesman.

Two bodyguards minding LEONARDO DiCAPRIO are facing assault charges after being arrested following a fight with photographers in Jerusalem on Monday (

Two bodyguards minding LEONARDO DiCAPRIO are facing assault charges after being arrested following a fight with photographers in Jerusalem on Monday (12MAR07), Israeli police have confirmed. The scuffle with paparazzi occurred while the DEPARTED actor and his model girlfriend BAR RAFAELI took a private tour of the tunnels next to the Western Wall. Israeli authorities are considering whether to bring charges against the two minders for the "unnecessary" assault. Police spokesman MICKY ROSENFELD says, "We understand it was the photographers who were attacked. The photographers didn't attack the security guards. It's very clear it was an unnecessary incident." Click here to find out more! Both minders were released without charge, but on Wednesday (14MAR07) local officials issued a restraining order against several of the paparazzi involved, according to DiCaprio's spokesman.

Sienna Miller's stalker fears

Sienna Miller has hired two bodyguards to protect her from a transvestite stalker. The actress employed extra security for the London premiere of 'Factory Girl' after the stalker sent her "bizarre" letters. Sienna is so terrified of what the crazed fan might do she can't sleep. A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Sienna has been bombarded with bizarre letters from a transvestite and has hired two security men. In his letters he talks about being obsessed with her look. He tries to follow her everywhere. "The poor girl hasn't been sleeping properly because she has been so scared. Things just got to the point that she just had to take extra care of herself." Click here to find out more! Sienna's stalker is a transvestite called Peter, who wears women's wigs, high-heeled stilettos, fake fur coats and dresses. Peter is also said to be obsessed with the 'Factory Girl' movie, which stars Sienna as Edie Segdwick, pop artist Andy Warhol's muse. Sienna, 25, is said to be so concerned about her safety, she has upgraded the security system in her West London home.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Liz Hurley and wedding party prepare for party marathon

The full details of the six days of lavish celebrations for Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar's wedding are revealed today.

The couple, who married at the weekend in Gloucestershire, are holding a staggering six parties in five days in Mumbai and Rajasthan this week.

From Wednesday the wedding will virtually take over the city of Jodhpur, with events in two palaces and two forts, all within a three-tier security "ring of steel."
Even the Maharajah of Jodhpur will not be allowed to carry his mobile phone to celebrations at his own palace as part of the attempt to prevent unauthorised photographs. The newly-weds have sold the rights to the wedding to Hello! magazine in a deal reported to be worth £2 million.

The deal with the magazine hinges on guests either checking in their mobile phones and cameras before they enter or leaving them at home, to prevent any sneaky photographs getting into the hands of the press

Newlyweds: Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar are staying at the five star Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

The royal family of Jodhpur - headed by His Highness Maharajah Gaj Singh, own the Hotel Umaid Bhawan Palace and have been told there can be no exceptions - even though the palace is their home. A hotel source said: "It's rather excessive. The maharajah has welcomed the couple to hold their wedding here and even stay in the royal quarters, and he will understand the security issues. Jodhpur will be more secure this week than during the Mughal invasions."
Elton's other half David Furnish arrives

Security will be handled by the couple's own security personnel, the hotel's security staff and local police, who have been approached by the couple.

"They have given clear instructions that no uninvited guests should be allowed to enter the hotel premises or the party areas,î the source said.

The newlyweds arrived in Mumbai shortly today and were driven to the five-star seafront Taj Mahal Palace and Tower hotel in a silver Bentley with a convoy of Mercedes behind.
Blushing bride: Liz Hurley arrives at Mumbai airport

Hurley, 41,and her textile heir husband, will tonight host a "glamorous casual" party for up to 400 guests at a venue rumoured to be the Nayar family home in Nariman Point, south Mumbai.

Tomorrow night, a black tie party, called the 'do after the I do', is being hosted by Mumbai's social queen Parmeshwar Godrej, a close friend of Nayar, at her home. The couple and guests are expected to arrive in Jodhpur on Wednesday and will have the Hindu ceremony later that evening on the lawns of the Bhawan Palace hotel.
The couple travelled in a silver chauffer-driven Bentley

A sacred fire will be lit amid Vedic chantings. Nayar's shawl will be tied to his bride's "duppata" or veil, and they will walk around the fire seven times to seal their marriage and then be showered with rose petals.

Nayar, 42, will produce a box of red wedding bangles which he will wash in milk and then place on both Liz's wrists. Traditional sangeet (music) night will be played with Bollywood dancing.

The dress code for the evening is pink saris for women and saffron turbans with orange kurtas for men. The following day, they are expected to host a party in the nearby Balsamand Palace with a party that evening in Nagaur Fort.

On Friday they will host a postwedding party in Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur.

Tough Guy and a familiar flapper: Madonna celebrates religion

It seems as if the long arm of the law has finally caught up with Madonna - possibly for offences including impersonation of a 1920s flapper.

But believe or not, she is actually out celebrating a religious festival.

The distinctly camp cop who has her under arrest is none other than her husband Guy Ritchie, and the couple are in fancy dress while attending an event run by the mystical Jewish sect Kabbalah at its centre in Los Angeles.

Guy and Madonna Ritchie: The couple are in fancy dress while attending an event run by the mystical Jewish sect Kabbalah

Madonna, a leading supporter of Kabbalah, was the star guest at the festival of Purim, which celebrates the foiling of an ancient plot to kill Jews in Persia.

While the 48-year-old singer had her hair bobbed, wore a feather boa and carried a cigarette holder, 38-year-old Ritchie appeared as a 1970s Village People-style police officer complete with sunglasses and big moustache.

Madonna, nicknamed Madge by her husband, recently donated £1.5 million to set up a Kabbalah centre in Malawi, the country from where she adopted baby David Banda last year.

Ritchie is reported to have become increasingly critical of her devotion to the sect, which has been criticised for promising happiness to wealthy donors.