Thursday, October 18, 2007

Alex Vaggo and Paris Hilton: It’s Over

Riley Giles, you have the random boyfriend spotlight all to yourself.It’s been confirmed that Paris Hilton has ended her relationship with Swedish model Alex Vaggo because he was “too shy.” We can only imagine that means he wouldn’t have sex with her on tape, like ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon.“She loved his good looks, but she gets bored very quickly, and he was just too shy and quiet for her,” claimed a source. “She likes bad boys.”Like Kid Rock, who Paris was spotted with this weekend in Toronto. But the socialite said “I’m single. I’m way too busy for a boyfriend,” when asked if she and Pamela Anderson’s ex were a couple.It’s unclear, of course, what Hilton is busy doing. Shopping for a new bedmate? Mocking Kim Kardashian’s new reality show? Pretending to be friends with Nicole Richie?For his part, Vaggo certainly doesn’t have hard feelings. He’s grateful for his time with Paris:“Thanks to her I’m modeling, taking meetings, going to clubs, eating at great restaurants and living the high life. It’s amazing. She’s changed my life in every way.”