Monday, October 22, 2007

Odourless Eva mendes

Actress Eva Mendes made sure she was scrubbed free of perfume during scenes with Joaquin Phoenix in new their film We Own The Night because the actor hates flowery scents.The pair play lovers in the new film and Mendes paid attention when her co-star announced he hated fragrance on a woman.She tells WENN, “Joaquin doesn’t like perfume that much. He told me that in a conversation just hanging out one day. So I said, ‘Note to self, don’t wear perfume.’ Some people’s noses are so sensitive.”The Cuban beauty also revealed she was desperate to star opposite Brad Pitt in Mr and Mrs Smith and was furious when she lost out to Angelina Jolie.The Hitch star told Us Weekly magazine: “I really wanted Mr and Mrs Smith. I was 10 minutes away from auditioning when my agent left me a message telling me the part had been offered to Angelina Jolie.“I got really crazy, ignored it and auditioned anyway. I really thought I had a chance!”Eva’s ‘uncomfortable’ scene Eva was reportedly so petrified at the idea of watching herself moan on the big screen that she tried to talk her way out of a masturbation scene that opens We Own The Night. Mendes revealed that she did everything she could to make director James Gray change his mind about the “uncomfortable scene”, but he was adamant that’s how his movie should start.“I remember being so scared that morning and really trying to stall, but I just had to do it. Usually you feel that ticking time bomb but that morning it was a couple of hours of me and Joaquin and James just talking,” she said.Mendes added that she talked herself into an oblivion and did the scene at last.“I just talked myself into an oblivion and did it. That was the last scene we shot and we had three months of history together, which really helped. The scene is erotic but it comes from a place of love,” she added.Eva plays the character of Amada, Joaquin Phoenix’s loyal girlfriend in We Own the Night. Phoenix plays Bobby Green, a suspect Brighton Beach club owner. Amanda is unprepared for the deep sacrifices she will have to make in order to maintain their relationship.