Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Britney Spears' New Look


Britney Spears marks her return to Los Angeles with a new look – a shaved head, which she debuted at a Sherman Oaks, Calif., tattoo parlor Friday night. The pop star, who briefly checked into and out of rehab got inked before donning a hoodie and leaving.


At the tattoo parlor, Spears (who reportedly got one of two new pieces of body art on her wrist of a pair of red lips) shows where to possibly mark the next spot.

Before getting inked Friday night, Spears pays a visit to a San Fernando Valley hair salon, where she took to shaving her own head.

Moments after shaving her own head in Esther's Haircutting Studio in Tarzana, Calif., a teary Britney Spears blurted out, "'My mom is going to freak,'" according to salon owner Esther Tognozzi, who says she tried to talk the pop star out of her radical do.

Spears, 25, stopped by the San Fernando Valley salon at around 7 p.m. Friday night after it had closed.

Accompanied by two bodyguards, Spears walked in with a hoodie covering her head and told Tognozzi, "'I want you to buzz my hair off.'"

Tognozzi first tried to talk Spears out of going through with the shave, then after refusing the pop star's request, Spears told her, "'Then I'll do it.'"

During Spears's visit, Tognozzi describes the pop star as having "no expression." However, she notes Spears smiled for the cameras when waiting photographers caught sight of her newly shorn look inside the salon.

Spears wasn't charged for her buzz cut (usually $20 for men), but Tognozzi says, "Now I'm charging $200 for the Brit-Buzz Special!"

Before Spears slipped out the back door, Tognozzi asked her if the buzz cut was a symbol of a new beginning. Spears's response: "'Something like that.'"

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Jennifer Aniston, Yoko Ono & Cameron Diaz

Aniston intimidates dirt crew

Actress Courtney Cox revealed that the cast and crew were a bit intimidated by pal Jennifer Aniston when the star first stepped onto the sets of Cox’s new show Dirt.

Aniston is getting set to guest-star in Cox’s FX show Dirt as her archenemy Tina Harrod who also happens to be a rival tabloid editor, as well as a lesbian in the show’s season finale.

Cox revealed that it had taken the cast and the crew a day or two before they “loosened up” in Aniston’s presence.

“When she first arrived everyone was really quiet. It was like they were giving her respect and I was like, ‘This is my bud Jen. Come on people, let’s have some fun.’ And by day two everyone was more loose, and by day three we were having a ball,” People quoted her, as saying.

Cox added that everyone involved with the show had come to admire and love not only Aniston’s goofiness, but also her sense of humour.

Yoko regrets lennon affair

Yoko Ono, the widow of late Beatle John Lennon, at times regretted falling in love with him because they had to make a lot of sacrifices for it.

She and Lennon went public with their relationship in 1968, instantly captivating the media with their alternative lifestyle and devotion to each other.

The 73-year-old says that romance with her late husband was still the best thing that had happened to her.

Ono, however, feels that it was all due to their love that Lennon was mocked for his feeling for her, and she was discredited as an artist.

She also had to bear the accusations of pushing Lennon into splitting from The Beatles in 1970.

“But you know, I sometimes regretted that I fell in love, because we sacrificed a lot for it. John was laughed at for being in love with me. And I think I was discredited as an artist,” she said.

Cameron diaz goes green

Cameron Diaz has joined forces with former US vice president Al Gore to promote a new environmental awareness initiative. A 24-hour global event, Live Earth, will start on July 7 and will be similar to Bob Geldof’s Live 8 concert. Massive concerts will be held on every continent — yes, even Antarctica — with Snoop Dogg, Kelly Clarkson and Lenny Kravitz already confirmed to play at the super-gigs.

The In Her Shoes star told the audience at the California Science Centre: “This is the only issue in the history of mankind that affects every single one of us — our planet is in danger. But at least someone is doing something about it.”

Speaking at the announcement’s press conference, the blonde-bombshell was keen to promote a more eco-friendly approach to life in Hollywood: “I’ve been driving a Prius since they came out. I carbon neutralise when I travel. I

Madonna wants to be like Gandhi

Washington: Pop diva Madonna may have looked up to Marilyn Monroe and Eva Perón for defining her style, yet it seems that when it comes to her values Mahatma Gandhi is her role model.

“I want to be like Gandhi and Martin Luther King and John Lennon – but I want to stay alive,” the singer was quoted by People’s magazine as saying.

In fact, Madonna who angered church leaders with a controversial crucifixion scene on her most recent tour, has some even bigger spiritual shoes to fill. “For me we all need to be Jesus in our time,” she says.

Defending the scene, which featured video images of AIDS orphans in Africa, she says: “Jesus’s message was to love your neighbor as yourself, and these are people in need. I hope that people got that message.

“Of course some people thought ‘Oh, she’s just being controversial, she’s just getting on a cross and trying to piss people off,’ but that wasn’t my intention at all.”

In the interview on Sirius’ new OutQ/channel, she also talks about her connection to her gay fans: “Gay men are perfect men for girls who are tough.

“They’re not threatened by strong women, and they’re usually very in touch with their feelings and pay attention to details. I’ve always had an affinity with gay men.”

Monday, February 12, 2007

Anna Nicole Dead at 39

Model, reality TV star, mother, playmate, actress, stripper and iconic pop celebrity Anna Nicole Smith passed away Thursday in a hotel room in Hollywood. That's Hollywood, Florida. I don't want to bore you with the details of the death, but basically, she collapsed and the cause of death is still unknown. I don't know whether to be sad about Anna Nicole's passing or happy that she and her loving former husband will be joined once again in heaven. I'm sure he is interested in what happened to his money. While many newspapers and websites covered her death by portraying Smith in an elegant Marilyn Monroe-wannabe light and write about her life as though she was an important figure in American history, I chose to run a photo that faithfully portrays the true Anna Nicole Smith. She was a blond, busty, at times beautiful, fucked up female figure who never was able to get it together. Anna Nicole was one of these people who every time she spoke, moved, blinked or did anything, it was obvious she was on drugs. Yet for some reason all of her "fans" would rather just believe that she is "crazy" or "eccentric." The girl was messed up. Always. She dropped out of high school, had a son as a teenager, was from Texas, worked as a stripper, married an 89 year-old man when she was 26 (who she picked up in her strip club... yuck) and then gained about 100 pounds and had cameras follow her around for two years documenting how fucked up she was. Her own mother in November went on a talk show to beg Anna Nicole to get off drugs. She said of Anna, "She lives on drugs now." Her mother also prophesized months ago that if she married her then boyfriend, current husband Howard K. Stern, she would end up dead. After her son died mysteriously 5 months ago, Stern stands to inherit Anna Nicole's money. I guess what goes around comes around. I wish I could say Anna will be remembered for all the good work she did. But other than Playboy and Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult, I can't really think of anything good she did. She will go down as a 90s sex symbol who made what she could out of a shitty life and then went off the deep end. As my friend Joe, saddened over the sudden death, remarked, "I hope they donate those tits to science."

Monday, February 05, 2007

Boob job cost pammie her boyfriend

Actor Scott Baio reveals that their relationship was doomed the moment she chose to go under the knife

Pamela Anderson has becomes a walking talking poster of how a boob job can change your fortune.

However, her fake assets were the reason why she and actor Scott Baio split.

The former Happy Days star, who was twice engaged to Pammie, reveals in his new autobiography that the couple's relationship was doomed the moment she chose to go under the knife.

"She already had large, beautiful, natural breasts. At that moment, I knew our relationship would soon begin to crumble," The Sun quoted him, as saying.

In the autobiography, which is yet to be published but is transcribed on come websites in the US, Baio also revealed that her boob job was what opened Hollywood's doors for Anderson, and made her a "Hot Celebrity".

"Pamela had finally gone Hollywood or whatever it is that happens when a woman becomes a hot celebrity," Baio adds.

Baio, who has also romanced the likes of Brooke Shields, Nicolette Sheridan, Heather Locklear, as well as other 'Baywatch' actresses such as Erika Eleniak, and Nicole Eggert, blows the lid off his relationships and sexual exploits in 'Baio Watch: How I Dated and Loved Hollywood's Most Beautiful Women and Ended Up Alone'.

In the book he also reveals that he lost his virginity to Erin Moran, who played his girlfriend Joanie on the hit TV series Happy Days.