Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Strange love

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie recently revealed her favourite pastime— staring at strangers on the subway. The 32-year-old actress admits that she used to board trains and sit on the subway for the sole purpose of observing the strangers.

“My favourite thing used to be to just sit on the subway and watch people — just walking by myself everywhere and living among people and watching them,” Contactmusic quoted her as saying. However, the Oscar winner now misses her favourite pastime what with all that media attention she constantly gets.

“And I lost that. It was the hardest thing to lose, and I think that does affect you,” she added.

Jolie, who recently flew to Iraq to meet with the Iraqi Prime Minister and Iraqi officials concerning the two million people who are in dire need of help, has been under extreme amounts of scrutiny lately as the media tries to find out whether she's pregnant.

Meanwhile, reports have emerged of Jolie’s diva behaviour. The reported mother-to-be apparently decided that she would wanted to spend some time alone with her children. So, instead of staying at one of her many homes and bonding with the kids, reports claim Jolie decided to go out for a bite with her kids.

But Jolie didn’t want to be disturbed. A report in this week’s Life & Style claims the actress and her kids dined at Il Pastaio in Los Angeles and had the restaurant closed to other patrons. “Angelina was acting like a diva,” an eyewitness told the weekly entertainment magazine.