Monday, October 27, 2008

Scabby Amy Winehouse looks painfully ill as she's taken to hospital again

Amy Winehouse is in hospital again amid new concerns over her health.

The singer, 25, who was seen heading to hospital looking painfully thin, with yellow teeth and scabby skin, was taken to The London Clinic on Saturday.

Her spokesperson denied initial reports the troubled star was heading back to rehab.

He said: 'Amy is being checked out for a chest infection. She's fine and is expected to return home soon.'

Amy, who has largely remained out of the spotlight in recent month, was joined in the cab by her American friend Blake Wood.

Ms Winehouse, who has been fighting a very public battle against heroin and crack cocaine, has been hospitalised numerous times this year.

In June she was given the stark warning by doctors to 'quit drugs or die' and at the end of that month she was diagnosed with the early stages of the lung disease emphysema.

However, as soon as she left the clinic she was seen smoking a cigarette.

In yet more troubling news, the singer has been warned she faces arrest after failing to earlier she failed to turn up for a meeting with police last week.

The Metropolitan Police want to quiz the singer over claims she hit a female fan, according to reports.