Monday, March 09, 2009

Britney Spears' tour takes its toll as fishnets can't hide the bruises on her thighs

Britney Spears' high-speed, all action extravaganza of a stage show has left a big impression on her fans - and also on her body.The singer worked hard to get in shape for the 44-date Circus tour, but the performances - which see her change costumes 12 times and perform all over a fairground set - are beginning to take their tollAs she took to the stage in Florida last night, she was clearly sporting a series of painful-looking bruises on her inner and outer thighs.

Clad in a black bra, shorts, boots and fishnet tights, it looked as if the singer’s pole-dancing routine may have been responsible for the unsightly marks.Britney was performing the Tampa leg of her tour - her first in five years.The 27-year-old has battled to return to the stage after suffering a breakdown last year which saw her lose custody of her children.The mother-of-two has also been criticised for her weight gain and was publicly humiliated after a disastrous performance on the Video Music Awards in 2007.A visibly overweight Britney struggled as she lip-synched to Gimme More and half-heartedly danced on stage.On watching a tape of her routine, the distraught singer declared she looked like a ‘fat pig’.

Since then the singer’s team have worked hard to return her to her former glory and she seems to be on the road to recovery.Britney also found time to visit the Miami Children’s Hospital during her Florida stay.She visited a group of sick children on Saturday and reportedly donated $100,000 to the hospital’s Big Apple Circus Clown Care.The program brings circus fun to hospitalised children at 19 pediatric facilities across the U.S.Britney will perform six gigs in London's O2 arena between 3-14 June.