Thursday, October 15, 2009

As she falls out of yet ANOTHER revealing outfit, would you take style advice from Katie Price?

With the upcoming publication of her style advice book, it seems Katie Price is putting a lot of thought into what she's wearing.

Weather you'd want to look like her is another matter.

The heavily tanned glamour model left her hotel in London last night, falling out of a black corset dress with feathered skirt.

The corset struggled to contain her inflated chest, which at times she held in an attempt to prevent embarrassment.

And her blue suede heels may have been fashionable, but they didn't add to her over the top outfit.

Her alter ego Jordan made her name from the lack of clothes she wore, and as Katie Price her spectacular array of outfits have courted attention for their in-your-face garishness.

However, in defiance of her critics, Katie Price is set to release her Standing Out guide next week, featuring an in-depth look at her changing wardrobe over the years and step-by-step advice on how to recreate some of the former glamour models most famous guises.

Never one to shy away from the limelight, Katie offers tips on how to achieve the 'Jordan' look - platform stripper heels with ankle socks and Wonderbra a must - as well as choosing the perfect wedding dress, a make-up masterclass and plastic surgery advice.

You may wonder what Katie is doing writing a style guide, and even the author herself makes it clear in the introduction that readers may draw the same conclusion, so perhaps it is more of a statement on how not to dress.

Whatever your opinion it certainly makes for an entertaining read as the guide takes us through the the outlandish outfits which have been just as colourful as Katie's private life.

So in celebration of the 'style icon' grab your sequined hotpants and fake tan as we take a look back at Katie's trademark wardrobe over the years...

In the book Katie shares 'My ten style commandments' with her fans. Here we see what we can learn from the horse-loving model.

1) Make sure you match.

Katie's obviously escaped the recession: 'I even choose my diamonds to make sure they co-ordinate with my look. For example, if a ring's got a pink stone in it I wouldn't wear it with a blue outfit.'

It's not a concern that worries most of us, but Katie is quick to reassure any worried fans that she has a solution.

'Luckily my big diamond ring goes with everything, but it's usually in our safe at home and even I don't know how to unlock it! Besides, it's not practical to wear it all the time because it's so bloody big.'

2) Don't be afraid of colour.

Just glancing at this page will show Katie is pretty fearless when it comes to colour - especially pink.

'I usually wear bright colours as I like to have a happy aura,' she reveals. But there are times when she resorts to black. 'If I've put on a bit of weight or feel bloated - I always turn to black clothes for their slimming effect.'

3) Grooming - it's not just for horses.

No, grooming is also for Katie Price. 'If I've chipped a nail - oh my god, I just wouldn't feel happy leaving the house.'

4) Keep it comfy...

She may be famed for her skin-tight, revealing outfits, but Katie is a normal girl at heart. And she wants her friends to feel relaxed too.

'Whenever friends come round my house I like them to be comfy too, so I'll ask them to bring their pyjamas or trackies and get changed when they arrive.

5) ...But suffer to be stunning.

She might be newly divorced, but Katie's wedding is still on her mind.

'At my wedding I wore three huge hairpieces to walk down the aisle. It was bloody heavy, I can tell you, but it was well worth it for the effort.'

6) Don't be a slave to fashion

How does Katie make sure she stands out? Think sparkles - and scissors. 'I'll always customise an outfit with diamante studs or cut it up to make something completely unique.'

7) Never worry about the weather - or what other people think.

'In my head it's always warm and sunny - the central heating is always on full blast at home anyway.'

8) Confidence is key.

It seems even fat girls can look good - as long as their nails are immaculate, that is.

'I look at shapely girls like J.Lo and Beyonce and think, if I were that big I wouldn't have the balls to wear something so revealing. But they are obviously so confident and comfortable with themselves they just look fantatsic and sexy.'

9) Don't forget to look in the mirror - from all angles!

You may think this is advice Katie could do with, but it seems she meant to look like that.

'There's been confident, and then there's been deluded,' she reveals.

'These women probably think people are staring at them because they're looking hot, whereas what they're actually thinking is, Bloody hell, how horrific are those stretch marks? You've got to be realistic.' Indeed.

10) You don't have to splash the cash to look good.

This may sound a bit rich from someone who co-ordinates their diamonds, but Katie really means it.

'These days the high street is so good you can look fabulous on a tight budget,' she advises.

Mind you, it's easier when you don't have to.

'The other day I spent seventeen grand on Versace bedding at harrods. It was ridiculous. I just thought, Well I better have the best f-ing sleep ever.'