Saturday, January 02, 2010

Pamela Anderson slips out of her low-cut dress as she toasts New Year

Pamela Anderson looked as if she having a fine old time at a New Year's Eve party and really letting her hair down.

Unfortunately she also let the top of her dress down and revealed a little too much of her cleavage as she gave the countdown to midnight.

The 42-year-old actress, who recently starred in panto in Wimbledon, London, was hosting the Gridlock event at Paramount Studios in Hollywood when the wardrobe malfunction occurred.
She had come on stage for the final minutes of 2009 to count down to midnight.

But as she took to the stage with a man dressed as a dalmatian and another as a demon as well as American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert, she was thinking more about toasting 2010 than her dress.

The controversial singer, who affronted his audience when he kissed his keyboard player and performed sexy moves with men at the American Music Awards, had to step in to help her.

Earlier on in the evening she had been pulling up her white dress to ensure it retained some element of modesty.
The 27-year-old attempted to pull up her top, but Pamela seemed to think he was trying to get a feel, and at first held his hand away.

Despite the faux pas, the actress, who is due to appear in Celebrity Big Brother on Sunday, looked pretty in her white dress even though she wore a sparkling sequin glove on one hand.

She also covered herself in gold body glitter, while Adam Lambert went for glitter around his eyes and told the crowd he had gone for a 'firework' look.