Saturday, May 17, 2008

Angelina Jolie Breast Flash Photos From Cannes: Kung Fu Panda!

When in Rome or in this case France do as the French. Angelina Jolie gave photographers a treat as she stepped outside on the balcony to change her shirt while in Cannes to promote her new film Kung Fu Panda! The racy celebrity photos are taken with a very, long-range lens but the snaps show Angelina taking off her shirt and with a bit of a flash the snappers were able to get a shot of the breast flash and the nip slip from Angelina.

The photos were taken while Angie Jolie was changing her shirt on the terrace of her villa in France. The pictures show the sexy actress (she is now about eight months pregnant according to reports) with her sunglasses on and pulling on a black top that slips down a bit to far and exposes her.

Jolie's breasts and big pregnancy baby bump have wowed the fans, the audience and even Dustin Hoffman, who was caught taking a very long look at her cleavage when the two were on the red carpet together. The UK Sun titled it "Dustin gets Jolie good eyeful".

The breast flash snaps are here and the first ink is safe. The cast of the film seems to be having quite the time with Jolie as actor and co-star Jack Black has been caught rubbing her belly and even comparing his stomach to the Jolie baby bump.