Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hollywood Star Tess Daly shows off amazing bikini body... just ten weeks after giving birth

Just ten weeks ago she gave birth to her second child.

But Tess Daly has wasted no time slipping back into a bikini to show off her admirably toned body.

The Strictly Come Dancing presenter joined husband Vernon Kay for a water fight as the weather warmed up at the weekend.

Vernon quickly posted pictures of the event on his Twitter page - no doubt keen to show off his slender wife.

He wrote: 'The water fight got messy! Tears and red marks...Think I threw them a little hard! I'm drenched.

'It ended up being every man/woman for his/her self! I gave in and let the girls win.'
Presenter Vern's pride was certainly justified. Tess's slim and unlined stomach shows no evidence of her recent pregnancy.

She gave birth to 7lb 15oz Amber Isabella on May 29, a sister for Phoebe Elizabeth, now four.

The 38-year-old said she had developed a sweet tooth during her pregnancy, and expected her baby weight to be harder to lose this time.

But with the new series of Strictly starting next month she must have been keen to regain her waistline.

Just two weeks after Amber was born, Tess wrote in a newspaper column how her ‘wardrobe options are expanding as I’m starting to fit into some of my pre-pregnancy clothes’.

But if the evidence of these photos is any indication perhaps it wasn't as hard as she expected.