Thursday, January 31, 2008

Angelina Jolie Health Scare: Collapse Report

Angelina Jolie reportedly was in tears just hours before strolling the red carpet with her baby daddy Brad Pitt to show off what many believe is a brand new baby bump. The couple stole the show with their parade and their public make out session and many criticized them for their public display of affection (there were photos of them making out at the table) on a night where many remained somber due to the recent passing of fellow actor Heath Ledger.It seemed odd that on the first anniversary of her mother's death that Jolie would even attend. She had insisted that the loss of her mother was the reason she had spent the year losing weight, so much so that many had lumped her in with the pin thin "scary skinny" starlets around Hollywood. Jolie said she knew she was too thing, but she was grieving.Now the UK Daily Mail has a new report out that details many things, including one report that Jolie earlier collapsed on the set of her new movie (Clint Eastwood's 'The Changeling'). Citing what they call Hollywood rumors, the paper notes that gossips claim she collapsed twice on the set.Now many are saying that may have been because she is now with child. Us Weekly magazine reported this week that she may even sell the "announcement" to the highest bidder. When Jolie was pregnant with her little blob Shiloh, there were all kinds of reports of her health and scares as well because of her small frame. Set the clock because if she really is knocked up, more scary health reports will emerge.