Thursday, January 10, 2008

Old vices die hard

An American publication reports that Brad Pitt is going though a mid-life crisis as he struggles to cope with raising four kids and living with one of the hottest women on the planet, Angelina Jolie. According to Star magazine, Brad is secretly indulging in his old vices behind his partner’s back.

An insider told Star, “He still smokes. He sneaks cigs behind Angie’s back.”

At the Cannes Film Festival in May, he supposedly, “stayed outside, smoking and drinking,” says an onlooker.

“He looked stressed, like he was trying to get his fill because he had a limited time to enjoy his cigarettes.”

Another source tells Star that he spotted Brad smoking what looked like a joint with daredevil performer and television personality Steve-O on a hot LA afternoon.

“I couldn’t believe that someone as famous as Brad Pitt would be smoking openly,” said the eyewitness. “But there he was, lighting up a fattie with Steve-O. I was stunned!”

Apparently Angie doesn’t approve of Brad’s ‘excesses.’ “She doesn’t think Brad should smoke pot or anything else,” says yet another insider. She wishes he’d drop all that. A drink once in a while is OK. But that’s it.”

Brad and Angelina Delay Critics Choice Awards Living up to their celebrity status, Brad and Angelina made Hollywood stars wait. The couple delayed Monday’s Critics Choice Awards ceremony by turning up late.

The tardy twosome were the last A-listers to arrive on the red carpet at the Santa Monica venue but Angelina still insisted on posing for photographs, despite Brad’s reluctance.

A source said, “Angelina and Brad were the last to arrive. The organisers were shouting, ‘The show is starting! Everyone has to come inside now!’ But Angelina stopped to pose and answer questions.

“Brad whispered to her, ‘Do you have to go do your thing?’ She replied, ‘Just for a minute.’ “

Angie was nominated for the Best Actress award for her portrayal of grieving widow Marianne Pearl in A Mighty Heart but lost out to Julie Christie, who won for her role in Away From Her.

George Clooney, Katie Holmes, Juno star Ellen Page and Penelope Cruz’s beau Javier Bardem also attended the event.