Sunday, March 23, 2008

Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Reunion Planned?

Will Jamie Lynn Spears and her big sister Britney Spears be reunited in Louisiana? Los Angeles hasn't really been very kind to Britney of late and her father Jamie believes that she would be much better off in her native state of Louisiana and reports claim that pop is willing to go to court to get Britney a break from California.

The plan is reportedly to get her away from all of the bad influences that surround her on the west coast and to get her back to her roots. But will Britney really ever go for this? She loves the attention that she receives from the paparazzi as she tools around Hollywood and has recently complained that she feels like a prisoner in her own home according to one tabloid report. Why would she listen to dad?

But dad wants to get her "home" so he can work on getting the family all back on the same page, reports suggest. Britney has been at odds with her mom Lynne Spears and her sixteen year old pregnant sister Jamie Lynn as well and dad believes that if all of them can get together in small town Louisiana he can bring them all back together.

But would Britney really leave her sons with K-Fed in California? And an earlier report claims that dad wants Britney and her ex Kevin Federline to get back together as well. It just seems like very long odds that Britney would ever leave all of the attention in LA for a trip back home.