Monday, March 10, 2008

Sarah Larson May Not Have Landed George Clooney

Did Sarah Larson hit the jackpot and land George Clooney as a husband to be? It certainly sounds like a good story but it appears it is nothing more than wishful thinking. Us Weekly magazine reports that George Clooney is not engaged to girlfriend Sarah Larson, despite reports saying otherwise.Cue the rep™: "There is no truth to any element of the story," his rep tells The initial report appears to have come from a British Web site and the now infamous eyewitness eavesdropping on a conversation.According to the report from Us Weekly that person overheard and then the website quoted a restaurant worker in Laglio (the city in Italy where Clooney owns a villa) as saying, "They haven’t made any announcement yet, but there are people in this town who know more than me. They say the couple are already engaged."Hey they are still a cute couple. Clooney, 46, attended last month's Academy Awards with Larson, a 28-year-old model. The couple have been dating for more than a year.