Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kate Moss' anti-royalist lover

Kate Moss' boyfriend Jamie Hince is an anti-royalist.The Kills singer - who has been dating supermodel Kate since last September - is fiercely patriotic, and despite being opposed to the monarchy, admits he loves Queen Elizabeth.

He said: "I really love England and English things, but I not really sure how to deal with them politically in my head. Even though I'm an anti-royalist, I really like that the Queen's there - you know?"
Jamie also revealed that while he has never been particularly talented at writing songs, his determined attitude has helped him become a successful musician.

He said: "All those blues singers used to talk about voodoo and music in the same sentence, because they recognised that it wasn't necessarily the verses or the notes or the rhythms that made a song really electrifying, it was something in the attitude of people playing it. And that is what I have always chased."