Monday, September 01, 2008

Amy Winehouse 'may have brain damage after two drug overdoses'

Amy Winehouse may have brain damage after suffering two major overdoses in the past 12 months where she binged on crystal meth, heroin and cocaine, it emerged today.

The singer also smoked pot in a 36-hour marathon session in July where she suffered such bad convulsions, they were 'like a scene from The Exorcist', a close friend told The Sun.

Now doctors have warned the troubled star that one more overdose will kill her.

Winehouse first overdosed in August last year from cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, ketamine and crystal meth.

She was advised to see a psychiatrist after displaying 'multiple personality traits' that made her a suicide risk.

It was following this second overdose in July that doctors are worried her brain was damaged by the cannabis overdose after she displayed symptoms normally associated with schizophrenia.