Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh my God! Britney Spears finally looks really thin... but not THAT thin

No longer can the 'pot belly' and 'jiggly thighs' jibes be levelled at the comeback princess of pop Britney Spears.

The singer stepped out in Hollywood last night for a frappucino and a visit to the cinema looking slimmer than she has for months.

But on the same day promotional shots were released for her new single, showing the singer almost unrecognisable in a PVC bodysuit and stilettos.

She looked so unbelievably svelte that it could perhaps be suggested that her shots had undergone a spot of airbrushing.

Yesterday it was a dressed down Britney who faced the paparazzi as she left the cinema in Hollywood after seeing Kate Hudson's romantic comedy My Best Friend's Girl.

Britney's new look signalled a return to form for the star, who has been kept out of the limelight following her very public meltdown earlier this year.

But following a successful return to the public arena at this year's MTV awards, the singer has slowly begun to return to public life.

She was seen out just hours after attending a family day out at the Polo in the Palisades event at the Will Rogers Polo Club.

The singer was accompanied by father Jamie who had a team in the event playing called the Spears Family.

Britney's new look heralds the singer's return to something near normality a year after her disastrous comeback attempt at the MTV Video Music Awards.
Enlarge britney spearsBritney suffered a very public meltdown following her disastrous performance at the 2007 MTV awards

Last month the singer won the first three Moonman statuettes of her career.

The pop singer, whose career has been overshadowed in recent years by a litany of personal woes, took home the awards for video of the year, best pop video and best female video, all for the track Piece Of Me.

Spears politely thanked God, her children and her record label before quickly leaving the stage.

Coming after months of erratic, often drug-fuelled madness - including a lengthy stint in a rehab clinic - it marked the moment when the public perception of Britney shifted.

Britney's rehabilitation has been attributed to the influence of both her father - who is charged with handling her finances - and the return of manager Larry Rudolph.

Earlier this summer, Rudolph went on record to admit: 'I have spent time with her, and she is on the right path because she has people around her who care about her well-being.

'But this isn't the time to talk business. This is a time for healing.'

Meanwhile, the star will be returning to court next month to revisit her ongoing illegal driving case.

The trial, which was originally scheduled to begin in January, has been moved to October following a Los Angeles Superior Court judge's ruling after the star's lawyers argued she was incapable of issuing a deposition at the time - due to her much-publicised health issues.

She is currently working on her new album.