Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lady of the manor? Hell-raiser Amy Winehouse plans move to country farmhouse

Amy Winehouse is planning to spend £750,000 on a country retreat in Suffolk, it has been revealed.

The Back to Black singer has found a 150-year-old farmhouse which boasts seven bedrooms, three sitting rooms and a barn house which has been converted into a recording studio.

Sources close to the singer, who currently lives in Camden, say it is the perfect spot for her to recuperate and that she is just days away from exchanging contracts.

'Amy has been looking for something in the area - and this particular place really is the ideal location,' a source tells The Sun.

'It is a really quiet, hidden spot where she would be away from the chaos of her life in London and could concentrate on getting her life back on track.'

The move has been endorsed by Amy's father Mitch Winehouse.

He said: 'I hope she will be very happy there.

'When Blake comes out of prison the two of them are going to need somewhere to live together.'