Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pamela Anderson Denies Reality Show Speculation.

"I would be trying to take the paper plates home with me, but she has people who grab those kinds of things to save them for her archives" Pamela Anderson Denies Reality Show Speculatioan.Pamela Anderson has dismissed reports she and haer new husband Rick Salomon have signed a deal to star in a new reality TV show.The former Baywatch star and Salomon, who married in Las Vegas in October (07), were reported to be producing and starring in a programme for U.S. TV network E! News.But although Anderson admits she has considered making a reality show, she worries what having cameras around the house the whole time would do to her two children.In a posting on her website, she writes, "The choices I have to make now are about quality of life... not about money or fame for no good reason".