Monday, December 31, 2007

Britney Spears to Blow a Fuse: Paris Hilton Kissing Kevin Federline

Two nights in a row! December just got a tad bit worse for Britney Spears. The month was already a mess as Jamie Lynn Spears, Brit's little sis, revealed that she was pregnant and Britney was the last to know. Now Paris Hilton and Kevin Federline have spent thei second night in a row out in the spotlight in Sin City partying it up and being photographed together.Paris was even kissing on Kevin as well. According to a report from Us Weekly magazine the unlikely duo whispered and laughed over a period of five minutes, which was enough for a pal of Federline's to react, "Brit's going to blow a fuse." Oh the humanity!Kevin Federline was spotted wearing a full-on Mohawk and that seemed to suit Paris just fine as she flirted up with the baby daddy of Britney's two kids. The pair got an early start on the New Year's Eve celebration on Saturday night and partied again together last night at Pure in Las Vegas. According to us, Paris was also spotted giving Spears' ex-husband a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek.Will it ever end? At least not until tonight at least as the big countdown towards 2008 revs up big time on the Las Vegas strip. Expect even more wild times and photos emerge from the Sin City parties.