Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Paris Hilton's Lindsay love battle

Paris Hilton is desperate to win back ex-lover Stavros Niarchos.'The Simple Life' star, who recently vowed to move to New York to find a man, was spotted trying to "hook up" with Greek shipping heir Stavros while she partied at Hollywood's Crimson club but he wasn't interested.However, Paris faces stiff competition from rival Lindsay Lohan, who is said to be dating Stavros again. A source told the New York Post newspaper: "Stavros wanted nothing to do with her and seemed so annoyed by her, he left the party. Paris had no idea Stavros had gone and was wandering around asking where he had gone."Stavros reportedly left the bash to go and party with Paris' rival and his former flame Lindsay Lohan.The source added: "Stavros went to hang with Lindsay. He is sticking with her this time."Last year, Lindsay infuriated Paris after she was seen "making out" and "dirty dancing" with Stavros soon after he split from the hotel heiress.

Lindsay was reportedly overheard saying to Stavros: "It will drive Paris crazy if we are seen together."Paris later furiously confronted the actress in a New York club about her relationship with Stavros.Lindsay, who recently split from snowboarder Riley Giles, has also been linked to actor Heath Ledger. The pair are said to have enjoyed several late-night sex sessions after meeting him over the Thanksgiving weekend.