Saturday, June 21, 2008

50 Cent: 'I Tape All My Calls With Idiots'.

50 Cent: 'I Tape All My Calls With Idiots'.... Rapper 50 Cent has taken steps to prove the authenticity of a taped telephone conversation between himself and former G-Unit bandmate Young Buck - by broadcasting the whole recording on his website.

Earlier this week (16Jun08) the In Da Club hitmaker released a new track - entitled The Taped Conversation - featuring Buck grovelling to the rapper, seemingly begging him to be allowed back in to the hip-hop group after he was kicked out in April (08) following a dispute over song royalties.

Buck - real name David Darnell Brown - has subsequently criticised his former bandmate, insisting the taped conversation was doctored - with Brown's manager Blue Williams branding 50 Cent "an obviously scorned and angry man".

Now, 50 Cent is aiming to disprove Brown's claims the conversation was heavily edited, by making the recording available in its entirety on his site

And the star has further blasted his former music partner, telling New York radio station Hot 97 on Thursday (19Jun08) he always tapes his conversations - especially if the people on the other end of the phone are "idiots".

He says, "A lot of times people don't see what the other person is doing.

They don't understand the cause and effect. They don't see the other person; they just pay attention to me".

When asked if he tapes all his phone conversations, the star replied, "With idiots, yeah! So if they saying something crazy, it's right there".

50 Cent - real name Curtis Jackson - also said his friendship with Brown is beyond repair, unless the rapper is open to seeking professional help for his alleged impulsive spending and drug habits.

He adds, "He needs to go to a program and get some real help. Then maybe we can talk to each other".