Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jessica Simpson Punches Back at Carrie Underwood: Real Girls Eat Meat

If there isn't a real battle between country charmer Carrie Underwood and new to Nashville Jessica Simpson there might be soon. On Friday Jessica was spotted at the Los Angeles International airport (LAX) with Dallas Cowboys quarterback and beau Tony Romo and photos of the two working their way through the airport show what might be considered as a Jessica stiff jab at Carrie.

The pictures show Jess with a red t-shirt on with the phrase "Real Girls Eat Meat" in all caps across the front. Carrie Underwood has been voted the "World's Sexiest Vegetarian" twice. Carrie frequently mentions that vegetarian pizza is one of her favorite foods, and while making her new album, the chef in the recording studio reportedly made vegetarian barbecue for her between songs. What’s more, Carrie is also known to rescue stray animals."

The slap back might be from an earlier article that noted that claimed that at the CMA Music Festival, Carrie rebuffed every effort to work with Jessica as the promoters wanted her to do. Add to that there are still reports that Tony has never really gotten over Carrie (they dated briefly before Jessica) and other gossip items have said that Jess feels threatened by Carrie.

Plus they will now be competitors in the music world as Jess tries to move into the country music world. A photo is here of the t-shirt. Is it a shot at Carrie or just a coincidence?