Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Video: Jennifer Aniston Dinner Date With John Mayer

This was bound to happen. When Jennifer Aniston was serious with Vince Vaughn she was able to make her way around Los Angeles on dates with her "Break Up" co-star and fly under the radar for the most part. They were a very high profile couple but it seemed difficult for the paparazzi to nab them in shots together. With John Mayer, Jennifer Aniston is completely different.

First there were the amazing pictures that emerged from Miami that showed a stunning body on the 39-year old Aniston in several skimpy bikini swimsuits. There were a few PDA displays by the couple poolside as well. Now Us Weekly magazine has a video of the couple out together as well.

The magazine reports that just two days after Jennifer Aniston brought beau John Mayer to BFF Courteney Cox's house, he joined them for dinner at L.A. restaurant Madeo on Tuesday. After the meal, the group hung out in the front of the Italian joint, laughing and chatting and it is all caught on film.

Check out the clip here. Will Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer defy all the odds and make it? There is already speculation that they might move in together and rumors of joint tattoos which surely means they will split at some point.