Friday, June 06, 2008

Blooming 'eck! Madonna leaves her gym wearing Victorian bloomers

For years she has been a racy style icon but with her 50th birthday fast approaching it seems Madonna is opting for a more matronly look away from the cameras.

The singer looks to be taking tips from the Victorians as she sports what appear to be a pair of bloomers after her daily gym session.

Pale, gaunt and a little frumpy the picture is a million miles from the slick image portrayed in her latest video for new song Give It To Me.
She is seen cavorting around thigh high boots and skimpy underwear with music producer Pharrell Williams, who is almost 15 years her junior.

The act follows her collaboration with 27-year-old Timberlake, which saw a similarly suggestive performance in the clip for their track Four Minutes.

Madonna, who is 50 in August, has a gruelling fitness regime in bid to stay in shape ahead of her birthday and forthcoming world tour.

It is understood that she has hired a second personal trainer and now trains six days a week for as much as three and half hours.

The married mother of three recently confessed that despite her super-toned physique she still worried about her fat thighs.

She is shown in footage shot during recording sessions for latest album Hard Candy telling producers: "Don't show my big fat thighs, whatever you do."

When asked about the film in an recent interview on US television she said: "My big Italian thighs. I am very proud of them."

But she also added that her new workout schedule was having an effect on the problem.

Her Sticky and Sweet Tour starts in the summer and will take her across Europe and America.

It will take her to nine European cities, beginning in Cardiff, Wales, before she plays 18 dates in the United States and Canada.

Her recent album, Hard Candy, has debuted at number one at 27 countries so far including the US, UK, France, Germany, Japan and Australia, according to her record company.

Blooming 'eck! Madonna leaves her gym wearing Victorian bloomers