Monday, June 30, 2008

Pamela Anderson Really Hates Jessica Simpson

Loyal readers of The Hollywood Gossip know our staff isn’t huge fans of Jessica Simpson.

While a few of us were thankful she helped curse Tony Romo and the Cowboys this season, the singer’s enormous boobs simply aren’t enough to overcome her attention-grabbing ploys. Her sister and father suck, too.

Still, we have nothing on Pamela Anderson and her apparent disdain for Jessica.

In a recent radio interview in Australia, the former Baywatch star was asked about Simpson. Her response?

I think she is a bitch and whore.

Pamela Anderson Really Hates Jessica Simpson

What could raise Anderson’s ire so strongly against Simpson? Might the vegetarian be coming down hard on the moron that wore a “Real Girls Eat Meat” shirt a couple weeks ago?

We hope that’s the reason.

After all, we’ve seen Simpson’s nose, her chin, her breasts and her talent. There’s nothing real about any of them.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Madonna and Guy 'discuss split as seven-year marriage hits rock bottom'

Madonna and Guy Ritchie are reported to be discussing a split as their seven-year marriage hits rock bottom.

The relationship between the pop star and her film-maker husband has apparently been strained for months and the pair are believed to be living separate lives in their £6million mansion in London.

A close friend of the couple claimed in the Daily Mirror newspaper that a split was virtually inevitable.

The source said: 'They're obviously sad but they're dealing with it like grown-ups. Things have just run their natural course.'

Madonna and Guy 'discuss split as seven-year marriage hits rock bottom'

The paper reports that the couple will formally announce the split when Madonna's world tour ends on November 29.

The 49-year-old singer is now said to be setting her sights on a fresh start and plans to spend time moving between her plush properties in London, New York and Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Ritchie, 39, is currently working on a new, updated film version of Sherlock Holmes.

'They live like brother and sister rather than husband and wife and thought it best to call it a day', a source told the newspaper.

Madonna and Guy 'discuss split as seven-year marriage hits rock bottom'

They have just grown apart. They've decided they're better off as friends. It's sad but they're determined to keep it amicable.'

Guy was pictured a fortnight ago on a night out with male friends and sources said he and his wife were planning to spend most of the summer apart.

The couple got together after they met at a party thrown by the singer Sting in 1998. They married in a castle in Scotland two years later.

Rather than hide their marital problems, Madonna told a documentary for MTV in 2005 that she 'wanted to end everything'.

'My husband didn't turn out to be everything I imagined him to be', the star said.

Problems first surfaced when Ritchie allegedly disagreed with the decision to adopt baby David Banda from Malawi.

And relations clearly didn't improve, with the singer recently telling an interview: 'Guy can be intolerant of my behaviour.

'But he has certain personality traits which need to change as well.'

Monday, June 23, 2008

Kelly Brook looks pencil thin for new TV show in her tight-fitting skirt

Kelly Brook is famous for her curvaceous fifties style, but there seems to be rather less of her of late.

Kelly has joined the judging panel of reality television show Dirty Dancing: The Time Of Your Life, was seen on the set of the show dressed in a tight-fitting black pencil skirt revealing a distinct lack of curves.

Slimline Kelly debuted her new look at the filming of the second series of the show, in American state Virginia.

The 28-year-old has replaced Jennifer Ellison in series two of the show which is filmed at Kellerman's, the original location of the hit 80s movie, and sees 16 aspiring dancers compete to become the next Johnny and Baby and win a year-long contract with a dance agency.

As well as joining colleagues on set Kelly has been staying at the exclusive Mountain Lake Hotel, stunning Kelly has been seen going back and forth on a golf cart talking excitedly with the dancers and the film crew in the hotel grounds.

The former Big Breakfast presenter, who has recently reunited with actor boyfriend Billy Zane after a brief split, will judge the dance moves of hopefuls on the Living TV talent show.

Kelly Brook looks pencil thin for new TV show in her tight-fitting skirt

Kelly said: 'I am really thrilled to be part of the judging panel for Living's Dirty Dancing: The Time Of Your Life.

'Dirty Dancing is one of my favourite films and I can't wait to get to Kellermans, carry the watermelon and learn the rules of dirty dancing.

'While raw dance talent is essential I will be looking for that magic chemistry in our couples which will make the dance floor sizzle.

'I'm looking forward to seeing what all the new dancers are made of with fresh twists for this second season and who will be our Johnnie and Baby in the making.'

This is the second series of the reality contest.

The show will see 16 wannabe dancers compete to become the next Johnny and Baby and win a one-year contract with top dance agency Bloc.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

50 Cent: 'I Tape All My Calls With Idiots'.

50 Cent: 'I Tape All My Calls With Idiots'.... Rapper 50 Cent has taken steps to prove the authenticity of a taped telephone conversation between himself and former G-Unit bandmate Young Buck - by broadcasting the whole recording on his website.

Earlier this week (16Jun08) the In Da Club hitmaker released a new track - entitled The Taped Conversation - featuring Buck grovelling to the rapper, seemingly begging him to be allowed back in to the hip-hop group after he was kicked out in April (08) following a dispute over song royalties.

Buck - real name David Darnell Brown - has subsequently criticised his former bandmate, insisting the taped conversation was doctored - with Brown's manager Blue Williams branding 50 Cent "an obviously scorned and angry man".

Now, 50 Cent is aiming to disprove Brown's claims the conversation was heavily edited, by making the recording available in its entirety on his site

And the star has further blasted his former music partner, telling New York radio station Hot 97 on Thursday (19Jun08) he always tapes his conversations - especially if the people on the other end of the phone are "idiots".

He says, "A lot of times people don't see what the other person is doing.

They don't understand the cause and effect. They don't see the other person; they just pay attention to me".

When asked if he tapes all his phone conversations, the star replied, "With idiots, yeah! So if they saying something crazy, it's right there".

50 Cent - real name Curtis Jackson - also said his friendship with Brown is beyond repair, unless the rapper is open to seeking professional help for his alleged impulsive spending and drug habits.

He adds, "He needs to go to a program and get some real help. Then maybe we can talk to each other".

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The love boat: Naomi Campbell hits the high seas with new beau Marcus

Naomi Campbell was quite literally swept off her feet - and into the sea - by new love Marcus Elias.

The fiery supermodel, 38, has been dating Brazilian entrepreneur Marcus Elias on and off since February, but the couple have been inseparable since reuniting at the Cannes Film Festival last month.

During a romantic cruise around the Italian island of Capri, the couple couldn't keep their hands off each other as they cuddled on their boat and frolicked in the Mediterranean.

The love boat: Naomi Campbell hits the high seas with new beau Marcus

On board the boat, the new couple cuddled and kissed as they enjoyed the summer sunshine.

When Marcus dove into the Med for a cool off, it appeared Naomi couldn't bear to be seperated from her man and delicately climbed into the sea.

Perhaps showing her lack of confidence in the water, Naomi was accompanied by a floating device to keep her head above water.

Marcus is just the latest man to be romantically linked to the Streatham-born model in recent years.

She previously dated millionaire Badr Jafr and racing tycoon Flavio Briatore, who married Italian model Elisabetta Gregoraci on Saturday, and had a high-profile engagement to U2 bassist Adam Clayton in the late 1990s.

The love boat: Naomi Campbell hits the high seas with new beau Marcus

Naomi met Marcus at a Vogue party in Sao Paulo, Brazil in February and instantly smitten.

Despite reports of an engagement, the couple were rumoured to have split until they were photographed kissing at a Cannes restaurant last month.

Besides finding love, it's been a busy 2008 so far for Naomi.

Last month, she was charged with six separate offences including three counts of assault on police, two counts of threatening, abusive words or behaviour to cabin crew and one count of disorderly behaviour likely to cause harm or distress following her arrest at Heathrow Airport on April 4th.

Just days before Yves Saint Laurent died, Naomi was named as the French fashion house's new spokesmodel.

The love boat: Naomi Campbell hits the high seas with new beau Marcus

The love boat: Naomi Campbell hits the high seas with new beau Marcus

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Smile! Lily Allen gives paparazzi the run-around in Beverly Hills

She was lapping up the attention earlier this week, but it looks like Lily Allen’s affection for the paparazzi could soon wear off.

The Smile singer has been spotted dodging a mass of eager paparazzi in Beverly Hills.

Arms full of shopping and cigarette in hand, the 23-year-old fled across the street, with the paparazzi in hot pursuit.

Smile! Lily Allen gives paparazzi the run-around in Beverly Hills

Smile! Lily Allen gives paparazzi the run-around in Beverly Hills

The pint-sized star was taking a break from her hectic recording schedule, with a shopping trip to Sunset plaza.

She touched down in the US just earlier this week to work on her second album and has already been hassled by photographers.

She wrote on her blog on Tuesday: 'I have never been followed like we were today, there were literally 20 cars of [paparazzi] with us.'

Apparently enjoying being the centre of attention, she added: 'Not that I'm complaining, they were perfectly pleasant, in fact we had a bit of a laugh with them and I quite fancied one of them.'

In fact, she only had one criticism of the paparazzi. Urging them to downsize their gas-guzzling SUVs, she wrote: 'Boys, go green.'

Smile! Lily Allen gives paparazzi the run-around in Beverly Hills

Smile! Lily Allen gives paparazzi the run-around in Beverly Hills

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jessica Simpson Punches Back at Carrie Underwood: Real Girls Eat Meat

If there isn't a real battle between country charmer Carrie Underwood and new to Nashville Jessica Simpson there might be soon. On Friday Jessica was spotted at the Los Angeles International airport (LAX) with Dallas Cowboys quarterback and beau Tony Romo and photos of the two working their way through the airport show what might be considered as a Jessica stiff jab at Carrie.

The pictures show Jess with a red t-shirt on with the phrase "Real Girls Eat Meat" in all caps across the front. Carrie Underwood has been voted the "World's Sexiest Vegetarian" twice. Carrie frequently mentions that vegetarian pizza is one of her favorite foods, and while making her new album, the chef in the recording studio reportedly made vegetarian barbecue for her between songs. What’s more, Carrie is also known to rescue stray animals."

The slap back might be from an earlier article that noted that claimed that at the CMA Music Festival, Carrie rebuffed every effort to work with Jessica as the promoters wanted her to do. Add to that there are still reports that Tony has never really gotten over Carrie (they dated briefly before Jessica) and other gossip items have said that Jess feels threatened by Carrie.

Plus they will now be competitors in the music world as Jess tries to move into the country music world. A photo is here of the t-shirt. Is it a shot at Carrie or just a coincidence?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Reunited: Pamela Anderson moves back in with Tommy Lee ten years after divorce

Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson is back together with her ex-husband Tommy Lee, the rocker has confirmed.

The 40-year-old, who is currently on a promotional visit in London, has moved back in with the Motley Crue drummer ten years after divorcing him.

Rumours were rife that the pair - costars in a now infamous home sex-tape - were back together after they were regularly spotted spending time together.

Reunited: Pamela Anderson moves back in with Tommy Lee ten years after divorce

Lee finally confirmed the speculation in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

'Pamela and the kids have moved in with me,' he said. 'It's awesome man. It's definitely working.

'You can tell on the kids' faces - they're happy when we're together.'

Anderson and Lee wed in February 1995, after knowing one another for just 96 hours, and went onto have two sons, Brandon and Dylan.

She filed for divorce twice and reconciled with the rocker twice before they split for good in 1998.

Reunited: Pamela Anderson moves back in with Tommy Lee ten years after divorce

That same year Lee was sentenced to six months in jail for spousal abuse and it also later emerged that Anderson had contracted the Hepatitis C virus from him.

The actress's love life has continued to make headlines with brief engagements to model Marcus Schenkenberg and singer Kid Rock.

Anderson eventually married Kid Rock in July 2006, but they split just four months later.

She then wed Paris Hilton's ex Rick Salomon in September last year, but that marriage lasted only five months.

Over the last few months Anderson and Lee have been photographed visiting each other's houses, shopping together and watching their sons play sport.

The drummer said the relationship seemed to be working this time around.

'We've only given it a try 800 times,' he laughed. '801 here we go.'

Reunited: Pamela Anderson moves back in with Tommy Lee ten years after divorce

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cameron Diaz's Sculfor love

Cameron Diaz's romance with Paul Sculfor is getting serious.

The 'What Happens in Vegas' star, who was seen flirting with the British model over dinner earlier this month, enjoyed a second romantic date with Paul in Hollywood on Sunday (08.06.08).
The pair were spotted at the exclusive Chateau Marmont hotel and Cameron appeared to be smitten with Paul, Jennifer Aniston's ex-boyfriend.

A source said: "Cameron and Paul were sitting on the patio, leaning in toward each other. Her body language looked like she was really comfortable with him. She looked genuinely like a girl falling in love."

While Cameron has previously remained coy about her private life, onlookers say she was happy to flaunt her new romance.

The source added: "She wasn't really hiding him."

Although the blonde actress seems to have fallen head over heels for Paul, friends claim she still has feelings for ex-lover Justin Timberlake and has turned to him for support since the sudden death of her father Emilio in April.
One pal of Cameron's told America's OK! magazine: "She has been calling him constantly for support after the passing of her father."

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

'I won't conform to this ageist society,' says Madonna as she nears the big 50

Madonna has shown no sign of slowing down - despite turning 50 later this year.
The popstar accused society of being "ageist and sexist" in an interview with Hello magazine, insisting she has never been one to conform and will continue to juggle motherhood with her career.

'I won't conform to this ageist society,' says Madonna as she nears the big 50

Madonna said: "Not only does society suffer from racism and sexism, it also suffers from ageism.
"Once you reach a certain age you're not allowed to be adventurous, you're not allowed to be sexual.""I mean, is there a rule? Are you supposed to just die? I've never been a conformist."
The Material Girl also admitted to being a control freak prone to explosive tantrums but claimed her temper has improved over recent years as she has given way to her emotional side, revealing she often likes a good cry.
"What artist isn't a control freak?

"I used to go to the recording studio and explode. I don't explode in that way now but I have a dynamic personality.

"I'm a big cry baby - I actually cry all the time."

'I won't conform to this ageist society,' says Madonna as she nears the big 50

Despite facing a storm of controversy over the adoption of two-year-old Malawaian son David Banda, Madonna claims she had his father's blessing, also revealing daughter 11-year-old Lourdes often accompanies her to Africa to do voluntary work in the orphanage where David was found.She said: "David's father was very grateful that I was going to give his son a life and that had he kept his son with him in the village he would have buried him."I really didn't need any more conformation that I was doing the right thing and I had his blessing."Lourdes comes with me to do volunteer work in the orphanage, I know I can trust her to put on her mosquito spray."While her new movie I Am Because We Are received a warm welcome in Cannes, Madonna has uncharacteristically shied away from promoting the film in Britain.The 90-minute film about Malawian children was to be screened at the Glastonbury Festival this month, but the singer has pulled out.‘Madonna hoped the film could be shown on the Saturday and there was talk of a question and answer session,’ says a source.‘But poor ticket sales for the festival put her off. After talks with organisers it was decided the festival was not the right venue to showcase the film.’

Monday, June 09, 2008

It's a girl! Baby joy for Jessica Alba

Hollywood actress Jessica Alba has given birth to a baby girl, Honor Marie Warren.

The 27-year-old, who married her long-time boyfriend Cash Warren three weeks ago, deliver her first child at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on Saturday.

It's a girl! Baby joy for Jessica Alba

Alba's father was overheard saying 'she's beautiful', while Warren was seen carrying food into the maternity ward, sources told US Weekly magazine.

Alba has previously vowed to be a tough mother.

She has said: "I don't want to be my child's best friend; I want to be a mom. But I do want my child to come to me when they have problems and need to talk, so it's going to be about treading that line."

Alba met Warren, 29, on the set of "Fantastic Four" in 2004 where he was a director's assistant. Warren has since moved into producing.

The couple married in a quiet ceremony at the Beverly Hills courthouse on May 19.

Alba was dressed casually in a flowing blue dress and a ponytail, and sources say that aside from courthouse staff, no one else was present at the ceremony.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Amy Winehouse apologises for racist chants, sex and drugs in yet ANOTHER home video

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse has apologised after being caught in yet another shameful video which shows her surrounded by evidence of drugs and singing racist chants.

The home video footage was filmed by husband Blake Fielder-Civic, who is currently in prison facing trial for GBH and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Amy's latest shocking video comes just days after Sir Ian Blair called for celebrities caught taking drugs on camera to be put on trial.

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner said jurors should be given the chance to decide if illegal substances have been taken, reasoning that: 'a sensible jury would not expect people to be snorting talcum powder'.

The video, which was reportedly handed to the News of a World by a friend, shows Amy, 24, and another woman singing racist football chants to the tune of children's song 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes'.

However they have replaced the words with 'Blacks, pakis, gooks and nips' followed by: 'And deaf and dumb and blind and gay'.

A coffee table can be seen in the background displaying six cigarette lighters and a substance which looks like heroin on a foil.

In another section Blake, 26, asks Amy to perform a sex act on him in the public stairwell of a hotel. This is followed by a confused sequence showing shots of the steps and carpet.

Further footage shows Amy asleep while a friend Eddie discusses which drugs they have taken. He tells Blake 'A little bit of E, a little bit of C and a few beers, watched telly, smoked crack.'

Several photos of Amy have also been released including pictures of her surrounded with a pipe made from a bottle, and silver foil which appear to be drug taking paraphernalia.

Amy Winehouse apologises for racist chants, sex and drugs in yet ANOTHER home video

In one photo, a woman stands in front of a coffee table covered with evidence of drug taking including a ripped Rizla packet, empty cocaine wraps, a plastic cash card and a rolled up bank note.

In another, Babyshambles guitarist Mik Whitnall is pictured smoking from what appears to be a glass crack pipe.

The friend who released the video and photos claimed she did it to show the hold Blake has on Amy.

'Blake's clearly the instigator behind the idea of them having risky public sex. It looks like the camera was a new toy he wanted to try out,' the source told the News of the World.

She added: 'Some might say Blake's been the unwitting architect of Amy's downfall. But to risk all Amy's achievements and all her future by committing this sort of material to camera is beyond the pale.'

The damning video was revealed just as Amy's father, Mitch Winehouse insisted she was beating her drug addictions.

He admitted he had seen his daughter look like she was dying but said he was confident of her recovery from drug addiction.

'If people could see the real Amy - the full picture, not just the worst photos - they would realisshe is not in a constant pit of misery or permanently drug-addled.

'She's upbeat -even jolly- and she's been writing some fantastic new songs. She's really looking forward to performing again,' he told The People newspaper.

The 57-year-old taxi driver added: 'She is getting better, working hard, standing by her husband and desperate to have a family.

'I honestly think in two years she will be fit, healthy and having babies - and motherhood will be her drug.'

It is not the first time Amy has been caught in a controversial video. In January this year a video emerged showing her appearing to smoke crack cocaine.

A copy of the film was handed over at the request of the Metropolitan Police, but the star avoided prosecution because police could not prove what substance she was taking.

Amy appeared on the steps of her London home this morning and said sorry to photographers for her racist chants.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Jennifer Aniston's Mayer mystery

Jennifer Aniston has sparked rumours she has split from boyfriend John Mayer.The former 'Friends' actress - who has been dating the musician since early this year - was spotted dining with a mystery man at Los Angeles' Sunset Tower Hotel on Wednesday night (04.06.08).An onlooker said: "Jennifer looked really happy. She was smiling and laughing as she had dinner with her date and looked as though she was having a good time."

Jennifer wore a white vest top and beige jacket to the meal, while her bespectacled companion was casually dressed in a white long-sleeved shirt.John and Jennifer have been seen out together at various locations, including the wrap party for the new film she is shooting with Owen Wilson, 'Marley and Me'.
They were also photographed looking cosy while on holiday in Miami, and are said to be planning a romantic break to Mexico next month.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Blooming 'eck! Madonna leaves her gym wearing Victorian bloomers

For years she has been a racy style icon but with her 50th birthday fast approaching it seems Madonna is opting for a more matronly look away from the cameras.

The singer looks to be taking tips from the Victorians as she sports what appear to be a pair of bloomers after her daily gym session.

Pale, gaunt and a little frumpy the picture is a million miles from the slick image portrayed in her latest video for new song Give It To Me.
She is seen cavorting around thigh high boots and skimpy underwear with music producer Pharrell Williams, who is almost 15 years her junior.

The act follows her collaboration with 27-year-old Timberlake, which saw a similarly suggestive performance in the clip for their track Four Minutes.

Madonna, who is 50 in August, has a gruelling fitness regime in bid to stay in shape ahead of her birthday and forthcoming world tour.

It is understood that she has hired a second personal trainer and now trains six days a week for as much as three and half hours.

The married mother of three recently confessed that despite her super-toned physique she still worried about her fat thighs.

She is shown in footage shot during recording sessions for latest album Hard Candy telling producers: "Don't show my big fat thighs, whatever you do."

When asked about the film in an recent interview on US television she said: "My big Italian thighs. I am very proud of them."

But she also added that her new workout schedule was having an effect on the problem.

Her Sticky and Sweet Tour starts in the summer and will take her across Europe and America.

It will take her to nine European cities, beginning in Cardiff, Wales, before she plays 18 dates in the United States and Canada.

Her recent album, Hard Candy, has debuted at number one at 27 countries so far including the US, UK, France, Germany, Japan and Australia, according to her record company.

Blooming 'eck! Madonna leaves her gym wearing Victorian bloomers

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Kisses allowed? Sarah Harding cosies up to a lucky man... but he's not her boyfriend

If Sarah Harding's boyfriend Tom Crane has a jealous streak, he might do well to avert his eyes now.

The Girls Aloud pop star was spotted cosying up to a mystery man at Manchester's Hilton hotel over the weekend.

Wearing a form-fitting scarlet frock and towering peep toe heels, the singer leaned in for a warm embrace and what appeared to be a kisses with her handsome companion.

Kisses allowed? Sarah Harding cosies up to a lucky man... but he's not her boyfriend

Of course, it may simply be the flirtatious 26-year-old putting her playful side on show.

Sarah and her DJ boyfriend began dating a year ago after she split from her journalist boyfriend Joe Mott.

The now live together in the singer's £1 million flat in London's Camden and have already discussed the prospect of marriage and children.

Kisses allowed? Sarah Harding cosies up to a lucky man... but he's not her boyfriend

Sarah, who revealed Tom has promised to propose to her in Venice when the time is right, has said: 'We have talked about children. Tommy wants loads. More than I think I can pop out!'

The notorious party-girl also says the pair plan to build their own home in the country.

She has said: 'We've got plans to move out and build our own place. There's some land we've got our eye on.

'I want to be out in the country, riding horses, sitting by a big log fire and being a home bod.'

Sarah and her Girls Aloud band mates have just wrapped up their Tangled Up UK tour with an emotional final performance in Birmingham last night.

Kisses allowed? Sarah Harding cosies up to a lucky man... but he's not her boyfriend

Kisses allowed? Sarah Harding cosies up to a lucky man... but he's not her boyfriend

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Pop Three: Britney Spears Sex Tape Leak, Angelina Jolie Birthday Party, Million Dollar Password Debuts

Is there a Britney Spears sex tape floating around? A report claims that Adnan Ghalib, her former paparazzi lover is receiving threats over the alleged tape. Next up for Wednesday, Regis Philbin is back with "Million Dollar Password" a new version of the staple game show Password that was a hit for almost thirty years. And rounding out pop three, Angelina Jolie turns 33 today in France with her beau Brad Pitt and her family.

Pop One: There are reports that there is a Britney Spears sex video will be leaked online showing Britney is a seductive striptease. ABC Action News from Florida is reporting that the video is said to have be made during a wild and well-documented trip to Mexico last year when everything Britney and the paparazzo did was under a microscope. There were already several pictures of the pair that were leaked earlier that showed Britney in photos in various stages of undress.

Pop Two: The game show Password is back and is being hosted by Regis Philbin. Jon Shanks reports that Million Dollar Password debuted on CBS on Sunday night to pretty decent ratings. Game show lovers tuned in to see the traditional game show re-emerge. Million Dollar Password will run through the summer.

Pop Three: Guess who turns thirty-three today? Angelina Jolie will ring in her birthday in France pregnant with twins and surrounded by her kids and her boyfriend Brad Pitt. There has been all sorts of wild reports of $20 Million baby photos and birth reports but at last count, she is still pregnant and now one year older.

Video: Jennifer Aniston Dinner Date With John Mayer

This was bound to happen. When Jennifer Aniston was serious with Vince Vaughn she was able to make her way around Los Angeles on dates with her "Break Up" co-star and fly under the radar for the most part. They were a very high profile couple but it seemed difficult for the paparazzi to nab them in shots together. With John Mayer, Jennifer Aniston is completely different.

First there were the amazing pictures that emerged from Miami that showed a stunning body on the 39-year old Aniston in several skimpy bikini swimsuits. There were a few PDA displays by the couple poolside as well. Now Us Weekly magazine has a video of the couple out together as well.

The magazine reports that just two days after Jennifer Aniston brought beau John Mayer to BFF Courteney Cox's house, he joined them for dinner at L.A. restaurant Madeo on Tuesday. After the meal, the group hung out in the front of the Italian joint, laughing and chatting and it is all caught on film.

Check out the clip here. Will Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer defy all the odds and make it? There is already speculation that they might move in together and rumors of joint tattoos which surely means they will split at some point.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Angelina Jolie becomes a Barbarella bombshell in latest smouldering shoot

Angelina Jolie becomes a Barbarella bombshell in latest smouldering shoot
Angelina Jolie has turned to sci-fi siren Barbarella for inspiration in a smouldering shoot for Vanity Fair magazine.

The Hollywood star is at her seductive best on the cover with her trademark pout painted scarlet red and tresses teased into a bombshell 'do in the spirit of Jane Fonda's iconic 1960s character.
The 32-year-old, who is expecting twins, told the magazine being pregnant makes her feel sexier than ever.

She said: "I love it. It makes me feel like a woman. It makes me feel that all the things about my body are suddenly there for a reason. It makes you feel round and supple, and to have a little life inside you is amazing.

"Also, I’m fortunate. I think some women have a different experience depending on their partner. I think that affects it. I happen to be with somebody who finds pregnancy very sexy. So that makes me feel very sexy."

The rumour mill was in overdrive late last week with claims the actress had delivered two girls named Isla Marcheline and Amelie Jane Jolie-Pitt in France.

Respected U.S. TV show Entertainment Tonight claimed that Jolie went into labour on Sunday where she has been living with partner Brad Pitt, 44.

However a rep for Jolie denied the reports, saying: "Angelina has not given birth. She is fine, enjoying her home and her family in France."

She and partner Brad Pitt, 44, are already parents to Shiloh, 2, and adopted kids Maddox, 6, Pax, 4, and Zahara, 3.

Angelina Jolie becomes a Barbarella bombshell in latest smouldering shoot

Audrina Patridge Upskirt With Panties!

 Audrina Patridge Upskirt With Panties!

 Audrina Patridge Upskirt With Panties!

guess when Audrina Patridge isn’t showing off her funbags in photoshoots, she’s showing off her panties when getting out of vehicles. You know, if she keeps this trend up she might replace Heidi Montag as my new favorite Hills star. So ladies, let the competition begin.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

'I've got my Tomb Raider guns - and I'm not afraid to use them,' says Angelina

Angelina Jolie has revealed she owns real versions of the guns she toted in the movie Tomb Raider - and she and partner Brad Pitt wouldn't be afraid to use them. The actress, who is rumoured to have given birth to twin girls Isla and Amelie, says she and Pitt keep a firearm in their house to protect themselves and their expanding brood...
A solid gold pendant nestles in the plunging neckline of Angelina Jolie's black dress.Forgive me if this is the first thing I notice when she rises to greet me.
But it leaps out because it’s no ordinary bauble; it has the unmistakable shape of a machine gun.Apparently it was made by a jeweller based on a drawing by her son, Maddox, and given to her as a Mother's Day present by her partner, Brad Pitt.

'I've got my Tomb Raider guns - and I'm not afraid to use them,' says Angelina

I suppose I'm mostly taken aback because of our situation; Jolie is very pregnant, with twins expected any day now, and we are in the rarefied surroundings of a suite in the Carlton hotel in Cannes.

It's old-school luxury: yellow Provençal wallpaper, a salmon-pink sofa upon which Jolie perches and a matching chair for me.

(As it happens, she is even more rarefied than the setting – and this suite costs £1,600. Despite the Carlton being the temporary home of all the big Hollywood studios and production companies during the film festival, she and Pitt are actually staying in a £4,000-a-night villa at the Hotel du Cap, a 30-minute drive from Cannes on the outskirts of Antibes, where Harrison Ford, Robert De Niro and Madonna are also staying. A helicopter is on standby there for a swift maternity-hospital transfer.)

But as it happens, the machine-gun motif is entirely apt, as we begin by talking about guns and how she would kill for real if compelled to do so. One of the movies she's in Cannes to promote is Wanted, in which she plays assassin Fox, part of a shadowy team called the Fraternity who kill the bad guys before the bad guys get to kill anyone else.

'I've got my Tomb Raider guns - and I'm not afraid to use them,' says Angelina

James McAvoy plays a nerd who's hauled out of a boring, nine-to-five existence to be trained up. McAvoy said he felt odd handling the weapons in the film.

Jolie had no such qualms. And she says intense training in various combat techniques for films such as Wanted and Mr & Mrs Smith – the action thriller on which she met Pitt – means she could protect herself in a fight if she had to.

'If anybody comes into my home and tries to hurt my kids, I've no problem shooting them,' she says with a dry candour.

'I bought original, real guns of the type we used in Tomb Raider for security. Brad and I are not against having a gun in the house, and we do have one. And yes, I'd be able to use it if I had to. I could handle myself. I think there are certain combat skills that would come out. I tend to want to throw an elbow. I don't know why. I've learned all the punches, head butts and kicks – yet getting someone with my elbow is my first instinct.

'I think it's good for anybody to learn a skill when it comes to fight training – be it kung fu, boxing or kick-boxing – because self-defence is important. Brad and I want our kids to learn it. They're going to get into a fight some day, so they might as well learn how to take care of themselves.

'I've got my Tomb Raider guns - and I'm not afraid to use them,' says Angelina

I was kind of a punk when I was a kid, but I didn't get picked on.

I was left alone because I was a bit of a loner. I would get into fights on behalf of other people. I wasn't a pushover. So I wasn't the one who was targeted.

'There's a side to me that people know is humanitarian, and there's a side to me that's a mummy. But there's also the side that likes to get down and dirty and run and jump around and fire guns. I don't want to lose touch with that.

That's one of the reasons I like to do action movies. It's good for me every once in a while.'

Looking at her now, I believe she could handle herself. She's looked thin, but not any more; Jolie is impressively big – she rests a protective hand on her mighty bump during our talk – and her arms are no longer bony.

She's 33 in a few days' time; her exotic face, with those skyscraper-high cheekbones and naturally full lips which must be on the wall of every plastic surgeon in Hollywood, look just as good in real life.

She has a deep West Coast drawl and is refreshingly direct – ask a question and she bats it right back .

She is still completely redolent of the girl who looked sensational in Lara Croft's spray-on latex tankini, complete with a Magnum in each thigh holster, or the sexy, heavily tattooed, gun-toting assassin she plays in Wanted.

Based on the Mark Millar comic books, the film contains violent action throughout, but Jolie has no issue with this.

'If the Fraternity was just a bunch of people that killed for fun and enjoyed torturing people, then I wouldn't be interested. But I liked this idea that if there were people who you knew were going to kill others in the future, should you take them out? And that's interesting in a bigger political way.
'I've got my Tomb Raider guns - and I'm not afraid to use them,' says Angelina

example, we have an international criminal court that can issue arrest warrants for Darfur, the Congo and other places. But are we ready to back it up? And if we don't back it up, what's the other solution?

'Do we just go to war and kill a bunch of civilians in the process? I think there does need to be something to prevent other kinds of violence.'

In the past, expressing her wild side took the form of some very out-there behaviour – wearing a vial of blood drawn from her then-husband Billy Bob Thornton, a fascination with knives, a suggestion she'd be open to gay sex.

These days, when Jolie kicks loose it's on a film set in action movies. It's also a good way of impressing the children, apparently – Maddox, seven, whom she adopted as a baby before she started seeing Pitt; Pax, four, and Zahara, three, who are both also adopted; and two-year-old Shiloh, her biological daughter with Pitt.

'Maybe they'll finally think I'm cool, because now, for them, I'm just Mum. My son asks me to play a video game and I'm appalling at it, and so is Brad.

We don't even understand it properly. So maybe one day my kids will see films like Wanted and see that Mum is not a total dork.'

But what about the violence? 'It's just not a reality in this day and age to say, "I'm never going to let my kids watch a movie that has a gun in it." It's important to know that this exists. But I'm very clear with my children about who's a good guy and who's bad. If they're watching a movie at home and they say, "Is that a bad guy, Mummy?", I say, "Well, is he trying to hurt somebody?" If you see somebody picking on a person or starting the fight, that's the bad guy.'
Angelina Jolie

Jolie's preparation for Wanted saw her reunited with Eunice Huthart, a 41-year-old Liverpudlian and a former winner of TV's Gladiators, who has been her stunt double since she made the Tomb Raider films. 'Maddox is a Liverpool fan,' says Jolie.

'He watches them whenever he can and that's because of Eunice. She got him into soccer and she's a Liverpool girl.

'The great thing about her is that she knows me very well, so she can help set up a stunt that's safe enough for me to do.

'So while in the film I get to do the majority of stunts, she is the one who preps them and makes sure they work. That's the dangerous thing. She makes it safe for me.

'Actually, I got a bad injury on Tomb Raider, but it's always the stupidest things that get you; the big, crazy stunts are fine. Like when I had to run and jump over a box. The floor was wet and my ankle snapped. I tore the tendons and came back two days later with a cane. They tried to rush me off the set, saying, "Not great for crew morale – could you please put the cane away?"

She didn't prepare as intensely for Wanted as she did for the two Tomb Raider films. 'I didn't get into such great shape, because I just don't have the time, with the kids. I used to be able to train all the time, but it's different now. My body has changed, I've had a baby and I've breast-fed, although bringing up four children is harder than making an action movie.

'In Wanted, James and I have a fight, and I get to kick his ass – it's always fun to do that stuff. I like doing the risky stunts. It's an adrenaline rush and it's fun. It's very much in our family. Brad and I met doing that kind of thing on Mr & Mrs Smith. We have a healthy competition in the house for craziness.'

That love of an adrenaline kick extends to driving and flying. Not for her a girly party to celebrate her pregnancy: 'My girlfriends rented a sports car for me instead. So Brad and I just drove around LA in this Mercedes all day. It was fantastic. I love to drive, but I don't get to do it very much these days, because I don't like being followed by the paparazzi.'

Seven years after the first Tomb Raider, this is where her celebrity has taken her. The night before our interview, she and Pitt walked up the Cannes red carpet for the premiere of the animated film Kung Fu Panda (one of the movies she is pushing). A collective madness descended.

Thousands of people screamed from the streets around the Palais des Festivals. Later on, the couple briefly attended the after-screening party, and as limousines ferried them the short distance from the Palais, fans swarmed down La Croisette trying to snatch photos of them on their mobile phones.

Freedom and security are constant themes. She and Pitt own a single-prop Cirrus aircraft and both have a pilot's licence. 'I've now got an instrument rating, which means I can fly in bad weather and at night.

'The plane has a parachute – like a rocket chute – in case you get into trouble. I love the idea of just being up in the air, but I think it's more about the travel for me, the freedom it represents.

'I just want to go to places that are still unmapped. I mean, from here the two of us could hop in a plane and go to lunch in Italy...'

As well as that striking machine-gun pendant, Jolie is distinctive because of her tattoos.

Two are visible today on her left arm – one on the inside of her wrist, a tiny 'H' for Haven, her brother, and the other on her forearm, the Tennessee Williams quote 'A prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages'.

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There are plenty more, though – map co-ordinates of where she adopted her children (which cover up an old Billy Bob tattoo), a tiger and dragon on her back, 'What nourishes me also destroys me' in Latin, and a letter 'M' on the palm of her right hand, representing her mother, the actress Marcheline Bertrand, who died from ovarian cancer in January 2007.

The tattoos are normally a nightmare for the make-up department, but not on Wanted. They added more. 'I loved it,' says Jolie. 'I wanted to get tattooed when I finished the film. I had four or five on my arms, a big piece on my back and two on my bottom.

I can't keep track of how many real ones I have now.' Despite her obsession with her body, there's far more to Jolie than most female stars.

Her work as a goodwill ambassador for the Office of the UN High Commissioner For Refugees began after filming the first Tomb Raider movie in Cambodia.

She then started visiting other troubled countries – more than 20 to date – and along with Pitt has donated millions of dollars to humanitarian projects.

'When you've been raised around Hollywood and you suddenly find yourself with a backpack in a war zone, where people are dying and crying because they don't have enough food for their kids, you very quickly realise what matters.

At the time it was like being smacked in the face and told, "What are you so upset about?"

From that moment on I never lost that focus. 'On my first trip to Sierra Leone I ended up in a convoy with just one other woman.

'Another truck broke down, the group became separated and suddenly we were responsible for truckloads of people. It was getting dark and we were going through roadblocks that were just some guys with guns.

'And that was the country where they were cutting everybody's arms and feet off. And I remember thinking, "God, they could just decide to kill us… What am I doing here?" I remember having this bizarre feeling of being very far from home and feeling very vulnerable.'

Jolie and Pitt have homes dotted around the world – one in LA, another in New Orleans and even a place in Cambodia.

There is constant speculation that they are about to marry. 'It's funny, because it's news to us,' she laughs.

'We're together because we want to be, and we want to raise these children together. We've both been married before. It's not about some piece of paper.

'I'm sure we'll do it one day.'

She's had a hard time getting along with her father, actor Jon Voight. He separated from Jolie's mother shortly after she was born, and Jolie and her brother were raised by Bertrand.

There have been long periods where Jolie had no contact with Voight. But recently, she reveals, they spoke on the phone.

'We've had a difficult relationship. It was important for me to distance myself from it, because it was unhealthy.

'But I called him and we've spoken recently. We're going to try to see each other. I don't think we'll ever have that daddy-and-daughter relationship, but maybe we can get to know each other as friends.'

With three films in the can – she is also in Changeling, Clint Eastwood's new film – and the twins due, she is taking the rest of the year off.

In fact, she says she can see a time when she quits acting altogether. 'I have now considered only doing films few and far between, and then only films that are really important to me.

The criteria have changed for me.' What would she be doing if she weren't making films? 'Oh, I'd be at home baking cookies,' she laughs. And then she winks – a very naughty Mrs Smith wink indeed. 'Wanted' is released on June 27