Sunday, April 29, 2007

Investigation Into Akon Dirty Dancing.

The Prime Minister of Trinidad, PATRICK MANNING, has demanded a formal investigation into a raunchy dance routine between R&B singer AKON and a 14-year-old girl.

The Lonely star sparked controversy after getting steamy on the dancefloor with the teenager at Trinidad's Club Zen on 12 April (07).

The Caribbean nation's Prime Minister Manning is demanding an investigation into the matter, reports

He says, "I have taken very careful notice of this matter and the owner of Zen owes it to the public to take responsibility. I will be interfacing with Zen because that kind of thing should never be allowed to happen in this country."

Friday, April 27, 2007

Lindsay Lohan's lonely slumber

Lindsay Lohan hates sleeping alone. The 'Mean Girls' star - who recently completed a stint in rehab for alcoholism - claims she parties all night, despite the temptation to drink, because she hates going to bed alone. Lindsay, who is rumoured to be involved in a lesbian relationship with DJ friend Samantha Ronson, told Nylon magazine: "It's so much harder to stay sober in New York. "Though it's hard in Los Angeles not to go out, it gets lonely. Being an actress is lonely, and I never want to be alone. I hate sleeping alone." The 20-year-old - who last year was sent a warning letter from movie producers of her film 'Georgia Rule' scolding her for her continuous partying and apparent lack of professionalism - believes she deserves to go out and have fun as she works so hard. Lindsay, who was accompanied by Ronson throughout the interview, said: "I'm at the point where I think 'Oh my God I'm going to go out!' "I work hard enough and I know how to take care of myself. I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow."

Pamela Anderson's Baywatch thrill

Pamela Anderson thrilled fans by donning her famous red 'Baywatch' swimsuit again. The 39-year-old blonde, who starred as sexy lifeguard CJ Parker in the hit TV series, drew gasps from onlookers as she ran up and down a Malibu beach and frolicked in the surf - sparking rumours she is set to star in a comeback show. A source said: "Seeing Pamela in that lifeguard costume is probably one of the most famous images in the world. People stood and stared as she sprinted in the surf. I think a comeback series would still be a global hit." Pammie - who has had two children and two failed marriages since leaving the show almost a decade ago - showed she is still as sexy as she was in the show's heyday as she flaunted her curves. The actress recently announced she is to star in brand new series 'Malibu' created by the 'Baywatch' team. She said: "I can't say no to the guys from 'Baywatch', they are great to my kids - my schedule is built around theirs. It's just a few days a week and I'm close to home. I love the idea, 'The Flamingo Kid' meets 'Baywatch', the show is called 'Malibu'. I've come full circle - back to the beach." While there are rumours of a new 'Baywatch' TV series and movie, it has been reported Pammie re-created her lifeguard look for a TV commercial for sun lotion. At its peak, 'Baywatch' - which ran from 1989 to 2001 - was seen by a billion viewers in 148 countries, making it the most watched TV series ever. Pammie first appeared in the show in 1992, aged 25.

Britney Spears shows off her new body again

Britney Spears was spotted at Millennium Dance Studio, once again wearing her dancing cowgirl outfit. Hard to imagine yesterday she looked like this. She looks way better when she doesn't wear her lipstick, so it's hard to figure out why she's always putting it on. It's like she goes out of her way to look bad. One of these days she's gonna get plastic surgery and when the surgeon asks what she wants to look like she'll reply, "George Costanza."

Lindsay Lohan's driver is an asshole

Lindsay Lohan is so full of herself it's starting to rub off on her help. Lohan's driver plowed into Tony Bennett's daughter on Wednesday and then started screaming at her, even using the "Don't you know who I am?" line. Antonia Bennett says:

"[He] was hostile with me. He ran into me, then got out of his car and started yelling at me." Her manager, Keya Morgan, said Zagata was waiting to pick up Lohan in the parking lot of the recording studio in Burbank and talking on his cellphone when "he hit Antonia's car. Then he has the nerve to jump out and scream, 'Don't you know who I am? I represent Lindsay Lohan! How dare you get in my way!' He had no idea who Antonia was." Morgan said that Zagata tried to blame Antonia "but [that] there were six witnesses, including the security guard who saw him ram her." He said that Antonia was shaken up and that her car suffered close to $2,000 in damages.

Did this idiot seriously expect to be recognized? He's Lindsay Lohan's driver. You'd have a better chance of recognizing your neighbor's dry cleaner. Or some guy in Italy you've never met.

Dogg Overstayed Aussie Visa.

Dogg Overstayed Aussie Visa.... Rapper Snoop Dogg fell out of favour with Australian immigration officials after he overstayed his visa in February (07). The hip-hop star, real name Calvin Broadus, has been refused entry into Australia this week (ends27Apr07), where he was expected to co-host the Mtv Australia Video Music Awards in Sydney on Sunday (29Apr07). The country's Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews said the rapper's previous criminal convictions in his native America had contributed to their refusal to grant him a visa. Speaking on local radio Macquarie this morning (26Apr07), Andrews said, "The reality is in relation to this man, that he was given a warning the last time, he has a whole string of convictions, and, just two weeks ago I was told he was convicted on a number of charges again and sentenced to three years' imprisonment on two, and three years' imprisonment on another, with five years' probation and a suspended sentence." Andrews said Snoop Dogg was given an official warning during his last visit Down Under in February, when he overstayed his visa by two days. Snoop Dogg and pal Sean 'Diddy' Combs were forced to cancel their joint UK gigs last month (Mar07) after the country's Foreign And Commonwealth Office refused to grant him a visa. Broadus recently (11Apr07) escaped a jail term after pleading no contest to charges of sale or transportation of marijuana and possession of a gun. But he already has a 1990 felony conviction for possession of drugs for sale.

Anna Nicole Smith baby battle continues

Anna Nicole Smith's mother is attempting to block her granddaughter's return to the US. The late Playboy playmate's ex-lover, Larry Birkhead - the proven biological father of Dannielynn - was granted freedom to leave the Bahamas with his seven-month-old daughter by a Nassau court on Wednesday (25.04.07). But Arthur has filed an appeal objecting to the judge's ruling, an unusual decision as she lives in the US and had previously argued that her daughter and her grandson Daniel should be buried near her Texas home, and not in the Bahamas. There will be a public court hearing regarding her appeal today (27.04.07). Dannielynn has remained in the Bahamas under the care of Howard K. Stern - Anna Nicole's lover and lawyer - since Anna Nicole died of an accidental drug overdose in Florida on February 8. Birkhead said efforts were "in the works" to obtain a passport for Dannielynn and he hoped to travel to the US "pretty soon". The 34-year-old photographer - who had been locked in a custody battle with Arthur - has been ordered to return to the Nassau court for another formal custody hearing on June 9.

Marisa Miller still kinda pretty

Maris Miller was spotted at the Us Magazine Hot Hollywood 2007 Party in a top that's barely holding her breasts in. I imagine this is what Lindsay Lohan will look like in 10 years if she grows a foot, loses 20 lbs, and turns hot. And also gets a face transplant. And body transplant. Basically the only way she'll look like this is if Marisa Miller changes her name to Lindsay Lohan.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Britney Spears has saggy boobs

Britney Spears was spotted in Santa Monica without her bra on, and looking like she put her lipstick on with her feet. I know she's had two kids, but that's why they invented the bra. So nobody would have to see her deflated boobs through that shower curtain she calls a dress. And what the hell is going on here? How does she look like this one day, and like this the other? It's like she has a secret twin sister nobody knows about. Who's also a robot. And solves crimes. Hey, she sounds fun! My stupid twin sister just lies in bed all day and complains about her cancer.

Britney Spears' tell-all book

Britney Spears is allegedly planning to lift the lid on exes Justin Timberlake and Kevin Federline in a tell-all book. The 'Toxic' singer is said to be "hurt and angry" about her failed relationships and is now set to exorcise her demons by naming the people "who did me wrong" in a sizzling autobiography. A source told America's Star magazine: "Britney blames most of her problems with drugs and alcohol on the heartache she experienced years before, during her time with Justin - she couldn't trust him. "I hear she's going to say she believes he constantly lied to her about other girls and that destroyed her self-esteem. "She also felt he became mean toward the end of their relationship, she said he called her fat and told her she'd need to lose weight before he would have sex with her. "When Justin learns about this book, he's going to be p***ed." Britney, 25, dated Justin - who she met on Disney show 'The Mickey Mouse Club' - for almost four years until 2001. Sources also claim the book may reveal the singer and mother-of-two contemplated suicide when she realised husband Kevin Federline was using her for fame and money. A source said: "His womanising, his wild spending, the verbal abuse he hurled at her when he thought their marriage was coming to an end. Britney will say he deliberately tried to drive her crazy. "She feels Kevin just pretended to love her for the money and a music career. When that sunk in, she was so heartbroken that she wanted to kill herself." The book will also allegedly expose Britney's mother, 51-year-old Lynne, as the person she blames the most for everything that has gone wrong in her life. The source said: "Britney will call her a 'stage mom from hell' and blame her for almost every ill in her life. "She'll say Lynne's money hungry and that she was just along for the free ride. Britney thinks of her as a meddling, smothering person and blames her for her messy marriages."

Lindsay Lohan's public lesbian kiss

Lindsay Lohan "made out" with her female DJ best friend in front of Japanese clubbers, it has been reported. The 'Mean Girls' star is said to have enjoyed a passionate lesbian embrace with Samantha Ronson in a Tokyo nightclub. An insider told America's Star magazine: "They just started making out right there like they didn't care who saw them. "Everyone knows they are more than just friends. They are lovers. Maybe because they were across the globe they didn't think anyone would notice." Lohan allegedly gets together with 29-year-old Ronson whenever she is single. The source claims the actress once said: "If I'm not with a guy we hook up." Reports of 20-year-old Lohan's supposed lesbian leanings surfaced earlier this month when former publicist Jonathan Jaxson claimed she was "tired of boys" and had decided to "spice up" her love life with Ronson on his personal blog. Lohan and Ronson first met three years ago in a Los Angeles nightclub. Her representatives have denied the pair are involved in a relationship. The young Hollywood star recently pulled out of starring in new movie 'The Best Time of Our Lives', which follows the life of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. Lohan's role would have involved a steamy threesome with British beauty Keira Knightley.

Justin Timberlake's grab rules

Justin Timberlake's fans have been told they can "touch" but not "grab" the singer. The singer's security team reportedly laid down the strict instructions to people in the front row of his 'FutureSex/LoveSounds' tour. A source said: "They were quite specific about what was and what was not allowed. We've never known anything like it. It was hysterical." Despite the stern warnings, Justin - who kicked off his UK and European tour at Belfast's Odyssey Arena on Tuesday (24.04.07) - was joined on stage by two men. The source added: "Justin looked a bit perturbed. Far from concentrated on singing he was looking all around as the action unfolded." The men had splashed out on exclusive tickets for the SexyBack Dance Club - a private area right in front of the stage. It was reported they mocked Justin before the singer's burly bodyguards forced them off the stage. Justin, who is touring with hip-hop mogul Timbaland, is also set to perform in Glasgow, Manchester, Paris, Munich, Milan, Berlin and Amsterdam.

Snoop Dogg's Oz ban

"We're hopeful that when people tune in to MTV at seven o'clock on Sunday, they'll see Snoop on the red carpet." The 35-year-old hip-hop star received a warning after overstaying his visa by two days when he visited Australia in February. Snoop Dogg has been refused entry into Australia. The rapper failed to pass the country's strict character test, which considers criminal convictions, and his visa has been cancelled. Snoop, who was due fly to Australia to co-host the MTV Australian Video Music Awards on Sunday (29.04.07), has 28 days to contest the decision. Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews told Sydney's Macquarie Radio Network: "He doesn't seem the sort of bloke we want in this country. "This man has been a member of a Los Angeles gang, and is still associated with it apparently, that's been involved in murder, robberies and drug dealing in the Los Angeles area." MTV are currently in discussions with immigration officials to overturn the star's ban. MTV managing director Dave Sibly said: "We're putting a lot of energy in to making a case for how popular Snoop is and the fact he's been here before without incident. Snoop - real name Calvin Broadus - was recently given five years probation and 800 hours of community service after pleading no contest to gun and drug charges in the US. This is the second time this year the rapper has been barred from entering another country. Last month, he was forced to scrap the UK leg of his tour with P. Diddy after being denied a visa, following a brawl in London's Heathrow Airport last year. Earlier this year, the rapper was interviewed by Swedish police on suspicion of using illegal narcotics after performing in Stockholm. Snoop's lawyer, Donald Etra, said he had not heard about his client's refused entry into Australia and could not comment.

Michael Jackson Financial Battle Trial Set For June.

A June (07) trial date has been set for MICHAEL JACKSON's multi-million pound financial battle with the cousin of music mogul DAMON DASH. Darien Dash claims Jackson owes his company Prescient Acquisition Group of Hackensack $48 million (£24 million) after they refinanced a $272 million (£136 million) bank loan and arranged $537 million (£268 million) so Jackson could buy out Sony's half interest in The Beatles' catalogue of songs in 2004. Jackson was fighting child molestation charges at the time - but was later acquitted. Dash's attorney, Steven Altman tells the New York Daily News, "Many business people were unwilling to risk public association with a man who was then widely viewed as the world's most notorious paedophile." It's still unclear if the troubled singer will appear in Judge Kevin Castel's courtroom in New York on 18 June, but the star's attorney Londell McMillan is pleading his innocence, saying, "Michael is not going to be hijacked by the threat of fraudulent claims."

Anna Nicole's Mother Appeals To Halt Birkhead Travel Plans.

ANNA NICOLE SMITH's estranged mother VIRGIE ARTHUR has filed an appeal to prevent her baby granddaughter from leaving her home in the Bahamas. Little Dannielynn's father Larry Birkhead was hoping to leave the islands and return home to California with his baby daughter, but now Arthur is keen to keep the child in the jurisdiction of the Bahamas - until she can confirm her own custody issues. A new custody hearing is scheduled for later today (27Apr07). Birkhead met with his attorneys yesterday (26Apr07) to cut through his baby daughter's passport issues and get her birth certificate changed so it features him as the legal and biological father. Birkhead also met Arthur and former paternity rival Howard K. Stern in a Bahamian courthouse yesterday to discuss his travel plans for baby Dannielynn. Birkhead's first destination will reportedly be Kentucky, where the photographer hopes to introduce his baby daughter to family members.

Snoop Dogg Overstayed Aussie Visa.

Rapper SNOOP DOGG fell out of favour with Australian immigration officials after he overstayed his visa in February (07). The hip-hop star, real name Calvin Broadus, has been refused entry into Australia this week (ends27Apr07), where he was expected to co-host the MTV Australia Video Music Awards in Sydney on Sunday (29Apr07). The country's Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews said the rapper's previous criminal convictions in his native America had contributed to their refusal to grant him a visa. Speaking on local radio Macquarie this morning (26Apr07), Andrews said, "The reality is in relation to this man, that he was given a warning the last time, he has a whole string of convictions, and, just two weeks ago I was told he was convicted on a number of charges again and sentenced to three years' imprisonment on two, and three years' imprisonment on another, with five years' probation and a suspended sentence." Andrews said Snoop Dogg was given an official warning during his last visit Down Under in February, when he overstayed his visa by two days. Snoop Dogg and pal Sean 'Diddy' Combs were forced to cancel their joint UK gigs last month (Mar07) after the country's Foreign And Commonwealth Office refused to grant him a Broadus recently (11Apr07) escaped a jail term after pleading no contest to charges of sale or transportation of marijuana and possession of a gun. But he already has a 1990 felony conviction for possession of drugs for sale.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lindsay Lohan wears short shorts

Lindsay Lohan was spotted at Club Winston yesterday dressed like some sort of lumberjack prostitute. Have you ever seen anybody so starved for attention? Everybody else in the car is just talking with each other and Lindsay's striking poses. If you ever need to defeat her in battle just pull out a camera. Then when she starts posing and taking her clothes off sock her over the head with a bag filled with nickels. It'll work every time.

A few more of Lindsay Lohan and her legs after the jump.

Joe Simpson to manage Britney Spears?

According to an inside source, Jessica Simpson's dad, Joe Simpson, is considering managing Britney Spears and even tried to set up a meeting with her over the weekend. Although I thought he only liked managing his daughters. And by "managing" I mean "trying to have sex with." Has this guy done anything for their careers other than stand in the background of all their photos and look creepy? I guess he did get Jessica Simpson those Pizza Hut commercials. Seriously, my coffee maker could probably do a better job.

Britney Spears nipple slip (sort of)

Britney Spears was spotted coming home from the recording studio yesterday in a torn shirt with her nipple popping out. Although it's tough to get past that stupid smile of hers. She could be completely naked and juggling rattlesnakes and the only thing you'd notice about the picture is how much you wish somebody taped something over her face.

Anna Nicole Smith's Diaries Sell At Last.

An unnamed Texas-based recording company executive has snapped up two of ANNA NICOLE SMITH's journals from the early 1990s - for $59,750 (£29,875). The two diaries, which failed to sell at a recent auction, were put up for sale at a minimum bid of $25,000 (£12,500) by Heritage Auction Galleries of Dallas. Two unnamed bidders fought for the journals. The auction house obtained the journals and other memorabilia items from an anonymous German businessman, who purchased the items on website eBay for more than $500,000 (£250,000) several weeks ago. Click here to find out more! Smith's companion Howard K. Stern attempted to stall the sale of the diaries by alleging they had been stolen. A spokesman for Heritage Auction Galleries claims experts had investigated the history of the journals and believed they were legitimately obtained by a celebrity memorabilia dealer in Los Angeles. The diaries, from 1992 and 1994, were originally claimed by a neighbour of Smith's mother Virgie Arthur when he spotted her throwing them out with the trash. BIRKHEAD - Anna nicoles ex gets the ok to leave the bahamas with baby ANNA NICOLE SMITH's ex-boyfriend LARRY BIRKHEAD has been given the all-clear to leave the Bahamas with his baby daughter Dannielynn. A judge has greenlighted the photographer's plans to return home to Burbank, California with the baby - as long as Birkhead agrees to return for a full custody hearing in June (07). But tmz claims Smith's estranged mother, Virgie Arthur, has objected to the new ruling and could appeal. Birkhead was named Dannielynn's biological father earlier this month after a lengthy paternity battle.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Shanna Moakler posts Paris and Lindsay's info

Shanna Moakler posted Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan's contact information on her MySpace over the weekend, writing: "I posted this blog back in January to let you all know that my accounts were hacked. ... and since there are 2 little girls with to much time on their hands and no one to love like to share my 'hacked' info as well. ive tried to disassociate myself from both these parties for some time now and like a fungus they wont go away." The posting then listed what she claimed were the e-mail address and phone number for Hilton and e-mail addresses for Lohan. Paris' rep Elliot Mintz responded to the post, saying: "This woman is simply desperate for press and attention. Shanna deliberately posted Paris's phone number and e-mail address on her Web site. It was an unprovoked invasion upon Paris's privacy, which immediately caused her to change her contact information. It was a childish, mean-spirited thing to do. And we are not going to dignify such an action with any additional comment." Jesus, they're all children. I'm surprised they haven't started spreading rumors the others have cooties. They could run up to them, pinch them, and run away while yelling "Slut!" and come off sounding more mature. And just cause, here's Paris Hilton buying a parakeet dressed like she just busted out of prison.

Britney Spears shows off her body

Britney Spears was spotted at Millennium Dance Studio showing off her new body. There's some major sucking in going on here, but are those, yes, I think they are. Those are abs! I pictured her stomach as a giant vat of jelly, so this is a pleasant surprise. As is this shot of her gigantic booty. Not sure what's going on with the cowboy boots though. She's either getting ready to dance or getting ready to ride a horse off into the sunset. Or both. What am I, psychic? A ton more of Britney Spears and her new body after the jump.

Madonna's Malawi exit

Madonna has left Malawi without letting the father of her adopted son see his only child, it has been claimed. Farmer Yohane Banda is said to be distraught after two meetings for him to be reunited with 18-month-old David were cancelled. The singer visited the African country last week with baby David and daughter Lourdes, where she spent time working on projects for her charity, Raising Malawi. Although the trio went to the Home of Hope orphanage, where Madonna first met David last year, the much-publicised father and son reunion failed to materialise. A source told People magazine: "Yohane was there all day on Saturday (21.04.07) and in the morning of her visit. "He was told he would spend some time with his son but the meeting was cancelled." Madonna's representative, Liz Rosenberg, said she did not know whether the reunion took place. During the trip, it was revealed Madonna had met the three-year-old Malawian girl she reportedly wants to adopt. Despite her publicist denying she is to adopt again, Madonna reportedly told friends she is looking for a sister for David and is considering welcoming orphan Grace into her family. A source said: "Madonna was talking with Grace and looked very happy. They were together for about 15 minutes."

Larry Birkhead Close To Taking Baby 'home'.

Larry Birkhead Close To Taking Baby 'home'.... Anna Nicole Smith's ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead has edged ever nearer to starting a new life with his baby daughter after a custody hearing in the Bahamas on Friday (20Apr07). The full details of what was determined behind the courthouse's closed doors has not been revealed, but Birkhead seemed thrilled with the outcome. He beamed, "I'm going to be making some travel arrangements pretty soon, so everything's good for me. "On my behalf, everything went well and I'm moving towards starting a life with my daughter out of the Bahamas." There will be a further hearing next week (begs23Apr07), where Birkhead and his baby's travel plans will be determined.

Anger Over Akon Dance.

Latest: Anger Over Akon Dance.... R&B star Akon has sparked controversy in Trinidad after taking part in a raunchy dance with a teenage girl. According to, the Smack That singer engaged in a dance that "simulated aggressive sexual acts" with the 14-year-old. The girl's father, Pastor Dave Alleyne of the Flaming Word Ministry of Chaguanas, branded the dance "atrocious". The Chaguanas ministry are calling for Akon to be banned from public performances in the area. A spokesman for Akon was unavailable for comment.

Paris Hilton's net leak

Paris Hilton's private contact details have been posted on the internet by rival Shanna Moakler. The 'Dancing with the Stars' contestant - whose husband Travis Barker dated Paris when he briefly split from Shanna last year - put the hotel heiress' personal phone number and email address on her website in a blog entitled "Put This In Your Pipe and Smoke It". She also posted email addresses for Lindsay Lohan. Paris' representative, Elliot Mintz, said: "This woman is simply desperate for press and attention. "Shanna deliberately posted Paris's phone number and email address on her website. It was an unprovoked invasion upon Paris's privacy, which immediately caused her to change her contact information. It was a childish, mean-spirited thing to do. And we are not going to dignify such an action with any additional comment." Shanna wrote on her MySpace page last weekend: "I posted this blog back in January to let you all know that my accounts were hacked and since there are two little girls with too much time on their hands and no one to love them I'd like to share my 'hacked' info as well. "I've tried to disassociate myself from both these parties for some time now and like a fungus they won't go away." A representative for Lindsay claimed the contact details for the actress were incorrect, saying: "She and Shanna are not friends." On Sunday (22.04.07) Shanna removed the blog, but added one which read: "There are numerous reasons why I posted my last blog and I stand behind every single one of them."

Victoria Beckham branded a "b**ch"

Victoria Beckham has allegedly been labelled a "grade-A bitch" by the crew of her new reality show. The former Spice Girl has reportedly infuriated staff working on the NBC programme - which follows Victoria and husband David's summer US move as David joins the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team - with her rude attitude and arrogant behaviour. A show insider told Britain's Star magazine: "We think she's full of herself and not very nice. She's very picky, demanding and rude. And she was mean to the assistants, too. "She waltzes around with her icy attitude. People will walk up to her and say, 'Welcome to America', or, 'Good luck with the move', and she doesn't even stop to talk to them. "The show is designed to make her a star in the States, but she's dreaming if she thinks that's going to happen. She's coming off as a grade-A bitch!" It is also alleged the show's nervous producers are worried the series will be boring and a major flop. The source added: "No one knows what to do with her to make the show interesting - she's so boring! Every suggestion the producers make, she rejects."

Monday, April 23, 2007

Paris Hilton gets close with Federline

Paris Hilton and Kevin Federline got friendly while partying together in Las Vegas.

The hotel heiress and Kevin, the estranged husband of Paris' one-time friend Britney Spears', were spotted "flirting" on Tao nightclub's dancefloor on Friday (20.04.07).

A source said: "They were both dancing and seemed very wrapped up in each other.

"It didn't look as though either of them were thinking too much about Britney."

Meanwhile, Britney - who entered rehab after a spate of wild partying with Paris - had a more sedate weekend.

Wearing a cowboy hat and new brunette wig, the 'Toxic' singer visited a Los Angeles tanning salon on Saturday (21.04.07).

She then met up with her cousin Allie at her favourite sushi restaurant in the Glen Centre.
Britney - who has two sons, 19-month-old Sean Preston and seven-month-old Jayden James, with Kevin - befriended Paris immediately after filing for divorce from Kevin last November.

However, Britney was reportedly advised to severe ties with the socialite for the sake of her music career, after she was pictured looking worse for wear and photographed on four occasions without underwear.

Eva Longoria: David Beckham is sexy and cool

Desperate Housewives star says Posh's husband is wonderful Eva Longoria is engaged to basketball star Tony Parker but that doesn't make her blind to the charms of other men. She's met the Beckhams in LA and couldn't help noticing that David's pretty delicious. 'David is a wonderful guy to spend time with and he's so gorgeous,' she reveals. 'He's definitely a lot of girls' fantasy man. 'Having said that, Victoria has nothing to fear from me. I'm practically married myself, so she has no reason to worry.' Eva, 32, admires Posh's style and they get on well. 'We've been out to dinner together a few times and she's hilarious company,' says the Desperate Housewives star. 'She's a very funny girl, and she's got the most fantastic taste in clothes. I love what she wears.'

Guy Ritchie's solo clubbing angers Madonna

Madge's husband visits Mayfair bar while she's in Malawi It seems everyone who's anyone is pitching up at Mayfair bar Mahiki these days. Wills' ex Kate Middleton parties there and Madonna's husband Guy Ritchie, 38, recently popped in for a pint while the wife was away in Malawi. His lads' night out got him a real ear-bashing when Madge found out, reports The Sunday Mirror. Piers Adam, Guy's best friend, owns Mahiki and it's a place to let your hair down. 'He came with a group of blokes who were all up for having a big night,' a source tells The Daily Record. 'Guy seemed a bit solemn at first. 'He seemed determined to drown his sorrows as the drinks flowed. Then he hit the dance floor.' Madge is already said to be miffed because Guy didn't accompany her to Africa with daughter Lourdes, 10, and 18-month-old David Banda.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Avril Lavigne Shoots Own Album Cover With Husband Whibley.

"So it got me thinking, 'Why can't I do that again?'" Avril Lavigne Shoots Own Album Cover With Husband Whibley.... Canadian pop star Avril Lavigne hired her singer husband Deryck Whibley to snap photos for her album cover. Lavigne, 22, chose the Sum 41 rocker's work after an impromptu photoshoot. The Complicated singer says, "We got in the car and went to The Valley in LA and I got onto the sidewalk and he shot me. It's a really cool picture. "You can pay thousands of dollars to have professionals do this stuff but it was me and Deryck and our two friends who did it all on our computer. I love the cover."

Paris Hilton Offends Swiss Fans.

Paris Hilton Offends Swiss Fans.... Hotel heiress Paris Hilton shocked fans in the Swiss city of Basel, after announcing she was "delighted" to be in Zurich. The socialite is in Basel promoting her new line of watches when she insulted at the Baselworld jewellery fair. She said, "I am delighted to be here, it's my first time in Zurich." Hilton also admitted she is snubbing her own line of watches in favour of time pieces by Rolex and Frank Muller.

Rihanna Denies Omarion Romance.

Rihanna Denies Omarion Romance.... R&B star Rihanna has dismissed reports she is dating singer/actor Omarion. The 19-year-old has enjoyed a series of dinner engagements with the You Got Served actor, 22. However, she tells her relationship with Omarion is strictly one of friendship and that they are "absolutely not" dating.

Church Laughs Off Wedding Rumours.

Church Laughs Off Wedding Rumours. Welsh singer CHARLOTTE CHURCH has laughed off reports she is planning to wed before giving birth in September (07), insisting she doesn't want to be a pregnant bride. The chat show host and her boyfriend of two years, Gavin Henson, were rumoured to be rushing down the aisle before the tot's arrival. However, Church's mother Maria tells British magazine Reveal, "I can assure everyone that Charlotte and Gavin are not getting married before the baby comes. "Charlotte certainly won't walk down the aisle a pregnant bride. This is 2007, not 1807. "And if she ever decided to sneak off and get married without us, me and Gav's mum and dad would kill the both."

Eva Herzigova's proud pins

Pregnant Eva Herzigova loves flashing her legs. The 34-year-old supermodel, who is seven months pregnant by her long-term lover Italian entrepreneur Gregorio Marsiaj, has continued to wear short skirts. She said: "I haven't gained weight on my legs, so I show them off - but the rest is covered." However, pregnancy has forced Eva to ditch her beloved stilettos. She explained: "Before, I could run in high heels. I never had a problem. But suddenly your balance changes, I keep falling off them." The Czech-born model says pregnancy has given her a new perspective on life, but she has no plans to be as saintly as "Mother Teresa". Eva explained: "Modelling was great, I've learnt so much and travelled the world. But now I feel my life is less about me and my career. I don't want to become the next Mother Teresa, but I feel I could do something more for others. "Being a mother makes you relate to people. I'm not just a model any more, I'm more of a person."

Jennifer Aniston's childlike pets

Jennifer Aniston treats her pets like her children. The actress - who has four dogs - reportedly splashed out $500 on T-shirts, sweaters, a harness and a rhinestone collar at Santa Monica's The Wagging Tail pet store for her beloved pooches. When she paid for the doggy goods she gushed to staff about how much she loves her canine companions. A source revealed to the National Enquirer magazine: "Jen jokingly told the cashier, '20 years ago, I'd look at people as if they lost their minds purchasing pricey products for their pets. Now I understand. They are like our children.' " The 38-year-old star - who is currently single following failed relationships with Vince Vaughn and ex-husband Brad Pitt - was recently set up on a blind date with film financier Ryan Kavanaugh by her match-making friends. Jennifer and Ryan enjoyed a meal at Los Angeles restaurant Il Sole under the false pretence it was a business meeting. Jennifer was recently reported to be unhappy with her life in Los Angeles and is seriously considering moving back to New York.

Hayek Attacks The Bible.

Pregnant SALMA HAYEK has never been a fan of the Bible because she hates the way the good book depicts women and reveres sex. The Mexican actress insists she still believes in God and Jesus Christ, but she'll always have big problems with the Bible. In an interview for women's magazine Marie Claire, which the Frida star conducted before announcing her pregnancy, she explains, "I don't like the way the Bible views women - this thing about the Virgin Mary conceiving a child without having sex - so if you conceive a child by having sex, there's a subliminal message that there's something dirty about it. "And this is what makes us divine - I mean, the possibility of creating another life should remind women that we are creators, that we are made like God in our ability. "There is nothing greater than to create another human being." The interview appears in the current May issue of the US Marie Claire.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Justin Timberlake Can't Commit.

Pop superstar JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE finds it hard to maintain long-term relationships, because he's "still a man". The SexyBack singer - who split from Hollywood beauty Cameron Diaz last Christmas (06) - blames his non-committal attitude on his masculinity. He says, "As much as I've learned, I am still a man so I have some kind of learning disability. And women wouldn't have us any other way."

Britney Spears' Dad Hits Out At Manager Sacking.

BRITNEY SPEARS' father has criticised the troubled pop princess' decision to sack her longtime manager LARRY RUDOLPH, after he forced her to go into rehab. Rudolph was sacked last week (13Apr07), reportedly because of his intervention after a difficult start to the year, during which Spears partied every night for a month and then shaved her head. Jamie Spears claims Rudolph was chosen by the singer's family to encourage her to seek help at Malibu, California's Promises Clinic in February (07). He tells, "When Larry Rudolph talked Britney into going into rehab, he was doing what her mother, father and team of professionals with over 100 years of experience knew needed to be done. She was out of control. Larry was the one chosen by the team to roll up his sleeves and deliver the message, to help save her life. "The Spears family would like to publicly apologise to Larry for our daughter's statements about him over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, she blames him and her family for where she is at today with her kids and career. Larry has always been there for Britney. For this, we will forever be grateful to him." Spears, in response, issued the following statement, "I am praying for my father. We have never had a good relationship. It's sad that all the men that have been in my life do not know how to accept a real woman's love. I am concentrating on my work and my life right now." A friends tells PageSix Britney was embarrassed to be sent to rehab when she was merely suffering post-partum depression: "(She) had no drugs in her system when she was admitted to Promises - they (tested her) and there was nothing. She was embarrassed she had to go in there when she knew she was suffering from postpartum depression, not a drug or alcohol problem."

Eva Longoria loves Lily

Eva Longoria "loves Lily Allen to death". The sexy 'Desperate Housewives' star revealed she is a huge fan of the British singer ever since seeing her on the internet. Eva told Britain's Heat magazine: "I love her to death. She was on YouTube and my friend was like, 'You've got to hear this song', and it was the cutest little song and she was so cute, but nobody knows her here." BRIT award-nominated Lily, 21, made the US music chart's top 20 with her debut album 'Alright, Still'. Eva, 32, is engaged to US basketball player Tony Parker, and is set to marry him in Paris on July 7. The beautiful brunette also said she plans to stay on the hit US TV show 'Desperate Housewives' "until they kill me off". She said: "I definitely want to do more films but I'm never leaving 'Desperate Housewives'. You never leave a hit show - that's just the rule."

Britney Spears Has Decided She Has No Time To Be A mum

Britney now wants to get her career back. Sadly for the kids she hasn't got time for them.

But fortunatly for them there dad Kevin Federline has steped in. He now has the children most of the time which could be at his advantage.

But the thoughts are is britney losing it again.

Britney is spending more time shopping, dining with friends and getting massages.

Kevin has now decided that he doesnt want to miss out on the unmissable early years of his young childrens lives.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Jennifer Lopez's Russian payday

Jennifer Lopez has been paid a staggering £1 million by a Russian billionaire to perform at a private concert. Andrei Melnichenko has asked the Latin star to put on a 40-minute show at his wife Aleksandra's 30th birthday party tomorrow night (21.04.07). Melnichenko is paying £600,000 for the performance and a further £400,000 to fly J.Lo's entourage from the US to Britain where the party will take place. The bash will take place in the Berkshire countryside although J.Lo and her entourage will stay in a top London hotel which is included in the £400,000 payment. A source close to the singer said: "Andrei and Aleksandra are huge fans of J.Lo and were thrilled when she agreed to sing for them. It will be an unusual audience for J.Lo, as the bash will be packed with billionaires." The party, which will take place in a marquee decorated like a plush nightclub, will be an extravagant occasion, with the all-day event including a cabaret and circus act. This is not the first time the couple - who count Chelsea football club's billionaire owner Roman Abramovich among their friends - have splashed out on a celebrity performance. When they married in 2005, they paid a reported £2million for Christina Aguilera to sing at their wedding in the South of France.

Lindsay Lohan pulls out of Keira threesome

Lindsay Lohan has seemingly pulled out of a film threesome with Keira Knightley. The actress failed to appear on set this week to start shooting new movie 'The Best Times Of Our Lives' - in which she was to take part in a steamy ménage a trois with Keira. Lindsay, 20 is reportedly unhappy with the terms of her contract. A source told Life and Style magazine: "She didn't back out and the producers didn't pull the deal, but there were changes that weren't to her liking, and that was that." Lindsay - who recently spent time in a Los Angeles rehab clinic to be treated for alcoholism - recently said she was thrilled to have landed a role in the project. The epic, written by Keira's mother Sharman Macdonald, would have seen the 'Mean Girls' star play Caitlin - the wife of late legendary Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. Keira is set to play Vera - a childhood friend of Dylan's who is said to have had a sexual relationship with him and Caitlin. Matthew Rhys, who will play the hard-drinking poet, said: "There will be a bit of a ménage a trois scene going on. I hope I'm up for it!" Earlier this week, it was reported that Lindsay is having a lesbian affair in real life. Former publicist Jonathan Jaxson claimed in his blog at that the star was having a sexual relationship with her friend, DJ Samantha Ronson.

Paris Hilton's Blunt kiss

Paris Hilton and James Blunt have been seen kissing. The hotel heiress - who is believed to be dating 'Desperate Housewives' actor Josh Henderson - partied with the 'You're Beautiful' singer at Los Angeles nightclub Teddy's on Wednesday night (18.04.07). The pair were joined by Paris' younger sister Nicky and her boyfriend David Katzenberg. A source told the New York Post newspaper: "Paris and James danced and held hands. Then they started to make out." However, Blunt's representative has denied the claims, saying: "This sounds like gossip to me!" The British singer recently split from his model fiancée Petra Nemcova. Paris, 26, is due in court on May 4 charged with violating the terms of her probation for a previous reckless driving charge by driving with a suspended licence.If convicted she faces up to 90 days in jail.

Pamela Anderson's KFC letter

Pamela Anderson has written a heart-felt letter to the Russian partners of KFC, pleading with them to rethink their merger with the "cruel" company. Pammie wrote to Henrik Winther, the president of Rostik, to inform him about the American fast-food giant's barbaric treatment of chickens. She cited how KFC's suppliers breed chickens "to grow so top-heavy that they suffer heart attacks, lung failures, broken legs, and other crippling diseases and injuries. At slaughter, their throats are cut open and they are scalded to death - often while they are still conscious." The former 'Baywatch' star - who is an ardent animal rights activist - also urged Winther to watch her video at and pressurise KFC executives to put a stop to their cruel methods. In 2005, vegetarian Pammie teamed up with animal rights protestors in a boycott of KFC. The blonde narrated a 5-minute video produced by prominent animal rights group PETA documenting the mistreatment of chickens which eventually are served in the chain's eateries. She said at the time: "I'm asking people to boycott KFC until the company demands that its suppliers stop crippling chickens and scalding them alive.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Suspicious About Ex-boyfriend's Flood Report.

Lindsay Lohan Suspicious About Ex-boyfriend's Flood Report.... Lindsay Lohan has been left bemused by claims she intentionally flooded her ex-boyfriend Harry Morton's apartment - because she insists she was out of town when the incident happened. Lohan, who lives above Morton's Sierra Towers home in Hollywood, is being held responsible for the flood, which caused $150,000 (£77,000) worth of damage, according to Tmz. Security staff at the posh complex claim they gained entry to Lohan's vacant apartment last month (Mar07) after Morton reported the flood - and found "water overflowing in the bathtub." In his report, the security officer wrote, "It seems that they left the faucet on. I turned it off." But the incident report has left Lohan baffled because she claims she was in New York when the flood took place, even though video footage suggests the actress/singer was partying in Los Angeles on the night in question. A spokeswoman for Lohan said, "We're very suspicious." Meanwhile the Hollywood actress was shocked she ended up seeking help to battle her drink demons, because she thought she would die first. The Mean Girls star was admitted to the Wonderland Center in Los Angeles in February (Feb07) but checked out after completing a 30-day stay to curb her wild ways. She tells Allure magazine, "It's so weird that I went to rehab. I always said I would die before I went to rehab."

Victoria Beckham's lamb horror

Victoria Beckham is distraught after learning a pair of lambs she is babysitting for British chef Gordon Ramsay are to be slaughtered. The 33-year-old star is furious with the TV chef after he neglected to tell her the animals he delivered to her Hertfordshire home were to be killed and eaten on his show 'The F-Word'. A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Victoria gets on really well with Gordon so when he asked if she wouldn't mind looking after the lambs on her 25-acre grounds she agreed. He said they needed space to gambol around in. She met them when they were delivered and thinks they're adorable. "What Gordon neglected to mention, though, was that he was planning to have them killed. "There was no way she'd have agreed to it had she known and she's less than impressed with the news." Gordon has come under fire for his treatment of animals on his show in past, after featuring the journey of turkeys and pigs from the farmyard to the dinner table. Animal rights group PETA have also labelled him a "vegetarian hater". In stark contrast to Gordon, Victoria refuses to eat meat or wear fur. The former Spice Girl's spokeswoman said: "She was more than happy to let the sheep roam around her grounds but, as a devout vegetarian, she will be distraught to learn they're going to be killed."

Lindsay Lohan Pulls Out Of Dylan Thomas Film.

Lindsay Lohan Pulls Out Of Dylan Thomas Film.... Actress Lindsay Lohan has pulled out of the chance to team up onscreen with Keira Knightley in a new Dylan Thomas biopic due to contract issues. The two stars were expected to appear together in The Best Time of Our Lives, but Lohan has now passed on the project after failing to work out an agreeable contract with producers. According to American publication Life & Style, Lohan was supposed to start work on the film this weekend (21Apr07). An insider tells the magazine, "She didn't back out and they didn't pull the deal, but there were changes that weren't to her liking, and that was that." Lohan and Knightley were rumoured to be part of a steamy threesome in the film. Lohan was slated to play poet Thomas' wife Caitlin MacNamara, while Knightley will star as the poet's childhood friend.

Snoop Dogg's charity tantrum

Snoop Dogg reportedly almost pulled out of a charity concert - because organisers hadn't provided him with an Xbox games console. The rapper was to perform at Cipriani Wall Street's UNICEF event on Tuesday night (17.04.07), alongside the Pussycat Dolls. Despite receiving a reported $150,000 fee to appear, Snoop demanded his 10-strong entourage were flown to New York first-class and wanted extra perks. It is claimed the controversial star then threatened to pull out because the games console wasn't in his dressing room. An insider told the New York Post newspaper: "He insisted on having an Xbox in his dressing room. We finally found someone who lent us their kids' Xbox." Even though organisers caved to his demands, Snoop was reportedly an hour late on stage because he and his friends were enjoying a lengthy gaming session. The Pussycat Dolls had to extend their performance and made a faux-paux when one member thanked "Unicel" instead of the charity's real name, UNICEF.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Britney Spears' wig addiction

Britney Spears has become addicted to buying wigs, it has been reported. The troubled star has allegedly traded her party addiction for shopping - spending more than $60,000 on wigs, vintage hats, clothes, lingerie, perfume and jewellery in less than a month. A source close to the 'Toxic' singer said Britney "has turned into a shopaholic". Addiction expert Dr. Robert Butterworth told US In Touch Weekly magazine: "People with addictions often go from one compulsive behaviour to another." Mother-of-two Britney, 25, shaved off all her hair before entering Malibu's Promises rehab centre. The star was reportedly treated for a range of problems, including post-natal depression, following months of hard partying and drunken behaviour. While Britney was initially happy to display her shaved head, she soon opted to wear a variety of wigs. Addiction specialist Clare Waismann said: "She's acting like a child. This is not normal behaviour. Her whole demeanour is strange. She's not doing well." The star - who is hoping to revive her pop career - is believed to have sacked manager Larry Randolph for a second time. Britney blames Larry for contributing to her recent downfall, including introducing her to party-girl Paris Hilton, it was reported yesterday (17.04.07).

Eva Longoria's second shower

Eva Longoria has been treated to a second bridal shower - hosted by another 'Desperate Housewife'. Teri Hatcher threw a girls-only bash for the sexy star on Monday night (16.04.07) - just a day after Felicity Huffman organised a wedding party with Eva's best friend Brittany Olson. The party was held at the host's Los Angeles home, where Teri treated guests to Moet champagne, a buffet of finger foods and "lots of fun". The 30 guests - which included cast and crew of the hit US TV show - were each given a garter as they arrived, which they had to forfeit if they said the words 'Tony', 'Paris' or 'dress' during the evening. Eva, 32, is marrying basketball star Tony Parker on July 7 in the romantic French capital. At the end of the night, the guest with the most garters won a prize - which went to 'Desperate Housewives' publicist Joslyn Paul. Teri won the competition at Felicity's Sunday bash - to design a wedding dress out of toilet roll. Following her first bridal shower, Eva said: "It was such a special day! Felicity and my maid of honour, Brittany Olson, went above and beyond to make the whole afternoon beautiful and memorable. I can't thank them enough. "I'm extremely blessed to be surrounded by my family, friends and co-workers and to have had them all together to celebrate this special moment in my life."