Saturday, November 03, 2007

Affleck gives wife standing ovation

Actor Ben Affleck fought back tears of pride as he jumped to his feet to give his actress wife, Jennifer Garner, a standing ovation at the close of her official first night on Broadway on Thursday. As Garner, Kevin Kline and the cast of Cyrano De Bergerac took a curtain call, Affleck stood and cheered. After the
show, he beamed, “I think she is terrific and I am really just thrilled.” And it's not just Affleck who loves his wife’s new role — the actress’ Broadway debut has been declared a hit by top New York critics. New York Times critic Ben Brantley has called her performance “captivating”, adding “[She] makes Roxane a girl worth pining over.” But Garner insists she won’t be reading her reviews — good or bad. She says, “I’m not going to look at them... I can’t stand it.”