Saturday, November 03, 2007

David’s obsessed

Victoria Beckham has revealed that husband David’s obsessive-compulsive disorder has become so bad that he now colour-codes their fridge.
The Spice Girl also claimed that Beckham has to vacuum their Beverly Hills home in straight lines and wear a pinafore apron while he is at it.
She added that he “gets funny”if someone steps on the newly-vacuumed carpets. Victoria was being interviewed by an American radio station when she revealed the footballer’s obsessions, saying, “David is very, very tidy and I am not. Even our fridge is colour-coded.
“I am creative, I have clothes all over the place. If he does the cleaning, he vacuums in straight lines, and in a pinny.
David admitted to having the disorder during an interview last year, revealing that he has to count clothes and pile magazines up in straight lines. He had said, “I’ll put Pepsi cans in the fridge and if there’s one too many of them, I’ll put it in another cupboard somewhere. I’ve got that problem.”
The soccer star had added that he also repeatedly counts the cans of Coke in his fridge and arranges magazines so that they are in perfectly straight lines.David gets all the attention, says posh
Victoria says that while lots of admirers try to flirt with David, she gets dismissed as ‘the funny one’.
“It’s really frustrating,’ she said. When ever anyone meets the two of us they say, “Wow, David’s so good looking, he’s handsome, he’s gorgeous…and she’s really funny. That’s not good,” she said.
She added that men don’t even give her a lingering gaze. “D’you know, no one has hit on me. It doesn’t happen,” she said.
“I’m not the kind of woman who does photo shoots and men wouldn’t necessarily put my picture up on their wall.”Posh, david want a baby girl to complete family
While appearing on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show on Thursday, Posh revealed that she and hubby David are hoping to expand their brood. We “would like a girl. It would finish up the family... but I have a big tour coming up and I don’t want to get pregnant.”In the meantime, “We’ll do the practising!”she laughed.