Thursday, November 01, 2007

Megan Fox & Angelina Jolie Comparison Off Says Fox

Who wants to be like Angelina Jolie? Transformers star Megan Fox seems to have transformed herself into a look-alike and sound-alike version of a young Angelina, a report from Star claims. "I was born with an innate rebellion," says Megan, 21. That echoes what Angelina, then 24, replied in 1999 when asked if she was a rebel. She admitted: "If being a rebel is to just break out or be a little wild, then yeah!" L.A. public relations expert Michael Levine tells Star Magazine, "Following in Angelina's footsteps has helped Megan the hottest, most talked about young actress in Hollywood. And it doesn't hurt that she's drop-dead gorgeous!"And even though they're both dark-haired beauties with killer blue eyes and pillow lips Megan tells Star she doesn't think she and Angelina Jolie look anything alike. "I think [we're compared] because I have tattoos and don't fir into the category with Jessica Biel or Jessica Alba," said the Transformers star at the Oct. 17 Tart Fashion show in LA. "People think I'm a bad girl like Angelina." Still, she finds the comparison the item from the weekly entertainment magazine reveals and she says it is still "flattering, because I think [Angie] is phenomenal and beautiful."