Thursday, November 22, 2007

Paris hilton on man hunt

Paris Hilton wants to move to New York to find a new man. The hotel heiress, who recently split from her 20-year-old pizza delivery boyfriend Alex Vaggo because he was too shy, told her sister Nicky at the weekend she wanted to move to the Big Apple because there are no hot men in Los Angeles, where she currently lives.

A partygoer at Hollywood’s Green Door night-club said, “I heard Paris talking to Nicky outside the club. She looked really fed up, and said, ‘There are no guys at this party - or in Los Angeles in general. New York has much better guys. I’m going to move there.’”

Paris has a theory as to why most of her relationships have ended prematurely.

She said, “People think I sleep with everyone, but I’m not like that. Kissing is all I do. The reason so many of my relationships don’t work is guys are like, ‘Hey what’s going on? It’s been like four months and I’m only getting a kiss here!’”

Paris has been not been very lucky in matters of heart. She has two broken engagements - one with Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos, and one with actor Jason Shaw. She has enjoyed dalliances with Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, actor Jared Leto and Colin Farrell.

She was also the unwitting star of the 2003 sex tape, One Night in Paris, with her ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon. The film went on to become the biggest-selling celebrity sex tape of all time.

Meanwhile, a new Paris Hilton sex tape is circulating the Net. In it, the 26-year-old hotel heiress and aspiring philanthropist can be seen frolicking around in a large tub, bathing herself with a shower head while poking fun at previous sex tape scandals, according to the Australian News Network.