Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hilton at the Hyatt: Paris in Shanghai

If you wake up Tuesday morning in Shanghai and something is amiss, perhaps the air has a tinge of the Can Can fragrance and off in the distance you can hear faint utterances of “that’s hot,” it may be because there’s a certain heiress in town. Fresh off a stint in jail, Paris Hilton arrives in Shanghai Tuesday for an appearance at Friday’s MTV Style Gala at the Shanghai Grand Stage. An inside source tells me that Paris will be staying at the new Hyatt on the Bund Hotel on the north end of Shanghai’s famous waterfront. And you thought hairy crabs season in Shanghai was over. Monday, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that a new sex tape was leaked to YouTube and adult pay sites starring Hilton and an anonymous man. In the video, Hilton is naked in a bubblebath hosing herself down with a shower head as she exchanges idiotic blather with yet another man who stands to profit from the heiress’s promiscuity. However, the video clip in question and the screenshots from the bathtub video (image above) have been floating around the Internet for months. Perhaps the SMH has confused their Paris Hilton sex tapes? It happens. What we know for sure is that the MTV Style Gala is a joint production from MTV China and state-run CCTV. The show will air on CCTV 6 in December. If for no other reason, viewers might want to tune in to see Paris wearing clothes.