Sunday, November 18, 2007

Jordan: Jamelia's jealous of me because she's ugly

Glamour model hits out at stunning singer Jordan has fallen out with Jamelia after they both attended the same awards do at Cirque, in central London. 'Pete said he saw Jamelia laughing at me when I was on the red carpet posing for pictures,' claims the glamour model. 'But then they [the photographers] started all calling my name and she stormed off in a huff!' The mum-of-three, 29, who won the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Be the Best You Can Be Woman of the Year Award, reckons Jamelia is simply jealous of her good looks. 'Jamelia, don't be angry with me because you've been battered with the ugly stick,' she quips in OK! Jordan - aka Katie Price - also attacks 26-year-old Jamelia's performance at the star-studded ceremony. 'When she was on stage she couldn't read her lines and was trying to be funny but it wasn't working,' she says. But one source tells the Daily Mirror that Jordan was jealous of Jamelia, not the other way round. 'When she saw snappers crowding around the singer, she moaned, "Why are you taking photographs of her when you could be photographing me?"' says the onlooker.