Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pete’s stinker for Kate

Pete Doherty has reportedly presented Kate Moss with a gift that stinks. The Babyshambles frontman sent his former lover a brooch with a deceased rodent attached to it, claims the Daily Star.The rocker was apparently inspired by Hole singer Courtney Love, who gave one of her friends the same gift.A source commented, “Some people might find it disgusting but it’s still art, if in its extreme sense. Nobody baulks when Damien Hirst puts a shark in formaldehyde and this is very similar. It’s become the latest outlandish fashion statement in Manhattan, but Pete is trying to emphasise how he feels without Kate — defeated, crushed and broken, like the dead animal.”
Doherty had planned to marry Moss, but in July 2007 the couple broke up. A report claims that Doherty cheated on Moss with a girl he met in a night-club. Doherty was seen leaving London’s Crystal night-club with a South African brunette named only as Lindy. A removal van arrived to take away Doherty’s possessions out of Moss’s home after they had a series of rows and arguments.Doherty is reported to have said about his relationship with Moss, “It’s like living with a f****** stalker.” Kate and Pete’s already tumultous relationship was marred by the singer’s drug use, arrests, court appearances and infidelity. Kate is currently seeing another musician man, Jamie Hince